I’ve spoken at length on the subject of Free Will before. And I’ve long suspected that, at its core, this is the chief difference between political worldviews. I am a Christian, a Conservative with Libertarian sympathies, and many other things that modern society has deemed evil and hateful. Yet I can find common cause with certain Atheists, Centrists, and even the occasional Leftist. And I have found instinctive distaste for many of my supposed Conservative compatriots.

What separates those I can get along with from those I cannot? In a nutshell, it is Free Will.

Marxist dialectic claims to be the end of history, a sort of Seldonian calculus that predicts all human interaction, forever. When, naturally, such a complex and dynamic system like humanity fails to conform to Marx’s vision, force had to be imposed.

But the rationale for such force is fascinating. Because the Marxist believes in determinism, he can excuse his actions likewise. He didn’t kill tens of millions, history did. The revolution did. It was fated to happen, it was predetermined by the needs of the revolution, itself the inevitable progression of events.

Then, Marxists claim moral superiority as a result. Anything which conforms to the progression of history is, by definition, moral. Anything that does not is immoral.

Racism, sexism, homophobia and a thousand other ills touted by the Cultural Marxists are deemed as inevitable consequences of the Capitalist-Imperialist system They categorically MUST be. Anita Sarkeesian explained that everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is homophobic, because it is not functionally identical in all respects. If I look at a woman and think a different thought than if I had seen a man in the same circumstances I am, by definition, a sexist. A malfunctioning throwback impeding the progress of the Marxist utopia.

Victims, in Cultural Marxism, bear no individual responsibility for their circumstances. The poor are poor because they were oppressed. It has nothing to do with bad choices, because choice doesn’t exist, because Free Will doesn’t exist. Nothing is their fault, everything is viewed in the context of the “system of oppression.”

Marxism seeks to eliminate even what it defines as the illusion of Free Will. You did not make a choice. Your brain’s chemical reactions combined with the results of previous events synthesized the precise circumstances which brought your ‘decision’ about. Since you cannot decide, you are not really a sentient being, possessing a soul. You are a cog in the system of history. Eliminating you, if you are malfunctioning, is no great moral burden.

The hostility of Marxism to Christianity is based on the notion that Christ explicitly tells us that we have Free Will. We may choose him, or deny him, as we see fit. It is a choice, God gave us that power. This is fundamentally at odds with the Marxist view of the inevitability of history.

Interestingly enough, however, Islam is similar to Marxism in the denial of Free Will. In Islam, all is the will of Allah. Allah chooses whether the bullet hits its target, not you. Allah chooses the winners and the losers. And if one fails in his quest, it is not because of insufficient preparation, or lack of talent, experience, etc… It is because one was not devoted enough to Allah, and did not obtain his support. So Islam gets caught in a vicious cycle where each defeat prompts further religious radicalism. Al Qaeda gives way to ISIS.

Marxism is similar, except that it worships no God. Each failure is due to insufficient Marxism. More purity is needed. More devotion to the revolution is required. So Marxism gets caught in the same vicious cycle, and millions of dead bodies are (ironically) the nearly-inevitable result.

Despite a degree of mutual hostility, this makes Islam and Marxism tacit allies against Christianity and other belief systems that integrate the notion of Free Will. Free Will says that you are responsible for your own actions. Marxism and Islam both claim that the individual is responsible for nothing.

So when it comes down to it, that is the difference between those individuals who, even if I disagree with, I can get along with, and those I cannot. If you believe in Free Will and personal responsibility, there is common ground between us. If you do not, even if you individually agreed with me on all issues (unlikely, of course, but still), we will be enemies.

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