Youtube commercials are hilarious. They constantly go on about your “dreams” as if some marketer from a New York ad agency knows your “dreams” better than you do.

“Finance your dream home.” Says one.

“It’s time go get that dream car.” Says another.

“You have a dream home, a dream family, but now you need dreamy insurance.” <– actual ad.

“Pursue your dreams.” Says an ad for some college.

Dreams apparently involve going into massive debt to pay companies money for things that ad agencies say you should want.

I’ve never set around thinking that my “dream” is a house, or a car, or college. These are things that, if I want them, I go out and get them. If I have a “dream” in so far as it is an unattainable (or very difficult to obtain) goal, it would be to conquer the entire Earth, or something. Or colonize Mars. Something like that. Come on people, think big.

If you said “It’s time to finance your dream home… IN SPACE” you might actually get my attention instead of my disdain. And if the New York ad agencies are right, and this is what your average American sits around dreaming about all day, get better dreams, people.

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