This is basically a process that needs to be started – right now. The longer Trump waits, the harder it gets.

The first stage is to identify the Departments that more properly should be located in places other than Washington, DC. The best Candidates would be:

  • The Department of the Interior
    • Locate it in a relatively empty part of the Midwest, using federal properties that are no longer used. A good assumption is that those properties will need to be updated/rehabbed before they are ready to move in, so, in the interim, rent space in commercial buildings. DO NOT sign a long-term lease – 1-3 years max.
    • Move the Upper management first, with a SMALL staff.
    • Do NOT allow telecommuting – they have to physically move to the new location, or find another job.
    • After those people move in, transfer functions – phone support, report generation, customer service, paperwork, etc. If people don’t want to move, shake their hand, sign the departure paperwork, and replace them with local people.
    • The goal is to move as much of the activities of the Dept. as possible in the shortest time possible. Work to make this a one-way move – make it as difficult as possible for that Dept. to return to DC.
  • The Department of Education – perhaps in Iowa, the home of the famous assessment tests?
  • The Department of Labor – one of the Steeltowns – Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit?
  • Treasury – use one of the Mint cities.
  • Agriculture – pick a farm state.
  • The Services – Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.
    • Pick a city where they have an academy/base – move them there. Limit just how many people can be in Washington at a single time. The rest have to locate in another part of the country.
    • If they retire from the military, they may NOT receive their pension if they accept a job within 150 miles of DC.
  • HUD
    • Put this in one of the cities that has properties that they are administering. They can set up offices in one of the emptier buildings.
  • Transportation
    • Atlanta, or other transportation hub – NOT DC.
  • Energy
    • Someplace they dig energy out of the ground.
  • VA
    • Set up offices in the hospitals, satellite-style. Parcel out the essential functions to different ones.

The others get to stay, for now. But, they get reduced in size.

The most essential things to remember:

  • The goal is to reduce the size of the department. Some of this will be attrition – people will not move out of DC. Some of this will involve outsourcing of services – such as paycheck processing, HR, retirement benefits. These are all services that private industry does, cheaper and better than government.
  • Sell the buildings that house those agencies ASAP – take away their ability to just come back, under other administrations.
  • Get rid of functions. There is absolutely NO reason to have a GPO (Government Printing Office). The files can be sent electronically to where they are needed, and printed out locally. This both enriches the local economy, and eliminates a whole bunch of government employees. Save waste on storage of documents, too.
  • Engineers should be brought in to analyze the parts of government – don’t drag this out, just make a quick assessment. They should prioritize the changes, set them in motion, and Get ‘Er Done.

The longer Trump waits, the harder it becomes. Fund the change by ordering a 10% REDUCTION in the previous year’s budget – for EVERY department. Use that money to get the change made.

UPDATE – Some outstanding ideas in the comments. One of them, I’d like to address. The idea of a 75% RIF – Reduction in Force.

I don’t favor that one, as the amount of outrage it would stir up would exceed the potential benefit. The other methods are clearly within the executive authority, and protests would be unlikely to prevail in court (ultimately). The thing is, Trump just has to put the press on for the moves, and start with separating the upper level management from their allies in DC.

The bureaucracy is a Hydra. You’ll make the best progress if you distract them with the hassle of moving, setting up offices, and keeping in touch with DC. By moving them away, you’ll limit their ability to work sub-rosa – any communications will be:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Snail-mail

ALL of them are able to be recorded, captured, and uncovered in subsequent investigations of their treasonous activities.

Kinda puts a crimp in the ability to plan.

Force them to split up the cabals – they may only take about 1/2 of their immediate staff with them, at that time. You’re squeezing the lifesblood out of them, by cutting off their ability to lurk in corners, plotting with their Leftist friends/allies.

Offer bonuses for relocation, IF they sign the agreement early. Others will NOT get the bonus, if they wait to make a decision. Again, this allows some of the group (more likely those disgusted with the DC atmosphere) to leave, with less pain. The fact that their salary will go further will be another plus. I would expect families will jump at this, particularly at the lower-level positions. It’s like an automatic raise.

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