Just a quickie for today… over at Sarah Hoyt’s place, William Lehman has written an excellent guest post about this “Captain America is a Nazi” business.

The money quote:

Further I see this as part of a grand conspiracy. Now, hold on, before you tell me my tin foil hat is too tight, I’m not saying that the members of this conspiracy ACTIVELY conspired, each and every one of them, to tear apart the values of the nation.  It’s not that simple.  What I am saying is that the news headquarters for all the major news networks, newspaper conglomerates, publishers, etc (the self-designated arbiters of culture) are clustered in two relatively small areas (I’m talking 40 miles square or so each) and they all know and party with each other.  They all go to the same schools, send their children and protégés to the same schools, and have a “group think”.

This is exactly it. The conspiracy, such that it is, isn’t some room full of hazy cigar smoke in a bad James Bond movie. Rather it is a consequence of the self-enforced groupthink of the Social Justice Leftists. They police one another for political correctness and sociological compliance. They attend the same universities, work the same industries, live in the same areas, and have all the same friends. As a result, we shouldn’t be surprised when this groupthink tends to manifest in a way not unlike an active conspiracy.

Of course, this is a tremendous irony given the Left-wing obsession with diversity. They desire the opposite of diversity: complete uniformity of thought and opinion, and they will trash anything to get it. In this case, the target is a comic book character. While I don’t give a fig about comics — I didn’t even as a child — it is a tragedy that something as simple and innocent as a childhood superhero is being weaponized in the service of a political agenda.

Read the whole thing… Mr. Lehman sums it up better than I could.

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