Remember him?

He was the king of what is now called Corinth, He was both deceitful and cruel, but his big mistake was to piss off Zeus. For that, he was condemned to roll a boulder uphill. As it neared the top, the boulder would roll again to the bottom.

Well, America is like that about abortion. Just as we start making headway on changing public opinion (thanks lately to Unplanned and Gosnell, the movie), the Leftists work to roll the progress we’ve made back to square one.

This time, it’s the Medicaid for All bill. It would SPECIFICALLY exempt abortion from the Hyde Amendment, which prohibited using Federal money for abortions.

You will want to become familiar with what the bill will include – go here to learn about the main points, and spread it around – in hard copy, email, and social media.

Here is the pdf of HR 1384, as the Medicare for All bill is called. I recommend reading it. I will be, and will be posting an addendum to this post over the next week or so (depending on how I feel).


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