The other day, in a short Facebook post about the Decline of the West, obviously a topic which interests me, an acquaintance decided to call the whole affair “melodramatic” and “the product of a youthful mind.” In fairness, he is much older than I am, but his reasoning was beyond stupid. He wrote several paragraphs about how, essentially, his age meant that he was smarter than me. Indeed, it made him a veritable genius of a wise man. Never once did he actually address the topic of whether or not the West was in decline. My post was merely a means for him to declare his vast intelligence for all to see, I suppose.

The lesson of Socrates was lost on him.

But as evidence of the decline for any of my readers who may be similarly confused, I offer two Youtube videos.

The first is from a man who built an experimental instrument based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s designs for a Viola Organista, a sort of bizarre harpsichord-like device which played wheeled strings in a manner similar to a violin, but using a familiar keyboard. Yes, this man built an amazing instrument, then played some of the classics of Western musical tradition on it:

The second is from a misbehaving young woman whose claim to fame is spreading her legs and rubbing herself with the microphone while on stage in front of 50,000 screaming fans who, most likely, cannot hear anything over their own screaming anyway. In this music video, she decided to go up and down on a wrecking ball, naked, while making disgusting faces and singing to a twelve note ditty that could have been invented by a 2 year old on a xylophone:

Now, look at which person is celebrated in the modern West, and tell me with a straight face that we are not in the midst of terminal decline.


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