Much hoopla has been made over the RNC and Ted Cruz’s speech, wherein he withheld endorsement of Donald Trump. But, in truth, I was more surprised that he bothered to speak at all. Look, the truth of the matter is that the limited government mentality that many Conservatives subscribe to doesn’t exist, not even within the GOP, much less the rest of the country. So all of this conflict in the GOP is academic, at best.

Francis explains it for us at Liberty’s Torch:

No politician will succeed in restoring Constitutional soundness to government in these United States in our lifetime.


At this point in our political degeneracy, elected officials possess far less power than what has been called the Deep State: the millions of unelected bureaucrats and functionaries who are the true rulers of our nation. It is they who set agricultural, industrial, commercial, and informational policy. It is they who determine what shall and what shall not be done. It is they who thwarted the efforts of Nixon and Reagan to reduce the burden of government on our long suffering backs. Remember this blatant statement of conditions:


[United States Senator from Oklahoma David L.] Boren, formerly a state legislator and governor, went to Washington expecting to make some changes. “What impressed me most is the great power of the bureaucracy compared to that of elected officials. All the talk about growing control by the bureaucracy is not exaggerated. The shift in power is very real…. There is almost a contempt for elected officials.”…Senator Boren found, to his surprise, that a Senator has great difficulty even getting phone calls returned by the “permanent” employees, much less getting responsive answers to his questions.


The voters can’t “throw the rascals out” anymore, because the main rascals are not elected but appointed….


Regulatory bureaucrats have extra power because they can outlast the elected officials. “Often,” Boren explains, “I’ve said to a bureaucrat, ‘You know this is not the president’s policy.’


’True, Senator, but we were here before he came, and we’ll be here after he leaves. We’re not in sympathy with his policy. We’ll study the matter until he leaves.’”

The unelected bureaucracy runs this country, and they answer only to themselves, and to cold, hard cash. The rest can be waited out, or bought, or blackmailed, or shamed into obedience. Others, like the Clintons, are deeply embedded within the bureaucratic state. They represent the Mandarins, so to speak, and are their preferred vehicles. But they can, and will, use anyone else.

Much has been made of Ronald Reagan and his reinvigoration of the country in the 80s, but Reagan’s influence was always mitigated by the bureaucrats, and they merely bided their time, surviving his rule to reestablish themselves after.

So in that context, Ted Cruz’s speech was wasted air. And even if Trump were to do all that he claims, the bureaucracy will merely hibernate for a little while, bide their time, and come back into the fore when they may. Constitutional government will be impossible so long as they remain in power.

The Mandarins clearly don’t like Trump, for whatever reason, but it’s not clear that he represents a genuine improvement of our fortunes, either. The enemy of my enemy may still be my enemy, also. I don’t know. All I can say for certain is that the cause of freedom has been greatly diminished by factionalism in the GOP, and it’s my thought that this was an intentional ploy from the statists, a tune which both major factions of the party have danced to in predictable fashion.

At more or less the same time, we find that Milo and a host of other conservatives, have been banned from Twitter. Cristina Liala was one whom I had a lot of respect for. She was banned for being critical of Islam (she’s Armenian and has good reason, but that doesn’t mollify Twitter’s own Mandarins). The Mandarins and their bureaucracy have infested most of corporate America, also. Do not look to them for succor or support.

Milo was banned because he criticized the new Ghostbusters movie, and one of the actresses took offense. Leslie Jones told her followers to “get him”, and so Milo posted this call on his own feed. A host of people of indeterminate affiliation (trolls would be my guess) then piled onto Leslie’s Twitter page, and bombarded her with tweets about gorillas, bananas, and other offensive things relating to her race. But, and here’s the key point, Milo didn’t call for that, nor participate in it at all. And the only call to dogpile anybody was made by Leslie herself. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

Twitter, of course, disagreed and quickly banned him, this time permanently.

Now, Leftists have come out and said that Twitter has a right to ban people for whatever reasons they wish, because they are a private company. But where was this defense when they demanded that bakers make cakes for gay weddings? Or for when a pizza place declined to cater one? They say it’s not censorship, and that nobody has a right to Free Speech on Twitter, because they don’t own it.

This is fascinating, because I’m not sure if my readers are aware or not, but North Korea’s Constitution has emphatic support for Freedom of Speech. De jure, North Korea is a free and democratic country. Of course de facto we know that it is not. But therein lies the rub in this case. SJWs are de facto calling for the suspension and banning of Conservatives, or anyone who disagrees with them, frankly, but then hiding behind Freedom of Speech and Capitalism when challenged themselves. Suddenly private companies refusing service to gays is just fine, so long as the gay man in question is Conservative.

The Mandarins are everywhere, and not just in government, and they will twist anything to their liking, and obey those who pay them, bribe them, or control their employment (not us, by the way). They are good little stooges, and until they are gone, restoring a Constitutional government will be impossible.

Indeed, if we don’t remove them soon, they will successfully suppress Free Speech entirely, and reverse the Bill of Rights, the last remaining roadblock to their complete control of the country.

Next to that, I really don’t care if Ted Cruz doesn’t like Donald Trump, or vice versa.

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