I’ve been down with a nasty respiratory infection for several days. Got sick on Friday, and only began getting out of bed for more than 15 minutes or so late Sunday. It’s Wednesday as I write this, and I’ve been vertical all day so far (although I may take a nap).

I’ve mostly been puttering – cleaning, making beds, laundry – nothing that involves much cerebral function. I’m still needing the nebulizer several times a day, so I’m not completely well yet.

But – recovering. In process. Sort of like how I hope our country is – gettin’ over a massive illness, and, weakly, standing back up.

I’m gonna assume that most Normal People are like me – drained by the constant warfare, which has traveled from Washington, NYC, and Hollywood, all the way to Covington, KY.

The Left really does seem to have a hate on for Catholics, don’t they? They won’t be satisfied until every one of us is converted to the Holy Church of Progressive, or dead.

Preferably dead. Along with all like us.

Fortunately for us, there is one who seems almost energized to take on the fight. I’m referring to The New Duke of Orange, His Highness of the Hidden Ace, The Donald.

Who, amazingly, seems to enjoy a fight. Whether or not he likes it, he is willing to do it, and for that, I am grateful.

[UPDATE] Just saw this – Hoo-Dawgie! The Social Medias may have overstepped themselves – BIG TIME!

For all that the Covington kids are Incredibly Privileged White Kids (term applies to ALL who oppose these Unhinged Leftists – including the Black kids), the Left seems to have forgotten, or not known, that Minors – those under 18, are a Uniquely Privileged group – i.e., you may NOT threaten them with bodily harm – even virtually.

Penalties can be small or large, criminally. That doesn’t matter – we all know that the Left will never face real jail time for their crimes.

But it opens the door to getting BIG BUCKS from the offenders – and those who facilitate it, including the social media companies.

Jack Dorsey, Head of Twitter? Toast.

Jack Morrissey, Disney Producer? Toast.

All the other celebs, reporters, legislators, and individuals? Toast.

Start cringing and open your wallets, Ladies and Gentlemen (and Others).

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