Lauren was wondering why I didn’t post anything on Donald Trump’s entry into the Presidential race. Here it is.

The fact of the matter is, American politics have descended into utter absurdity. Electing a President, at this point, is roughly commensurate with electing the Prom King & Queen. It’s fluff, it’s a song and dance, but everybody has a pretty good idea who is likely to win long before the contest begins.

The candidates are chosen for you. You cannot run, nor can your neighbor, your close friend or your coworker. There may be a candidate or two that you genuinely agree with or respect in the primary election, but that candidate will not make it to the general election.

Americans who cannot tie their shoes, or who graduated high school with C- average (or failed to do so at all) have votes that count as much as yours. The vote of a person swayed by marketing and advertising tricks counts as much as that of the person who spends months researching issues, candidates, positions and track records.

You can have multiple bankruptcies, but vote on the candidates who choose the financial fate of the entire nation. You can be a coward and vote on military funding. You can be an asshole and vote on the character of the President of the United States. Sooner or later (if it hasn’t happened already), you will not even have to be an American to vote on American political candidates.

And the idiots outnumber you. Consider the average person. Half of them are dumber than this. They will vote for whomever the TV tells them to, be it Fox News or CNN. Your votes will, at best, serve to equalize theirs.

More practically, even average to above-average folks are swayed by media. You will not fix this, or counter-balance them. They choose. But since they have no real choice, the TV does the real choosing.

Presidents are made and broken far away from the public light.

Does it matter that Donald Trump entered the race? No more than it matters what my next door neighbor ate for breakfast, or when the dog last farted. These things are beyond you. Your voice does NOT count. It never did.

You are not free. But Orwell was on to something when he said, in 1984, that Freedom is Slavery. For some, the responsibility and work that comes with genuine freedom is neither desired, nor possible for them to handle.

So pull the lever for a candidate you did not choose, do not like, and who does not reflect your chosen values. And then go home, turn on the television and say “rah rah ‘Murica, muh freedoms.”

I’ll be drinking a beer and building a go kart out of a toilet, much more worthy tasks.

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