Where Does The Money Come From?

A perennial problem for the Republican party is the fact that it is almost always out-funded by the Democrats. In recent years, it hasn’t even been close. Where does all this money come from? Folks have documented Leftist agitators getting paid, bussed in, provided with professionally-created signage and messaging. Where does that money come from?

Go on Instagram, and you will see a number of quasi-whores flashing their wares in expensive mansions in exotic locations, with some token Leftist message hashtagged below. Save the whales, maybe. Or they’ll talk about the right to flush your baby down the toilet (or sell its parts for a Lamborghini). How do they afford these exotic trips and stays at million dollar plus mansions? I saw one who said that her job was working at a dog rescue. But every other pic was a vacation photo to some new destination.

Chelsea Clinton has a wedding around the time a whole lot of funding for Haiti disappears. Where did it go? Who bought Chelsea’s surely-expensive designer dress? Where did the money come from?

Tom Kratman posted on ZuckerBook about UNICEF’s party “sizzle”, where they provided a video of their high-dollar festivities. Where did the money come from? If you’re running a fund for what is, ostensibly, a children’s charity, surely the money could be put to better use? How much of the money they receive really goes to the children? The next time we hear of another child sex ring involving the UN, maybe we can infer they really mean something else when they say “children’s fund.”

Think I’m exaggerating about this ‘Louis Vuitton’ and UNICEF shit? Think again. Because nothing says “children first” like blowing $10,000 on an outfit you’re going to wear once.

I’ve mentioned it many times before, because it really was an eye-opening moment for me. A series of Socialists, with Democratic-Socialist imagery in their profiles, descended upon my Twitter to make fun of the fact that I drove a Mustang, and not a Ferrari or a Lamborghini (did they sell babies to get theirs, I wonder?). Find an Instagram whore with a Gucci outfit or a Louis Vuitton handbag, and you’ll find a raging Leftist 9 times out of 10. Who is buying them all this shit? Because I can’t even figure out what it is these people get paid to do. We know how Trump made his money. How did the body positive Instagram girl get her vacation to some fancy hyper-exclusive resort in Cancun?

Most Rightists I know don’t care much for brands or fancy designer clothing – that’s all Leftists, in their dick-measuring contests. Or, excuse me, vagina-measuring contests, since everything from hats to Leftist political slogans are based on female genitals.

Ocasio-Cortez made sure to wear a $3,500 outfit when she took her campaign photos, but then tells us that she can’t afford an apartment in DC. When confronted about her fancy clothing, she explained that a fashion magazine gave them to her. Why does a fashion magazine hand out clothes to politicians, I wonder? And what tranzi bureaucrat or bankroll man forgot to stroke the ‘I need a fancy apartment in DC’ check to Ocasio-Cortez? Come to think of it, does Ocasio-Cortez have an Instagram account? That would explain a lot.

When Zoe Quinn wrote a crappy Word document about depression – which, presumably, everyone who has ever interacted with her has been afflicted with – and called herself a game developer, anointing herself with the Sacred Victim’s mantle (because, you know, everyone who doesn’t want to play a “game” involving a couple of shitty questions about depression is an oppressor), she somehow wound up in front of the UN, testifying on how evil gamers were. Who paid for all that shit?

I mean, I can write a crappy game right now and people will tell me it sucks. Where is my first-class ticket to a UN lovefest? Did Zoe get to stay in a nice mansion with proper modern architectural details and one of those zero-edge pools that’s all the rage these days? Did she get her obligatory Louis Vuitton bag?

Socialists are bizarre creatures. They complain about the rich incessantly. And yet they are gross materialists, sending out the good news to the oppressed working class folks from their iPhone X phones. Excuse me. iPhone XS Max. Who would have a mere iPhone X, these days? So passe. Does it come with a Gucci case?

Apple. Think Leftist.

But remember, folks, their student loans are a terrible crime. Why, someone wants them to pay for those lectures about cisheteropatriarchal oppression of poor transethnic genderqueer mentally disabled people?

Well, yeah. I guess I would be mad if I had to pay for that too. But still.

Still, where does all the money come from? Instagram whore vacations, UN shindigs, fetus-powered Lamborghinis, an army of buses for every Leftist protest about “orange man bad’ and some Yankee tart screaming about the wonders of Socialism in her $3,500 suit right next to a bar that is shutting its doors because of wage controls… who pays for all this crap?

