After the rant of doom, I must admit a certain degree of exhaustion where my writing is concerned. So I have a few interesting reads and shorter tidbits for you today in lieu of my normal, long-winded posts.

This article from Bastion of Liberty expresses similar sentiments to my own in a much more eloquent (and less vulgar) manner. It really makes me wonder if, perhaps, consensual duels should be brought back. How many Progressives would go about calling everyone who opposes them evil and stupid if the possibility of cowardly shame or a duel to the death were involved? I don’t think Francis was arguing for that, but nonetheless, I wonder…

The Vegan Cat Principle seems to explain a great deal of willful delusion present in our society. The name, of course, stems from a cat that was rescued from death. Its owners were not intentionally cruel to the feline, but wanted the cat to be vegan since they despised the consumption of meat. Perhaps God can make the Lion lie down with the Lamb, but these pet owners weren’t able to do the deed. Spoiler: the cat survived, by being fed an emergency ration of meat.

I don’t know much about Mike Rowe, except that his Dirty Jobs show was one of the few programs on television that I found entertaining and thought-provoking. However, I fully echo his sentiments about college, trade schools and the jobs people won’t do anymore. Well-paying jobs exist in vast numbers, but the average American today has an aversion to physical labor. Growing up, I did a lot of construction work with my father. Electrical. Plumbing. Drywall. Roofing. It was hard work. And, oddly enough, I sometimes miss it. Programming on the computer just doesn’t produce the same satisfaction as producing a physical product, sometimes. If I were just graduating High School now, I would take Mr. Rowe very seriously. Take it from me, a man who has done both, swinging a hammer is often a lot better than dealing with cubicle politics.

And for the last piece today, we have this gem of a video. This young lady, for all her amusing theatrics, makes a great case about the decline of Feminism and the rise of the Oppression Olympics:

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