SJWs and other radical Leftists are incapable of building institutions, of creating, producing, or inventing anything. However, they are very adept at taking control of such things already built and then destroying them. The question is, why would anyone want to do that?

Answer: deconstruction is intellectual laziness. There is a popular notion that demeaning other people, bringing them down, doesn’t help your own cause any. In other words, sinking someone else’s boat won’t raise yours any higher out of the water. But it is often easier to damage someone else, than help yourself.

Progressivism is the same phenomenon writ large. Progressives will find fracture points in your own institution following (often instinctively) the Alinsky rules. Perhaps, for example, your church isn’t living up to Biblical proscriptions. Or perhaps it is doing fine, but in so doing it is violating several popularly-accepted cultural norms. A case in point would be an openly homosexual priest. Either you violate church tradition, or you anger pop culture.

A fracture point like this allows them to undermine your church. But they won’t stop there. Suppose they destroy your church. They will need a new cause, a new thing to destroy. Perhaps the entire Christian religion will come next. SJWs keep digging. If they banned guns today, tomorrow they would demand knife bans. They are busybodies constantly in search of the next cause, the next thing to destroy.

Underneath it all, SJWs believe in nothing. They don’t even believe in the existence of objective reality. They have tunneled so far underneath the foundations of Western Civilization, they have gone all the way through to whether or not anything exists at all.

What’s fascinating is that SJWs think they are clever and original, as if they are the first to ponder whether or not reality is actually real. They are unaware that they have tread upon philosophical matters discussed — and rejected — thousands of years ago. Plato attempted to formulate the First Principles, assumptions that must be held true if anything else is to proceed at all. And one of those principles is that the universe does, in fact, exist. Of course, his Allegory of the Cave also postulates that reality may not necessarily be as we think it to be.

But, the point is, objective reality exists. If a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, it did, in fact, make a sound.

SJWs deny all of this. Everything is as you personally perceive if to be. Reality is entirely subjective to them. This allows them to deconstruct physical gender. The sexes do not exist, says the SJW, because someone feels differently. Nothing is truly real, except one’s own emotional state. And even there, SJWs deny that Free Will exists.

The point is, since SJWs believe nothing is truly real, then it follows there is no real consequence to destroying anything and everything. If it feels good, do it. It’s like a child’s version of Nihilism. This person feels bad. Purge him. That person feels good. Welcome her.

I remember reading one of Tom Kratman’s essays, and he posited that whether or not God exists, religion is objectively responsible for strengthening the resolve of a people. I.e. don’t bring secularism to a religious war. It is akin to bringing a knife to a gunfight. This is an affirmation of objective reality, that consequences do exist, and that faith, regardless of its validity, has a positive real-world effect.

SJWs would deny all of this and then deconstruct Christianity (because that’s all they can do) as a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, and then be bewildered when people wind up choosing a different religion instead (or getting conquered by another one), because Nihilism and denial of objective reality doesn’t fill the human need for purpose. Humans crave a purpose, and if they don’t get it from one religion, it is likely that they will get it from something else — possibly worse.

Or, as an extension of Col. Kratman’s analogy, even if reality is not objective, there is utility in acting as if it were, which circles around to Plato’s First Principles, assumptions that must be held true if one is to avoid finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Of course, it didn’t end with Plato. Immanuel Kant, Jakob Fries, and Karl Popper extended on the First Principles concept, attempting to find a stronger metaphysical base. But nonetheless, they also predicate the existence of objective reality. None of this is exactly new.

SJWs keep tunneling through the foundations of everything. Gender doesn’t exist. Neither does race, except when it is convenient that it exist, like when saying whites owe everyone else money. Homosexuality is morally superior to heterosexuality, because they wish it to be. Western men are all practitioners of rape culture. Actual rapists imported from the third world are not, because SJWs don’t wish them to be. Communism is good because it feels fair. All the evil attributed to Communism does not exist because they don’t wish it to.

Unfortunately, the train of thought that can bring one to a denial of objective reality is remarkably insidious. Consider this quotation:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

This seems pretty straightforward on its own. If it is real, it exists. And if it is not real, it does not exist. Knowing what is real and what is not real will give you peace. That’s the literal truth of the quotation. But observe this woman’s take on it:

As I read this passage, it seems to me that we are encouraged, once again, to see that the world in which we live in illusion. It is not real, and therefore does not truly exist. The real, in my view, are the intangibles of hope, love, joy, peace, and the like. These cannot be taken from us except by our choice. And when we are in our right minds, we choose to keep these blessings in our hearts.

We have the peace of God when we have His intangibles.

She takes this to mean that the world does not exist, and only intangible feelings exist. What feels hopeful, joyous, peaceful, etc… is good and real. Everything else is illusion. Peace is found when you see the world as illusion, and God as real.

She has failed to note that it is possible to believe both are real. That objective reality exists, but the intangibles of God, even though we cannot grasp them in our hands, also exist. I don’t think this woman is an SJW, but this demonstrates how easy it is to wind up denying reality actually exists at all. When only emotions remain, you will be driven to deconstruct and destroy everything that does not feel good.

And here’s the kicker, dear readers. Everything and everyone will disappoint you. You will disappoint yourself. Your friends will disappoint you. Your spouse, your children, your boss, your coworkers, everything and everyone in life will, at some point, cause you grief. Thus you arrive at the seemingly-absurd proposition of the Progressive Left: everything is sexism, everything is racism, everything is homophobia, because everyone does wrong, everyone sins, everyone fails. This is why Progressivism lacks internal consistency. It is based on whatever you feel at this particular moment. Since your feelings on anyone and anything will change, so does Progressivism. And anything that makes you feel bad right now is evil, you are a victim of that evil.

It is such a philosophical and intellectual failure that it has, in essence, surrendered all knowledge, all human experience in the last several thousand years, for the simplistic notion that the only provable fact is that you exist, right now, in this particular moment. And therefore, says Progressivism, only your feelings right now have any meaning at all. Do you feel like you were unfairly discriminated against? It must be true because you feel it.

This is how a Hell Dumper like Zoe Quinn, who provably and objectively harassed and demeaned people in a near-professional capacity can call herself the victim. She doesn’t feel like she ever did anything wrong to anyone and, rather, feels as if everyone else wronged her. The Social Justice community rallied around her because all of them also felt wronged. Whether or not they were objectively harmed is irrelevant, because they believe objective reality is a social construct.

I don’t think any human being is truly capable of fully perceiving reality in an objective manner. That is what separates us from the truly divine. But humans can acknowledge that objective reality does exist, even if they are incapable of perfectly perceiving it, even if the Allegory of the Cave still holds true to some degree. Denial of objective reality leads to absurdity, to a complete disconnect between actions and consequences.

You could murder millions in the name of the Socialist Revolution, but if it feels fair, then it is good, right? Denial of objective reality ultimately means the denial of objective morality, also. So I shall modify the earlier quotation, as it accords with Social Justice:

Nothing you feel can be threatened.
Nothing real exists.
Herein lies the peace of slavery.

That is as good a mantra for the SJWs as I can conceive of.

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