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Q. Why did you support #GamerGate? You misogynist.

A. I’m tired of seeing the destruction of artistic mediums by people seeking to politicize everything. Progressives ruined science fiction. They destroyed music, art and pop culture. History has been distorted by them, education turned into a farcical parody of itself. Gamers fought back. I know they aren’t perfect, but they’re a damn sight better than anyone else right now.

Q. Are you one of those evil Republicans?

A. Before, I used to answer this question with another question about the utility of labels. But no, I’m not. I deign to register as one in order to participate in primary elections, from time-to-time, but that isn’t the same as being Republican. There is too much stupidity and spinelessness in the party for me to willingly don that designation. I used to call myself a Libertarian, but that label doesn’t fit either. The truth of the matter is I am dead set against the Progressive Left and the “feel-good” politics of our age. There may be more utility in describing what I am not rather than what I am.

Q. Are you a racist?

A. This depends on your definition. Do I believe skin color means we should treat people badly? Absolutely not. Do I believe certain ethnic groups have different inheritable traits? Absolutely. You will find more Black people in basketball leagues than Asian people, simply because Black people are taller in general. This is an advantage in basketball. I think the same principle applies to many different traits and explains some difference in racial representation in certain career fields. That being said, don’t treat people like shit. I really don’t see why this is so difficult to achieve.

Q. So you must be an anarchist! You believe in no government!

A. This isn’t a question, but okay. I’m not an anarchist. Anarchists believe in no government. Certainly, in a perfect world, I would be inclined to agree with them. But we don’t live in a perfect world, we live in reality. So some government is inevitable. If you do not form one yourself, someone else will conquer you and force one upon you. That being said, the Federal Government is so far down the path of lunacy that it is completely unsalvageable at this point. Somewhere between no government and the current barely-functional disaster is, if not a perfect government (the very idea is laughable), then a much better one. The function of government is to protect your rights to life, liberty and property, not to decree how tall your hedges may be or fine you for parking half an inch over a line.

Q. Capitalism is based on greed, how can you support it?

A. Milton Friedman famously asked the following: “name me any economic system that isn’t based on greed.” Socialism sounds all utopian in scope, but Stalin jealously guarded his luxuries. Party leaders lived in mansions and drove around in limousines of western manufacture. Even the workers were greedy, revolting initially on the promise that they could loot the aristocracy, which they did. But of course, nature abhors a vacuum, and a new aristocracy based on the Party formed in its place. Every economic system functions on self-interest, Capitalism is the only one which is honest about that fact.

Q. How can I get on this FAQ?

A. Send me a stupid question. I’d be more than happy to make an idiot out of you in view of the public. Well, the limited public that reads my bullshit, anyway.


  1. DW

    Let me start first by stating that I definitely enjoy your blog and the reasoned approach to discussing the issues of today. Sadly you’re an anomaly in today’s media/blogosphere.

    My question is simply an informational inquiry. I noticed on your blogroll you list the Deth Guild. I followed his blog as well and while I don’t know anything about the dude, he could sling well written prose laced with profanity like no other. Definitely enjoyed some of his posts.

    Anyway he posted what appeared to be a temporary sign off back in Jan2016. None of my business if he doesn’t want to blog anymore, just curious if you have any info? We’ve lost a several really good liberty minded blogger folks over the past year. Hate to hear another one’s gone for good.

  2. Laszlo Toth

    This is your daily reminder that Einstein was a socialist*… and you are no Einstein.

    *Look it up.

  3. Laszlo Toth

    Also, love how every time anyone discusses socialism, you leap straight past, say, Denmark and go straight to the USSR. Of course, this is also why you people keep doing shit like deliberately misreading those Norwegian sexual assault statistics and frumping up a fictional “immigrant rape epidemic.” You can’t accept that social democracy (a) is a thing (b) is doing fine (c) has adherents who generally outrank the hell out of the USA on quality of life rankings.

    Nice house of cards you’ve got here. I grew out of it and I hope you do too.

    • Fergus Boone

      Mr Toth claims Denmark is a socialist state, really? What corporations does the state own?

      The usual tripe we get is non-socialist states are described as socialist-yeah Denmark is just like Cuba. Even Sweden isn’t a socialist state, it does have some features of socialism which explains why it has declined compared to say Korea or Japan since 1970 in every measurable item that we define as civilization.

      And we all know there is no rape crisis where Muslim choirboys dwell, nor acid attacks, nor knife attacks, nor rampant crime that didn’t exist prior to their arrival. Look at the paradise Somalis have created in St Paul.

      Having spent 30 years working overseas in many of these truly socialist shit holes one is amazed that anyone can embrace socialism. But it is really easy. A socialist is someone who reads Marx. An anti socialist is someone who understands Marx.


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