Historically, I’ve described myself variously as a Conservative, a Libertarian, a Right-winger, and a number of other such titles. However, these are merely intellectual shortcuts, so that someone who does not know me can make some basic judgments about my viewpoints. Truth be told, each issue is considered independent of the ideological spectrum. It is merely that elements of Conservatism and Libertarianism line up more properly with observable reality and human nature than that of Leftism (especially the Marxist variety).

However, not all elements do. Let’s take a look:

Libertarianism, especially according to the Libertarian Party website, posits that strict border enforcement and restricting trade with other countries is anti-Libertarian. This is a Libertarian Reality Hole. If a country is your enemy, you should not trade with him. For one, it is likely that he will cheat you rather than deal fairly and honorably with you. But even supposing he does not cheat you, the trade may benefit him in opposing you. A classic example would be selling arms to your enemy. It’s generally not a good idea. Same with border controls. Libertarianism is highly opposed to Marxism. In some ways, it may be seen as explicitly a form of Anti-Marxism, wherein everything is in direct opposition to it.

So if you open your borders to Marxists, you destroy Libertarianism. You categorically cannot do this if you expect your Libertarianism to survive.

Thus Free Trade and Open Borders is a contradiction within Libertarianism. It is an unacknowledged Reality Hole.

Consider Conservatism, also. As Donald Trump surges in the polls, many Conservatives tell us that he is not a true Conservative. And in this, they are most likely correct. So why is Trump winning the hearts and minds of so many? It is because of a Reality Hole in Conservative thought. Conservatives, you see, are very respectful of the law. This is why it is rare to see a Conservative mass shooter, or a Conservative prison inmate. Being Conservative is having respect for rule of law, for tradition, and other such things.

One such tradition is to do battle with honor. In war, they will obey the dictates of the Geneva Convention. In political battles, they will use dialectic instead of rhetoric, and they will treat their enemies with fairness and respect. Mostly, they do not cheat. But if exposed as a cheat, the other Conservatives will shame them. This is as opposed to their Democrat enemies, who will use any tactic, honorable or not, fair or not, to obtain their political goals. And they cynically use the notions of honor and fairness against Conservatives at every opportunity.

This is a Conservative Reality Hole. For if your enemies ignore the rules of war, why should you consider yourself beholden to them still?  Indeed, the violation should be punished, so as to convince the enemy to return to observance of them. Conservatives are wont to say things like “we’re better than that.” No, the enemy is using your principles against you, and you should not allow them to do that.

Trump refused to play by these rules, and surged as a result. He broke the back of the media in the process, for they did not know what do about a man who casually ignored their charges of racism-sexism-homophobia. The usual tactics used against Conservatives bounced off.

Now, I have said before, that I would have preferred a better and more moral man than Trump for the GOP nomination. But the fact remains that until the rest of the Conservatives fix this Reality Hole, and stop playing nice with the Left, only unprincipled men like Trump will be able to shatter the Leftist control of media and culture, because only Trump says “why should I play fair if they do not?” Imagine if, say, Ted Cruz had done likewise.

That being said, most of the rest of Conservative and Libertarian ideology better aligns with reality. Most of the Reality Holes on the Right are tactical holes, not strategic ones. On the Left, Reality Holes are gaping maws of contradiction. Socialism will work, they say, if only we try it one more time, and, interestingly enough with globalism, with the entire planet. If at first your experiment fails, keep trying with bigger experiments, they say. The premise cannot be false, they believe.

No, Leftists, this is a bad idea. For you have conducted the Socialist experiment across many countries, peoples, cultures, and nation-states. And each time it has failed, delivering to the Reaper an enormous heap of bodies. The Marxist harvest is bitter and soaked in blood. Perhaps this is why they favor red as their color.

Leftism has also created such contradictions as “Islam is a Religion of Peace” combined with demands to cater to Islamic sensibilities so that they will not be spurred onward to terrorist activity. Drawing cartoons of the prophet, you see, enrages them. But how can they be enraged to kill by such things if they are peaceful?

The only thing in which Leftism acknowledges reality is in the tactical. Their strategic vision is utter nonsense. It is a utopia that defies every natural law known to man (this, from the ideologues that claim to be paragons of scientific virtue). But in their tactics they are relentless realists. They will bar the admittance of their enemies, and open the door for allies. They will seek to disemploy those who oppose them, to shame those who waver from lockstep. They will lie, and cheat, and accept support from the worst sort of people on Earth, so long as those people hate their enemies.  They will use the ideals and principles of their enemies against them.

The Alinsky playbook is ever their holy tome. And behind closed doors they laugh at our tactical ineptitude.

Conservatives and Libertarians must close their own Reality Holes, before the worthlessness of Marxism can be exposed to the rest of the world. They must force their enemies to either play by the same rules, or they must stop playing by those rules themselves. This is the only way a better man than Trump can be elected to high office, and it is the only way elitist control over the government and the people will be broken.

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