I’m of the belief that you need to talk to/read about your enemy by getting up close and personal with them. Most people are more truthful than not, if you seem to care about them. One way that you can learn about the Resistance is to use search tools to uncover the strategies and tactics that they post in plain sight.

One that we’ve seen recently is Bird-Dogging. It’s following a politician around in public, and harassing him/her about a position or vote. Recently, this has moved from appearance at official events, to ANY time that person steps outside of their house or office.

MoveOn has a lot of other tactics listed on their website that are intended for the beginning resistance fighter.

Ever wonder just how certain Letters to the Editor are chosen? Wonder no more.

Do you want to know what the Woke People think? How they act? Their website is here. Check out some of the down-and-dirty tools they use here.

Surprisingly, this NYT guide to Fake News is not that bad – it does show an example of Fake Science News that is NOT anti-nuclear – the full explanation of that phenomenon is here.

Also from the NYT, a decent article about the 3 branches of government, and how civics education is lacking. Also linked to this nice graphic.

From our US House of Representatives, this guide on how to subvert the administration without getting caught or losing your job. Congressmen Lieu (D, CA) and Beyer (D, VA) are responsible for it.

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