The Elite Classes that are entrenched in Washington ALWAYS protect their own.

I’m always amazed at the number of people who have no knowledge of The Venona Papers. Now, I grant you that reading some of the books and articles put out about them can be an eye-rubbing, mind-stultifying experience. The mental effort to focus on the analysis, and to follow the logical reasoning of those who’ve spent years identifying those agents and their enablers can be hard.

But, multiple books have been published, and understanding the basics of the discovery is really quite easy.

Nigel West

Robert L. Benson

John Earl Haynes

Herbert Romerstein – this is one of the books I read. Fascinating, if a little overly-detailed at times.

To get a condensed version of the importance of The Venona Papers to understanding the infiltration of American government, click here.


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