It is very difficult to write an intro a blog with a name like this one. How do you even describe such a truly grand, massive thing like the decline of an entire civilization? For years this question had prevented me from doing more than harassing facebook friends and dropping long-winded comments on several sites, despite the demand that I start a venue of my own for the thing.


Then I realized that I didn’t have to describe this epic collapse. In many ways it describes itself, if you simply know where to look.  Here are some interesting nuggets of wisdom:

The Face of Amnesty – A 93 year old woman is sexually assaulted by a 19 year old “illegal” immigrant.

Amnesty is one of those regular topics in American political life that pops up every decade or so. The idea sounds very reasonable. Sure, Mexicans have crossed the border into the United States illegally, but they’ve been here for a long time, working and shopping alongside other Americans, so let’s just forgive them and move on.  If someone voices disagreement, that person is probably a racist or a xenophobe. After all, who could deny these families government protection, care and retirement? Who could deny them the right to vote?

The problem, of course, is that it continues to happen. The Late Roman Empire had a similar problem. German tribes had it pretty bad outside the Empire, the Huns were harassing them, the globe was cooling in temperature making farmland in the Roman Empire a lot more attractive than the north. Periodic attempts by the Roman government to settle them in specific areas of the country and integrate them into Roman political life generally failed. Contrary to popular belief, the Germans who conquered much of the later Roman world were not all marauding bands of savages. In fact, having lived along the Roman border for centuries, they were quite familiar with Roman politics and culture. Most of them were farmers, herders and villagers. But some were violent warriors and criminals too, and naturally history focuses on them.


At any time up to around 400 AD, if Rome really wanted to it could have expelled the German “immigrants” and restored stability. It had been done once before in the middle of the Third century. Indeed, the Eastern half of the Empire did do such a thing, and survived a lot longer than its Western counterpart. But eventually it became too late for them. It was a process stretching back centuries. I imagine political debates over what to do with the immigrants were much the same as our own, minus the fact that the Emperor had the absolute last word on the matter. Most of the immigrants are peaceful, normal folk, certainly. But violent criminals, rapists, drug lords, Aztlan revolutionaries and general assholes are among them, and centuries from now when some future historian pens the History of America’s decline and fall, the violent “immigrants” will certainly get all the attention. The political will to expel them does not exist, and a nation that does not defend its own borders will not be a nation for very long.

Of course, this is not strictly an American problem. Indeed, when the idea for this site came to me, I realized quickly that the decline wasn’t strictly American. It afflicts all Western cultures, and even ‘Westernized’ cultures like Japan and South Korea. In Europe Islamic immigration is the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the room that nobody wants to talk about.

UK soldier ‘beheaded’ near barracks by ‘man who praised Allah after cleaver attack’

The fascinating thing about this case isn’t that an Islamic extremist killed a man, or even beheaded him. Anyone familiar with the extreme brands of Islam should be familiar with that. Rather, it’s interesting that the attack occurred in broad daylight, surrounded by a crowd of witnesses who did nothing. The attacker was armed with a cleaver and simple bum rush by a mob of people could have dealt with him. Instead, Englishmen ran screaming from the scene, and the only one to try and tend to the victim was a woman. When the police arrived, the attacker was certainly brave enough, rushing at them with the cleaver until shot.

Where is the blood of the English who fought at Waterloo? Where are the Englishmen who jumped into inferior aircraft to fend off the Nazis in the Battle of Britain? When you compare the Englishmen of half a century ago to their brethren to today, you will find a measurable lack of spine. The British Empire has been gone for decades, now. What isn’t as commonly known is that the British Spine went with it.

Today’s apologists and race-baiters will find many reasons to call me a racist for this, and they are a big part of the problem today. You can’t speak the truth without being denounced and shamed as a racist, sexist, etc… Indeed, many people would like to turn a post like this into hate speech, so as to ban it from existence.  Immigration in small numbers is good and healthy for a nation, in that it introduces new blood and new ideas. And eventually the newcomers assimilate into the wider national identity, and all is well. But when immigration comes in massive waves, much of it illegal and untracked, it isn’t immigration at all. It is invasion. Refusing to identify it as such is a fatal weakness.

Welcome to the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization. More to come, folks. Stick around.

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