I’m in a foul mood, so here is an offensive rant for you. The usual language warning applies.

Scouring the news, blogs, etc… each day can produce some interesting and depressing finds. Today I give you the woman who protests the Patriarchy by wearing her tampons on her head.

You can’t make this shit up.


I used to wonder how Sodom and Gomorrah got so bad that God decided to burn the whole place down. I understand, now.

Maybe it was this way with the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs went heavy on radical feminism and communism, and God said “you know what… no. Seriously. No. Fuck this Earth” and started over. It’s enough to make me wonder if there isn’t a meteor heading for us right now.

Anyway, a white Puerto Rican wants to condemn white people for lacking “empathy” and “compassion.” One supposes he could go to a majority non-white country and find these in quantity. Go immigrate to Somalia or something, and save your spot for someone who actually appreciates freedom, please. Hell, I’ll trade him for a pro-Western Somali. My actual words were somewhat more colorful:


I love how these people think that racism is perfectly a-okay as long as it’s directed against anybody with light skin.

God, if you’ve got a meteor headed this way, please have ground zero be Berkeley.

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