As the election tightens up and things go off the rails, I realized that it’s time for a rant. SJWs and other assorted Progressives often talk about their feelings. They feel that some people do not approve of them and all of their behaviors, and so will say that we are bigots, or hateful, or whatever. One woman was made national news because someone told the manager at the restaurant she worked out that he did not care for her green hair and pile of tattoos. A campaign of solidarity with the poor aggrieved woman immediately followed which involved media attention, donations, people changing their hair color and plastering tattoos on themselves.

Whenever an SJW declares that their feelings have been hurt, it makes the news, it attracts cameras and donations, and positive attention from everyone around them. Meanwhile the rest of us just have to deal with it, and if we deign to complain, a firestorm of hate will come our way.

So let me tell you what I feel, what my day-to-day life is like in a Progressive world. I work a regular 9-to-5 job during the day, and run a consulting business out of my house for which I conduct business in the evenings and on weekends and during my lunch breaks from my regular job. I also run a DJ business, and do around two gigs a week, usually Friday and Saturday evenings. Doing that in conjunction with my consulting business is tough.

If taxes weren’t as high as they are, I wouldn’t need to work anywhere near this much. I could probably quit the day job, or perhaps ditch the consulting business, according to my desire.

I don’t live high on the hog. Most people I know are wont to take vacations to exotic destinations, and drive fancy luxury cars. They have nicer homes, and expensive furniture. I don’t take vacations, and supposing I take a day off from my regular job, it’s usually used to conduct other business. I drive a muscle car that’s fun, but cheap. My home is mundane and normal, valued at a little below the US average. Most of my furniture is hand-me-down stuff, with a smattering of cheap Ikea furniture here and there.

I have very little debt these days, except for the mortgage, but that is because I’ve spent the last few years buying very little and saving as much as I possibly could. I even sold what valuables I had. This was made possible mostly because I worked multiple jobs and side businesses.

When I get angry about taxation, it’s because I know that I could spend a lot more time with my family if taxes didn’t eat into my income so much. When I get angry about welfare cheats, government spending, and other such things it is because I work myself to the bone to pay for them. It would be different, I think, were these benefits going to people I knew and cared about.

Don’t misunderstand. I think myself fortunate in many ways. I’ve slowly decreased debt and increased savings over time, and these days that is no small thing. I have a options for my career because my expertise is in demand. But it’s no picnic, either.

Language policing is something that is a constant for me, especially during my day job. If someone is black, or Hispanic, or a woman, or trans… whatever the victim class is… I must be very careful of my language, so as to not accidentally offend. SJWs call that sort of thing microaggressing, and avoiding it requires constant vigilance. Whenever there is Diversity Training, or otherwise, the offenders are invariably people of my skin tone and gender, and that message does not go unnoticed.

Even in my consulting work, I must be careful. Though I am careful about whom I take on as a client, and try to screen for that sort of thing.

When DJing, the lineup is usually put together at least partially on the Progressive victim hierarchy. There is a woman who often gets slotted ahead of me at the local clubs, despite having no professional DJ equipment and no understanding of beatmatching (a basic, critical DJ skill), because she is a woman. She basically hits play on her iPad, and does nothing else, and gets a better-paid slot for it.

When I turn on the TV, which is a rare event these days, I am shown that men of my age are stupid, useless, and worthless. They drive cars up trees, and call their empowered female agent sobbing. Or they can’t read a map, or are bad with money and fall for some idiotic scam that strong independent women would never be stupid enough to fall for. They are troglodytes, or stupid frat boys, or some other such thing.

Major news outlets and publications inform me that my skin color means I am racist, my genitals mean I am sexist, and the fact that I think of myself as a man and have male genitals means I must be transphobic, or homophobic, or whatever the buzzword is today.

My political opinions have attracted the attention of Facebook and Twitter censors, to such extent that most of my political talk has to live here, since it’s the only place Conservative views are not attacked, banned, shadow-banned, or otherwise. Meanwhile, the individuals who tried to shut down my DJ business are still on Facebook, calling themselves by the group name “SJWs just cucked your racist page, bitch.” They continue to harass and threaten friends and other Conservatives. Meanwhile even a whiff of such behavior against a Leftist is treated as an international emergency, attracting attention all the way up to the United Nations.

My religion is attacked as stupid, silly, racist, sexist, homophobic and a thousand other such things every day. If I even say “I am a Christian” people will come out of the woodwork and inform me that this means I’m a hateful bigot. And yet, at the same time, when I oppose Socialism, they will tell me that they know my religion better than I do, and that Christ was a Socialist so I should therefore support their political agenda without question.

Safe spaces are made where I cannot go, scholarships given out that I cannot apply for, jobs reserved for others and barred to me because of my skin color or gender. Others may create clubs for people of their ethnicity or gender, whereas such activity is effectively banned for me.

People even call for the extermination of those of my ethnicity and/or gender, and suffer no social penalty for having done so. As one of partial Armenian extraction, this is no trivial thing. But while the sufferings of all other races are given airtime, the genocide of my own ancestors is buried and not even openly acknowledged.

Every day for me feels like fighting a tremendous cultural headwind, in which it is made clear that people of my ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and political beliefs are not welcome anywhere. There is no country or place on Earth I can go where it would be any better for me. It feels like I have no home, no country anymore.

SJWs tell me that I am The Man, the oppressor, the Patriarchy, the one in control, privileged and favored above all. So why is it that I feel precisely the opposite? Why is it that I feel like the butt monkey of society, the last class for whom is it permissible to insult, step on, and make fun of? Why do I feel like I must work twice as hard for half as much? Why do I feel like I must be silent, and never speak up? Why do I feel like every interaction must be micromanaged to avoid offending the other person (but they can deliberately try to cause offense all they like)?

If feelings and lived experiences are valid, then how can I be wrong, SJWs?

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