Col. B. Bunny over at Bastion of Liberty posted a fairly comprehensive list of common Leftist lies, specifically the Orwellian code words they use that typically mean the exact opposite. War is peace, freedom is slavery, etc etc… It got me thinking about just how useful this is to a Leftist engaged in debate against a superior, but less deceitful, opponent.

Remember that debates are not won and lost in the minds of the opponents. Rather, it is the spectators that matter. It is rare when debate will convince one or more of the debaters to change their opinion. But those watching, who are on the fence about the matter, may be more easily swayed.

The Leftist knows this. Indeed, they are masters at the art of manipulating public opinion. They do this by framing arguments very carefully and constantly going on the offensive. For instance, you will most likely be called a racist. When this happens, the Leftist is trying to force you to choose between Scylla and Charybdis. Do you ignore the charge and let the spectators think that you are, indeed, a racist or do you fight the charge, going on the defensive and allowing the argument to be steered toward your personal character instead of the issue at hand?

The fact of the matter is that you must do neither. Your personal character will never bear full scrutiny. Nobody’s will, except for that of Christ himself. You have done wrong in your life. You have probably violated your own principles many times. If you are a good person underneath it all, you will have paid a price in shame and guilt for the doing, but nonetheless you will have done them. The Leftist will latch on to these and destroy you with your own shame. I really loathe these Hollywood films blathering on about soulmates and the notion that your true love will love you for you. It misses a central point: nobody wants to know everything about you, except God himself (and I sometimes wonder, even then). You may love someone, but you don’t want to know all the gruesome details of everything they have ever done.

And neither does the electorate, or the spectators in whatever debate you happen to be engaged in. The Leftist knows this. They know that by attacking your character, you will be forced to retreat into shame, to hide yourself. In other words, they know this will silence you. Don’t let them. Neither, however, can a weighty charge be safely ignored. The spectators will see silence as an admission of guilt. To make matters worse, you cannot use the same tactic on them. Leftists do not have shame. To them, having 20 abortions is nothing to feel guilt over. Indeed, they flaunt it. Stealing? Just call it “wealth transfer.” Murder? Well, according to the new SocJus manual, Murder = Social Power + Killing, therefore Black people cannot murder Whites since, in SocJus tradition, Blacks are powerless. You cannot fling the charge of racism back because, again, only Whites can be racist. These are axiomatic, prepared statements, and challenging them will only engender a personal attack.

The combination of frame and an utter lack of shame renders the Leftist ideologue impervious to truth or conventional assault.

Instead, remember the spectators. Treat the Leftist like what he is: a lunatic, a self-absorbed, arrogant asshole with pretensions of intellectual superiority. How do you do this? Mock him. Ridicule him. Use statements like: “Oh, sure, Socialism is great. Why, just yesterday I was thinking about how wonderful the world would be if Stalin had been immortal.” Don’t attack the Leftist’s character — he has none — attack his intelligence instead. He doesn’t have much of that, either, but he will take offense to the notion that you think he is stupid. He cares about that. That will force him on the defensive and expose him for the worthless liar he is.

Do this a few times, and the Leftist will cease his personal attacks out of fear that you will attack him. Then, having concluded this, you can safely destroy him in the realm of logic and reason, supposing he even wishes to continue (he probably won’t — most Leftists instinctively know that their intellectual position is weak). But this way the spectators will see the monster for what it is, and you will have prevailed on the field of rhetorical battle.

And as evidence that the tactic works, I offer this: Leftists have blocked me on Twitter in record numbers this week, including one who, just prior to her blocking, indicated that the only way I could be “saved” would be to take a Gender Studies course.

And they try and tell me that SocJus isn’t a religion. What a crock.

I’ll leave you with a gem I’m particularly proud of, since it resulted in the subject in question completely losing her mind:


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