I loathe this notion of privilege Leftists constantly drone on about. They don’t understand the concept of intersection, whereby an individual, taken as an individual, will always have both benefits and detriments. Intersection is essentially infinte.

Case in point. Who has it better? A rich Black man or a poor White man? In most circumstances, being rich easily outweighs any potential disadvantage of being Black due to racism. Then there is the beautiful woman privilege. Beautiful women can land rich men, they get preferential treatment in almost everything, because they are beautiful.

Then there is tall vs. short. Tall men generally have it better than short men. Note that Blacks, as a race, tend to be taller than the norm. How does this factor in? When I was in High School, most of the girls wanted to date Black men, because they were perceived as stronger, cooler, and more masculine than their White counterparts. I’m not sure if this is a universal, or just a product of that particular school, but again… it’s all contextual. My so-called White Privilege didn’t help me there.

Life isn’t fair. And any attempt made by the government to make it fair will only make the situation worse. The government knows how to oppress people, it does not know how to make them successful and get along. Thus any attempt by government to “right the ship” will only result in more oppression being delivered. The only equality you will achieve is equal misery.

I know racists exist. Everybody knows that. Indeed, preference for one’s own kind, be it race, ethnicity, political affiliation, culture, religion, family etc… is a natural instinct of mankind. You will never equalize it, nor should you. Some mild preference for one’s own kind is natural and generally harmless, because it has a tendency to cancel out. One author I read called this “Sunset Segregation” wherein folks could live and work together without acrimony or hate, but when they went home at sunset, they tended to go to neighborhoods with others like them in whatever respect (again, race isn’t the only factor here, either, something Leftists often forget). This sort of thing created Chinatowns and Italian blocks, Black neighborhoods and White suburban retreats. In American it was once common to see cities have separate Catholic areas, Jewish quarters, and Protestant zones, etc…

The point I’m getting at here is that humans will self-segregate in the absence of authority. It is human nature. You cannot change this without gross tyranny. Nor should you. Instead, your goal should be peaceful relations between these groups and to eliminate government discrimination. Indeed, you may even strive to merge the groups over time into one group. The term for this is ethnogenesis, wherein two cultures/groups/races/etc… become one — America used to at least try to practice this. When, for example, Whites and Blacks meet in the course of their daily lives, the interactions should be friendly, helpful and peaceful. Today, Whites often feel like they must walk on eggshells with Blacks, and Blacks feel acrimony toward Whites for historical events and contemporary media shilling.

It’s not all hopeless yet. Friendly interactions are still possible. The other day I was waiting outside one of my favorite restaurants (it was nearly an hour wait that day) and a friendly Black gentlemen and I struck up a conversation about kids, cars and other such things. He was kind, helpful and didn’t regard me with rancor because of my skin color. He had a pleasant demeanor, was obviously well-educated and held similar interests. To me, the fact that he was Black was borderline irrelevant. Most people, racial supremacists and nutjobs aside, just want interactions between people to go sort of like that.

You will find that it is the government which seeks to upset this balance. Liberals would like me to be aware of all hosts of imbalances, racist attitudes, micro-aggressions, etc… instead of just having a pleasant conversation with a fellow human being. They set the stage for people to unfriendly by filling their heads with racial nonsense. Should I have carefully structured my language to avoid potentially offending this man because I am White and have privilege? No! I think that’s racist. Instead, I simply treated him as I would expect to be treated, and when he reciprocated, all was well.

That’s not good enough for Leftists, however. Was that man dressed in less expensive clothing? Why, that must be the fault of racism in the workplace! Did another person drive a better car? Well, that could be institutional bigotry. Should I have given up my table, because I was ahead of him in line, to make up for the actions of people long dead?

Leftism seeks to enforce absolute equality of outcome. This amuses me because their belief in Evolution by Natural Selection ought to conflict with this notion. I.e. those humans who adapted to life in Africa are different in various respects than humans who adapted to life in, say, Japan. That isn’t to say one is superior to another — that’s a judgement you cannot make without context (i.e. superior at what?), and even then it’s only a gross generalization, something you should be wary of trying to apply to individuals. But it does mean they are different.

You will not see equality of outcome from different groups. Some may, on average, excel in one area, and another group may excel someplace else. Collegiate math classrooms are skewed toward East Asians. Basketball courts are skewed toward those of African descent. But don’t apply this to individuals. Yao Ming was a good basketball player. Thomas Sowell is, in my opinion, the greatest economist alive today. None of this need be indicative of anything more than natural human differences, much less some institutional attempt to keep certain races down.

Indeed, the liberal enforcement of sameness upon various races and creeds is tyrannical and evil. It is the new form of slavery. Conform to our vision of what humanity must be, they say, and if you don’t we will kill you, impoverish you, destroy your character, etc…

When liberals say peace, they mean war. When I say peace, I mean peace. I don’t want forced segregation. I don’t want forced DEsegregation either. I will be long in trying to understand how Americans could have permitted the government to rule the roost in this regard, the very organization who oppressed Blacks, deprived Native Americans of their land and now seeks to impoverish Whites, or even exterminate them. This is tantamount to asking the man who robbed you to guard your house.

I want the government to get the hell out of the way and let people live their lives in peace and do what is natural for them, so long as they obey the most basic of civilized laws. Is it really too much to ask?

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