Debates between the merits of Capitalism, Socialism and Keynesian Mixed Economies have become tiresome for me. Very few people have any real understanding of economics, and even those who do are prone to a religious treatment of the subject. Each worships their own Sacred Cow, and that’s the way it’ll stay, regardless of how long you debate the subject

Most folks here know that, generally speaking, I am a Capitalist. What you don’t know is that the title is an oversimplification. One of the great appeals of Socialism is that it operates on a principle not unlike that of the extended family. The smaller the scale, the more likely it is to be effective. Centrally planning a community of 100 people is a very different matter from that of a 100 million.

My wife’s family is of Cuban ancestry and they are about as far from Socialists as people can be. Yet they are profoundly Socialist within their own family. If a family member needs help, others more able will provide it. The very young and the very old are cared for. The infirm need not worry overmuch about retirement woes. You always know that, when the chips are down, you have a place to go. Funds and properties are often shared, as is most efficient. Resources are pooled for purposes of business. Those who don’t put in any effort are expelled, but are always welcome to return if they mend their ways.

Sometimes, I suspect that’s the real appeal of Socialism in this degenerate age. With the destruction of the family, most people don’t have anywhere to turn. Government steps in and offers to be the surrogate family, to provide everything people, deep down, feel is missing from their lives. It all seems so convenient.

But it fails a crucial test. Family members care about you in a way the government never will. To the government, you are a Social Security number. A taxpayer and/or a benefit recipient. Only in aggregate do you mean anything at all. Your family has a vested interest in you, or at least it once did.

I suspect future historians will look back on our age and see, above all, the destruction and dismemberment of family life as the single greatest tragedy of our age and the worst enabler of large-scale Socialism. And, above all else, directly responsible for the approaching Fall.

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