Western civilization continues its terminal trajectory. Each day, more of its culture is extinguished, its history forgotten, buried and rewritten. Erasure of history is, perhaps, the greatest sin of the modern intellectual. For history is nothing if not instructional in matters of human nature.

President Obama lies thusly:

Islam Has Been Woven Into the Fabric of Our Country Since Its Founding

Muslims did not exist in America as of its founding. Near as I can tell, only one Quran existed on the continent at the time, in the hands of Thomas Jefferson who engaged with it in an effort to understand religion. America’s first war, outside of its Revolution, was fought with Islam. Marines know the story well enough. So if Islam played any part in early continental history, it was as an antagonist, as pirates bent on enslaving Christian sailors for financial gain. Little has changed since then, excepting that Islam now prefers burning its prisoners alive to enslaving them.

For the President, chief among worm-tongued political liars, nothing exists that he cannot decree, neither the tide nor the future. Shall an invasion of the Third World be countenanced? It must be, for Obama says it is so. Taxes shall crush you, without consent of Congress, but this is no matter to the ruler of America, nor his collaborationists in the party of perpetual opposition. Ace of Spades tells how far the rot has proceeded. He is not alone, for Misha of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler knows of it also. A Rubicon has been crossed, though the petty tyrants seem as yet unaware.

Francis, ever diligent in these matters, has expressed a certain annoyance with the current state of affairs:

At this point, there is no way to predict how things will progress with any degree of assurance. The mechanisms that are supposed to check the concentration of power in the executive branch aren’t being employed; the Republicans are too spineless to hold firm against Obama’s seizures of ever more anti-Constitutional power, much less to impeach the bastard. I’m not prepared to say that Obama will attempt to remain in the Oval Office beyond the end of his second term…but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

While his sentiments are, as usual, quite correct, I do disagree with some of the particulars. Obama shall not be our first King, nor stand in office after the expiration of his term, for the simple reason that he does not have to. Political office in America is a farce, a front for interests greater and more sinister. Room will be made for someone worse and more committed to America’s destruction, and this will continue until America is no more. Executive privilege will echo the position of First Citizen once enjoyed by none other than Octavian, whom history knows as Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome. Only the curious feature of mere eight-year reigns will separate the institution from its Roman predecessor. The people will no more contribute to the selection of their rulers than they did to that of Augustus, but likewise the political fiction of a Republic will remain.

This will continue until Western Civilization is gone, until Caucasian men are eliminated and all Conservative folk have been extinguished. Then, what we call Leftist today will become the new Right, and will, in turn, be exterminated. Leftism is nothing if not efficient, the corpse of the old is consumed, like the AURYN on the cover of The Neverending Story.

Always consuming itself. Forever the cannibal.

Always consuming itself. Forever the cannibal.

Historians will wonder, someday, of the circumstances surrounding our fall. Yet they will not say we were conquered by barbarians, nor fouled by disease and misfortune. Those men will tell a tale of petty tyrants, of a million narcissists, willingly indulged by a guilt-ridden population of idiots. Stories will be written of it and our names made synonymous with that of fools. Vandalize originates with the sack of Rome by the Vandal tribe. What then shall they say of us? Republicans, the party of Quisling intellectual dwarves, have ruined their name for eternity. Break no bread with them any longer. Association with them is to claim affiliation with the worst sort of foolhardy busybodies, that of those who ought to have known better. Intellectual cowardice is a far worse crime than mere stupidity.

And these are harsh words, but I must say them anyway. WE DESERVE THIS. For decades, perhaps even centuries, good men have stood and done nothing. The Greatest Generation annihilated the Nazis, but left the Quislings to their own devices. And if they would not do the thing, how much less likely was it that we would? I do not exempt myself, either. Perhaps we could have solved this problem at the voting booth at one time. Maybe we could have said with one voice “no more lesser of two evils” at some point in the past. A mass Cultural Revolution against that sort of Socialist, Western-hating filth could have done the deed once. But we failed to do so. We failed our country, our civilization and our culture. Yes, I said it, and I will said it again. WE FAILED.

Failure is a good teacher of men. We lost many battles, but we still exist, and that’s something. The time for easy cures and half-measures is gone, but the full measure remains. The medicine will be painful in a way this country has not experienced in two centuries. It will probably make the Civil War look like a battle between plastic toys. But we can win in the long run.

Imagine the intellectual battle of the monk, diligently copying manuscripts of an earlier age, preserving the pilot-flame for a day in which we may relight the fires of advanced civilization. This is what we must do. Fighting is inevitable. Conflicts will raze the globe in a way we have not seen in two generations. These are not the ramblings of the mad conspiracy theorist, but the musings of a man who, humbly, claims to know just a little of history and the minds of the men who made it.

War has always been with us, and soon she shall coming knocking at our doorstep, hat in hand, demanding her coin in blood. History and human nature demand it so.

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