…Pay attention to the news that they will NOT cover:

  • The crime rates in cities that are most affected by the alien invasion
  • The crises that the children of these invaders have put on local schools
  • The hospitals that are making CITIZENS wait for ER care, while taking care of people who have NO right to be in this country

And, now, the Yellow Jackets in France. Go ahead, check out the news.

From CBS News, the most recent mention was in December, 2018.

From ABC News – they actually have a story – one – about an injured old person.

MSNBC – Zip. Nada. Nothing. My search term, in all cases, was Yellow Jacket, in the International News.

And, CNN – which you might THINK would be interested, as they think of themselves as the World News Station.

It’s a fuzzy quality, but that date is January 27, 2019. Not exactly timely.

Why, it’s ALMOST as though they don’t want us to know about the protests!

Here’s the estimable Sarah Hoyt on the same subject.


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