I’ve been living in SC for the past 15 years, in the state of Mark Sanford (Argentinian lover), Joe Wilson (“You LIE!”), and Trey Gowdy (House hearings), to mention some of our more colorful politicians. On the Senate side, there have been John C. Calhoun (the firebrand behind the Civil War), Strom Thurmond (Dixiecrat), Tim Scott (1st Black Senator elected since Reconstruction), and Lindsey Graham (he was elected shortly before I moved here).

Lindsey was one of the biggest disappointments of all – until recently. 

People outside of SC have no idea just how insane this has been for us. We had this neutered Senator, who pretty much voted AGAINST the folks who’d elected him – the very PICTURE of a RINO.

If the Democrats had just accepted Kavanaugh, they might have kept this reliable sort-of Republican comfortably tucked away under their belt.

Instead, they pushed this mild-mannered Bruce Banner too far. And, he morphed into The Hulk.

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