It’s been awhile since I last posted, for things have been very busy for me of late. It is mostly good, mind you, for I have completed a lot of work and obtained more clients. I have no cause for complaint. But a lot has been on my mind also.

In a conversation with one of my clients who is, shall we say, not particularly enamored with Hillary Clinton, I was told a story of her corruption during her Senate days. The gentleman was, at the time, engaged in consulting work for a major health insurance provider. He was tasked to find examples of egregious fraud and put a stop to it. Simple enough work, right?

Anyway, he discovered one example where a man was claiming back pain, and was receiving expensive cancer treatment medication to the tune of over $1 million a year. Given the obvious nature of the fraud, the man went to his employer and informed them of it. Case closed, right?

Not so fast. Attempts to rectify the situation resulted in a personal letter from one Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, exasperated with the “continuing harassment of constituents with clear health conditions.” So the fraudster continued with his scam, bilking $1 million worth of medication each year from the insurance company and doing who-knows-what with it.

Soon after, the man was let go from his consultation gig. I suppose there is such a thing as being too good at your job, when you uncover connections with the Clintons. Like the Kennedy family, the connection with organized crime is no coincidence. Hillary is, in effect, a mob boss.

If you wonder why health care costs keep going up, just imagine how many such cases of fraud go unnoticed. My father-in-law owned a pharmacy business for many years, and related stories of how Medicare scams would result in truckloads of drugs going into shady cargo vans. And he was powerless to put a stop to it if he wanted to stay in business, the regulations being what they were.

How much of that cash went into Hillary’s pocket, I wonder? The Boss always gets a slice of the action. She will need more Armani jackets, I am sure.

Over the course of the last two weeks, I found myself musing over the unique blindness of Americans in general, relative to everyone else on this ball of dirt. Somehow, most Americans are fundamental optimists in matters of government and leadership. Sure, we speak of voting for the lesser evil and regularly insult our politicians. But at the same time, throngs of enthusiastic masses are always available to fill the stadiums. People will “feel the Bern” or chant “Hope and Change.” America will be made great again, and so on and so forth.

Few understand how corrupt these people are, how near to cartel bosses they are. They don’t understand that the default model for human governance is not democracy, nor the teeming masses having any say in anything at all. Corrupt aristocratic elitism is, and always has been, the default mode of human societies.

With great effort did the Founding Fathers reverse this fundamental human tendency and set up checks and balances to delay the reestablishment thereof. But that time passed a long time ago. First the Civil War established the primacy of the Federal Government over all things, then did Woodrow Wilson tie the nation to the affairs of Europe, and finally did Hoover and FDR eliminate the last vestiges of limited government.

The Republic fell a long time ago and nobody noticed, for the outward forms of it yet remained. It was the same with Rome after Augustus.

There is a quote, the source of which I have long forgotten, wherein Hell is described as a place that with extreme effort can made good and comfortable for awhile. But as that effort abates, and the will of the people to continue it fails, Hell will return to the horror which normally governs it. It is the same with America, and the West in general. For a time, through some extreme effort, progress toward freedom was won at great cost. But the will to sustain it is gone, and Hell is returning to normalcy.

Trappings of freedom remain, but they are shallow, ephemeral things, and easily countered by the new nobility.

Growing up, my stepmother was every evil cliche imaginable, and then some, but from her I learned how fault can be found with anything, and how things can be easily twisted and spun. I would be told to clean the bathroom, and with her that meant no speck of dirt, nor single hair or smudge could be found anywhere, on anything. I would spend hours cleaning it, and at the end she would ask me if I were done. Upon answering yes, she would hunt for any flaw, and inevitably she would find one. A hair would have settled from the air, or a speck would have been missed.

And she would say “you lied to me, you were not done. You see? You can’t do anything right. Now, are you done?” And, invariably, I would clean the speck and nod and agree that I had missed the spot and was, in fact, not done. The routine of humiliation repeated for every task, and every thing I ever did. I soon learned that it was not about the cleanliness of the bathroom, it was about raw power, about breaking me down so that I would view myself as beneath her. The new nobility does that to Americans every day.

Our government is much like my stepmother in this. Take any freedom you now possess. The possibility exists that some will misuse it. Some will use their freedom to speak to spout ugly, nasty things. They are the speck in the bathroom. Then they are brought out and paraded before the populace as reasons freedom isn’t good. The bathroom is not clean, they will say, for this flaw was found in it. Then laws will be proposed to regulate the speck, and to combat it, and soon all freedom to speak is lost.

It’s an ugly form of gaslighting. Consider our rights to own firearms. Mass shootings will be brought out to explain that gun ownership is a terrifying thing, and fuck those evil NRA gun nuts. Yet no NRA member has ever been involved in such a crime, and the vast majority of the violent mass shooters are those with clear liberal sympathies. The LA cop that went on his shooting spree went so far as to criticize the right to own guns while shooting innocent people.

Not only are they pointing to the speck in the bathroom, they are the ones responsible for the flaw in the first place. I know for a fact that my stepmother would, on occasion, plant an errant hair during her inspection, if no natural flaw could be found.

Those same elites bilk you for money, for their perceived due. Your taxes go mostly to them and their friends, in some fashion or another. If you point out the theft, you will end up as my client did, out of a job. I suppose he was lucky. Others wind up dead. The Mob is alive and well, but where the old Mafiosos could be counted upon to generally keep their bargains, Hillary feels no such obligation. You are a tool of her will, or you are nothing at all.

Not only are the new nobles corrupt, they are also incompetent. They may know how to be corrupt, and to obtain their slice of our labors without providing anything in turn, but they are very poor at being human. Look at the Clintons’ horrible Forrest Gump impersonation. It’s hard to even think they are human beings at all. The level of fakeness is comical:

They will give everything we own to foreign powers, and give over our country to terrorism and to mass migration, and profit from all of it in the same manner that they profit off of healthcare fraud and a thousand other such things. These they regard as their personal demesnes. America is fast becoming no better than any third world toilet, with its gated islands of relative noble prosperity amid ruinous poverty.

SJWs believe, of course, that the Socialist Utopia is coming. But soon it will be like Venezuela, where malaria reigns, where slavery is found renewed in gold mines for the nobility, where peasants are scratching a living barely sufficient for survival. SJWs wring their hands over slavery conducted centuries ago, but ignore the slavery their own ideology perpetuates across the world today.

They, as early Marxist intellectuals did a century ago, will find their reward bitter in the end, as they taste the same lead the nobility will use against us. Once a tool’s usefulness has expired, they are quick to dispose of it. I wonder if the man bilking cancer meds for the Clintons is even still alive today.

I would sooner have a Mafia don in office, than Hillary Rodham Clinton, for at least some honor may be found in them, some scrap of understanding that screwing their people too much will result in the death of the host. Hillary has none of this. I doubt she even cares for her own daughter, or her family line. It is all about today, and she could not care less what happens after she is dead. The entire species could be rendered extinct, and what would it matter to her? She got what she wanted, in the end. The new nobility has none of the restraint of the old order.

Either way, though, America’s inner rot has already killed the nation. The outer shell endured for a time, but now that too is creaking. Collapse is imminent. But given all of that, I am sure it is time to start worrying about the gender of horses in the Olympics, as SJWs are wont to do.

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