This is a quick one, because the lunacy of the article speaks for itself:

Chilly at Work? Office Formula Was Devised for Men

Yes. There you have it, folks. Air Conditioning is sexist and a part of the evil Patriarchal conspiracy to make women vaguely uncomfortable in the interests of furthering the domination of the penis.

Who writes this crap, anyway?

At the office, she bundles up in cardigans or an oversized sweatshirt from her file drawer. Then, she says, “I have a huge blanket at my desk that I’ve got myself wrapped in like a burrito.” Recently, “I was so cold, I was like ‘I’m just going to sit in my car in like 100-degree heat for like five minutes, and bake.’”

There it is. The ultimate form of male oppression: making a woman feel cold. Except Feminists are pretty much frozen to begin with. I don’t see how you can actually make them any more frigid.

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