Hillary rabid in response!

Now, it’s clear that Liz Warren was not correct about her heritage. That’s not uncommon – Ancestry and 23 & Me have up-ended a lot of ancestry assumptions.

Mine included. I had always been told of my ancestor, Indian Billy Ice, a native of the WV/OH/PA region, who had been taken by the Indians after his mother and infant sister were killed by raiders, along with his brother’s fiancee.

He and his sister (not clear whether there were two of them, or only one sister) lived with the Indians, until released under the treaty that ended the Pontiac War. His sister had been traded (some say sold) to another tribe, not involved in the war, and never returned to live with her family. She made a brief visit many years later, but declined to stay when invited.

Billy was release with his live-in woman, and their six kids (yes, he’d been quite busy during his captivity). She returned shortly after to her family, and Billy married another settler – that was my ancestor.

So, despite there being some Native American (Indian) Ice relatives, after a lot of research on Ancestry.com, it was clear that we were not, despite family stories, part of that branch of the family.

So, I get it, I really do – we grew up thinking we were racially mixed. I never traded on that supposed background – I just marked White on the boxes.

And, this turned out to be quite correct – according to the DNA analysis on 23&Me, I’m over 98% Northern European, mostly English, Irish, and Scottish. The rest Dutch and German.

Just like Liz Warren. I’m just a smidge Iberian Peninsula – less than 2 %.

So, what does it all mean?

To have believed one story for a long time is not unusual. To have used such a slight connection to parley it into a prestigious faculty position is, however. An ethical person would offer to resign, after the connection is proved to be false.

Which, she did not. Hence, the nickname, Lyin’ Liz.

Now, she is running – hard – for president. Her supporters believe that she has a good chance of making it in 2020 – which must fry Hillary’s ass!

Fauxcahantas, as Rush Limbaugh has dubbed her, is the new favorite media darling. I doubt she’ll make the finals, but, if she does – she’s in trouble! Trump will wipe the floor with her. In contrast to most of their competitors, Trump acts like a guy who thinks, You want to play with the guys? Prepare to be treated like one!

This drives feminist nuts. They’re used to being treated deferentially, and given a pass on any hard questioning. To have to face a guy who is used to dealing with union leaders, and doesn’t take crap from anyone, is a Feminist’s Worst Nightmare.

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