I have been waiting some time for the Ferguson affair to reach this point. That we would be here, watching a city burn, was inevitable. The only uncertainty was which city would be turned to ash, which ghetto would produce the unrest. Michael Brown’s death sealed that well enough.

Watch this video to get an idea of what’s going wrong here.


Let’s get a few things straight. I don’t care what the ruling was or how much you might think it was unfair. There is no excuse for barbaric behavior like this. Talking heads are prattling on about “understandable anger” and “justifiable rage against oppression.” They are only doing so because the violence did not take place in their hometown. Safe behind their lily-white gated communities, they can theorize about Black Rage and the evils of slavery, 150 years dead. They aren’t suffering, and they don’t seem too broken up that Blacks are bearing the brunt of their own rage. Sometimes I think gated communities are as great a threat to civilization as the fucking ghetto.

Justified violence? This is nothing of the sort. Want to see how justifiable rage works? Go read about Ghandi. At least he didn’t set cities on fire. These people are barbarians, thugs and trash. They are not the civilized people clamoring for an end to police militarization, they are agents of chaos, opportunists taking advantage of the stupidity and misguided self-loathing of the American people. The rioting, the looting, the burning… this is not about Michael Brown any more than the Rodney King riots were spurred on by a love for that individual.

To the people who would still argue with me, I have this message. Read it carefully:

Oh, go on about the militarization of police. Stick a camera on every officer. Fine. I don’t like the agents of the government any more than you do. I’ve been ranting and raving about them for years, but did people listen? No, you told me that government was good and we needed more of it. They needed more power, you said. The expansion of police power concerns me more than most. It concerned me long before this dumbass thug got himself shot.

But no, everyone thought the government was on their side, that it was a good and reasonable actor. Now you know, don’t you? Now watch your cities burn, watch the barbarians inside the gates tear down civilization and the ineffectual but well-armed bureaucrats do their thing, pepper spraying the few peaceful people and ignoring the looters (too dangerous to do your job, eh). I told you this would happen.

Ethnic ghettos + militarized police = Civil War. History is clear on this point. Do you not remember Serbia? Bosnia? The fucking Ottoman Empire? How about the collapse of the Frankish Empire or the breakup of the Soviet Union and its fun in Chechnya. No. Because you were too busy complaining about wealth inequality, $0.77 on the dollar. Videos of men catcalling women. Woe is me. I can’t afford an XBox One.

Ferguson, Missouri. Coming soon to a city near you. My fucking country is infested with dumbasses.

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