A collection of musings on the Internet have prompted this screed.

1. America the Beastly: Heartiste demonstrates how America has come to celebrate the ugly and attack the beautiful.

2. Virginia School District To Ditch Biology For ‘Sexual Fluidity’

3. Microaggressions and You: How You’re Just the Worst

The common thread in all of this articles is the inverting of good and evil. There are many situations in which good and evil are not easily discovered, or in which the waters are sufficiently muddy that there is understandable confusion. The Left takes advantage of this to push what would otherwise be recognized as an evil agenda.

For instance, pro-abortion folks often use the example of a rape baby to create cognitive dissonance in others. Naturally, few people would look at a woman bringing up a child who is the product of rape as a good thing. Now, anti-abortion folks may say that keeping the baby is the lesser evil, and it so happens that I agree with that position, but one can understand how a moral and upright person can be confused by the situation. Then, naturally, the pro-abortion people use this rare scenario to justify the 99% of abortion cases that do not involve rape, and are not morally muddied. Good becomes evil.

This methodology is one of the greatest weapons in the Leftist toolbox and, furthermore, it is one that the side of good is expressly prohibited from wielding. For once it is used, the wielder can no longer describe himself as fundamentally good. 

The first article, America the Beastly, describes how moral positions are decaying rapidly. In a period of only 15 years, America’s moral compass has shifted markedly, signalling that Leftists have made great inroads using this method. Furthermore, the standards of beauty have shifted so terribly that the people in the first picture are considered terrible, straight, cis, white people and the latter is an empowered, beautiful, sexy fat woman (for fat is now considered good, and fit is considered evil). Gluttony is good. Temperance is evil.

You will see the method repeated in the case of the second article. Many well-meaning folks are somewhat confused by transsexuals, individuals who believe they were, in essence, born in the wrong body. On the one hand, Christian principles tell us to treat them well and not do them any harm. On the other hand, those very same principles instruct us not to endorse or encourage the poor behavior. This is the essence of hate the sin, love the sinner.

Again, the Left twists this fundamental good nature into evil. For the Leftist informs us that by not endorsing their behavior, nor encouraging it, we are actually doing them harm. Now, I do not believe this (and neither should you), but a great many well-meaning, decent people fall prey to this line of thinking. Their minds are conflicted, they do not approve of the concept but neither do they wish harm on the transsexual. Good is twisted into evil.

Leftism wins many converts this way. Francis over at Bastion of Liberty expands further on the concept:

The following crude partition of those on the Left is probably the best we can do without extensive personal acquaintance with the person under consideration:


1. The generally sincere and well-meaning;
2. The activist, for whom “the Cause” is what gives meaning to his life;
3. The leftist strategist or tactician whose true goal is power, any other consideration merely a means.

Many well-meaning, morally upright Leftists exist in the first category. They have been convinced by the individuals of the second and third types that what is good, is evil. Everything from beauty, art, science, faith, and morality to the exercise of power has been reversed this way.

Even free speech is subject to this. Here is a quote from a Facebook post of mine the other day:

Folks get too caught up in the details. Of course every rule has an exception. That doesn’t mean the rule is somehow invalidated. It’s a common Progressive trick to focus on a guy yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, or the lunatic crazy person who somehow gets his hands on a firearm, or the one person who not only has no health insurance, but has no friends, no family, no church group, no charity support, etc…


Don’t get caught up in that trap. In the real world, if you yell “fire” in a crowded theater, and there is no fire, you’ll probably get your ass kicked.

Francis is on to something in his division of Leftists into various categories, but before that information can be useful to you, it is important to identify how Leftism gets its converts. Many folks of average or slightly-above-average intelligence are easily fooled by these rhetorical devices. Armoring ourselves and those we know against tactics like these is of paramount importance.

Sometimes the proper answer is: “In that one, rare, particular case… the issue may be muddy. However, the exception does not invalidate the rule, or the right.”

The last article takes this notion to its ultimate extreme, demonstrating the newest Leftist craze: microaggressions. The regulation of such everyday, harmless interactions would empower Leftists against absolutely everything in society. It is a prescription for totalitarianism, for anything could potentially be a “microaggression.” Do you prefer a white car over a black car? That could be your subtle bias against Black people showing! Thus, no black cars can be sold to white people. It’s a microaggression. Do you enjoy Chinese food even though you are not Chinese? That is cultural appropriation, which is a microaggression. No Chinese food for you!

Yet even so, Leftists will say that they are only doing it to protect the feelings of sensitive minorities, who have been oppressed and mistreated since the dawn of time. And if you disagree, why, you must be evil!

So in the end, here is an abbreviated checklist of Leftism:

  1. Fat is beautiful.
  2. Thin is ugly.
  3. Killing a baby is good.
  4. Eating animal products is bad, because it kills animals.
  5. Prejudice is whatever a non-White person says it is.
  6. Nobody can be prejudiced except Straight White Men.
  7. Gay Marriage is good.
  8. Christian Marriage between a man and a woman is probably spousal abuse, thus is evil.
  9. Guns in the hands of Americans is evil.
  10. Guns in the hands of terrorists in the Middle East is good.

There is much more, obviously, but that should serve for now. If you know someone who is waffling on the fence of Left and Right, perhaps that quick summary will help unmuddy the moral waters a bit.

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