I’m linking to Mark Steyn’s report on the beheading of the two Scandanavian young women who were hiking when they had the misfortune to meet up with 19 Totally Chill and Innocent Followers of That Religion of Peace.

Who, it turns out, were not-so peaceful. Nor, for that matter, Lone Wolves. This was not a random whack-job with an unfathomable grudge against the world.

This is War by the Uncivilized against the Civilized.

And, like the Unmanly DOGS they are, they attacked women. And butchered them.

I call them DOGS, rather than worms, because, for some idiotic reason, they really hate dogs. Anything that insults the UnGodly, I’m for.

I’m also linking to an explanation of the various plots and such in the Mideast that HRC was connected to. Frankly, when I read it, the devious, intricate interconnections and plans make My Eyes Glaze Over (MEGO), but I haven’t the brains – nor the patience to follow the thread today. It’s Post-Christmas Lassitude plus the work I’m doing to get my insurance license. My cerebral functions are short-circuiting, and I just can’t manage to process this.


I’ve rested, my brain is functioning at a higher level, and I found this essay on The Democratic Empire that set my Spidy-senses to a’tingling.

Perhaps it the after-effect of all that traveling, but I can’t find a flaw in his reasoning. You might want to have a look for yourself.


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