I found this quote on Assistant Village Idiot. Really, MOST of what I post about, I got the seed of that content from other people – much more thoughtful and insightful than I.

As with the bumper sticker “Don’t criticise farmers with your mouth full,” we might say “Don’t criticise Christianity with your rights on.” In Western Civilisation, women have rights. We have some individual protection from despots. We can choose where we live, what we shall work at, how we shall spend our money.  That we even have prosperity is tied in.  Whether one credits technology more or institutions more, both grew up in the West.

Many today focus on the wrongs committed by the colonizers, although much of those wrongs were in response to acts committed by the colonized – and equally atrocious, by modern-day standards.

Too many people focus on the past as a way of holding onto a grudge:

So many kids think of themselves as descended from former royalty. And, SOME of them might have been.

But, like all people over the Earth, MOST of them were slaves, serfs, peasants. That’s not a bad thing – those people who are ruled, rather than rulers, still have value, and not only in God’s eyes. They possess the human dignity and potential of every person on the planet.

To be royal is not to be Better than the rest of us – you only have to look at the British Royal Family to see that. They are not more intelligent, morally upright, possessed of common sense, or other estimable characteristics.

It says that they have Royal Privilege – that, due to an accident of birth, they are uniquely granted rights and power over the rest of their subjects.

Is that what those Black people claiming royal heritage are suggesting?

America has had experience with kingly rule. We didn’t like it. We’re unlikely to want to grant one group of people license to rule over the rest of us.

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