A friend posted something awhile back about a man, a boy really, who saved a number of people in a school in Pakistan at the cost of his own life. He was a Muslim.

I don’t like Islam, and I make no secret of it. I think it is a violent, dangerous ideology masquerading as a religion. That being said, if you’ve read your C.S. Lewis, you know that even someone who has spent his whole life surrounded by evil can be good and righteous. You can say you serve Evil, but in truth, serve Good. In the Muslim world there are some courageous, good people. There are Oskar Schindlers among them, and I deeply admire those people.

My mother’s family is of Armenian descent. I would not be alive were it not for a good Turkish official who warned my great-grandparents about the coming genocide and paid for a ticket to America for my whole family so they could escape. It is a story I will pass on to my son, when he is old enough to understand. It pains me, sometimes, that I do not remember his name (I was told the story at my grandfather’s knee when I was very young).

Even a totalitarian ideology cannot stamp out all the good in mankind, but it is important, too, that we recognize it as a totalitarian ideology. Perhaps someday Islam will find reform and repair the evils in its midst. If that day comes in my lifetime, I will welcome them and their beliefs to the ranks of religions that outgrew that sort of shit.

But until then, Islam is the enemy, even if individual Muslims might not be.

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