Kurt makes a good point in this article. First we had the Tea Party, which was polite, principled, and generally full of pleasant people (who even cleaned up after themselves). The bureaucracy didn’t want to listen to them. Called them racists Nazis, and what have you.

So after that, we got the Trumpites. They gave up any pretense of politeness, jettisoned a good many principles, and if they weren’t as unpleasant as their liberal counterparts, they weren’t as nice as the Tea Partiers. The bureaucracy didn’t want to listen to them. Called them racists, Nazis, and what have you.

Does the Left not understand where this trajectory leads?

I mean, as Kurt tells us, it’s not like this sort of rhetoric the Left is spewing is designed to calm matters down:

And now they want to use non-ballot means to make sure the normals’ choice is again ignored.

What do they think comes after Trump? Someone nice?

Marxists frequently refer to non-Marxists as “reactionaries” as if reacting to the tyrannical demands of Marxism is somehow wrong, or unexpected. If you punch someone in the face, expect a reprisal in kind. If you try to take over a country in order to purge your ideological opponents, sooner or later they might try to do the same to you. This sort of tit-for-tat logic is somehow shocking to the Leftist, who typically screams “it’s not fair” when his opponent attempts to do the same thing in response.

This is all going down a road I really don’t want to go down, personally. But looking at it from a basic Game Theory perspective, if you keep hitting Betray reflexively, right or wrong, sooner or later, the other guy is going to behave likewise.

Right now would be a very good time for the Left to back off. Escalation is going to go nowhere good. What came after the Tea Party? Trump. Now imagine what comes after Trump…

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