Perhaps more importantly… what does whoever is writing these checks expect to get as a return on this questionable investment? Or is it enough for them to say “I’m better than you plebeian scum.” How positively Socialist of them, right?

About Merkur

So if you’ve been paying attention to my recent posts on Weaponized Empathy, you may have noticed this guy Merkur, who has a very irritating debate style. The essence of it is that I am biased, and isn’t it interesting that I post things that confirm my bias? Maybe I ought to go read some books about bias so that I can see the refugee situation in a much better light. Or something to that effect. It’s all there if you want to read it yourself, though it’s probably more fun to have a root canal. I was being kind of foolish to permit this sort of Kafka-esque framing on my blog, and suffice it to say I won’t be allowing it in the future.

Well, this guy has been a periodic thorn in my side for a while now, but I always got a strange vibe from him. Why is someone spending so much time trying to lecture me about this? He’s far more persistent than the usual Lefties who come here.

Well… I now know why. Take a look at this: http://vizualize.me/merkur#.WJed0RsrJhE

This is him. He’s of Albanian extraction, which explains his pro-Islam stance. But that’s to be expected. What wasn’t expected, but perhaps I ought to have known, is that he literally works for the UN.

Currently engaged with MSB and the UN as a Snr Information Managment Officer within MENA region Mr Merkur Beqiri is an Independent Consultant with a range of projects delivered in the fields of Information Management…

And here’s a real gem:

In the past 20 years, Mr Beqiri has worked for or with Public sector (Education, Health, Municipal services, Cadastral Agency), Private Sector (BI, BS, ERP, CAD, PM), Humaitarian/Emergency Sector (IM/GIS for UNHCR, OCHA, FAO, WHO, NRC, IRD) and Development Sector (SD & BS for SOROS, World Bank) in Europe…

I never would have figured I’d attract a troll with this kind of Leftist pedigree. But there you have it, folks. Remember your SJWs Always Lie. SJWs always project. Well, Merkur is projecting his own biases in favor of the UN, Soros, Islam, and a host of transnational Progressive organizations.

Suffice it to say, he will no longer be permitted to comment here. I don’t need UN information managers spewing their bullshit on my platform. He can buy his own podium.

Update: Merkur denies it, but I’m pretty confident in my chain of evidence. That evidence is based on his IP address originating from Serbia (and it’s consistent, so he failed to use Tor or anything like it). There are, after all, very few ardent, public, UN and Islam defenders in Serbia these days (Kosovo excepted, of course). The name “Merkur” is also Albanian. That narrowed the range down to a reasonable, searchable number of people. He claimed to have worked for a number of charity organizations, and inputting those, plus the fact that he was an Albanian in Serbia, led me to this Merkur Beqiri fellow. His Social Media accounts were filled with pro-refugee, pro-migrant stuff, written in a very similar style. That he had the same name made it pretty much a slam dunk. The only way the chain would be broken is if he did not, in fact, work for the charities he claimed, in which case he’d be a liar and could be safely dismissed on that basis. Or, of course, if he didn’t actually live in Serbia, and somehow had an IP address originating from there. That seems rather unlikely, though.

Anyway, he’s consumed enough of everyone’s time. On to the next topic!

Fisking the UN: United Nutjobbers

It’s rant time again, this time combined with the fisking of a United Nations twit who is engaged in the transparent use of Weaponized Empathy to secure funding for his pet projects. The usual language warnings apply. If you’re offended, I don’t give a shit.

As my readers may already know, I was not exactly a member in good standing of the George W. Bush fan club. But, he was what the Republican party offered us at the time, and better him than Al Gore. Bush II was too squishy, too prone to compromise with the Left. Yet he had one moment of greatness, one act that took me by surprise and made me suspect that a real Conservative might exist underneath all that Establishment chicanery.

He appointed John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN. This was a thing of beauty, and I was in awe of it. For a moment, the polished turd yielded a diamond. The skies parted, the angels sung, and I could just imagine the UN building vanishing from the sheer level of internal contradictions contained therein. Reality would have been too much for it. Couldn’t handle, couldn’t keep it together. John Bolton, of course, said the following of the UN, echoing my own sentiments perfectly:

There’s no such thing as the United Nations. If the U.N. secretary building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.


This man is a visionary.

Brilliant and on point. He was probably the only figure to walk into that building who wasn’t knee-deep in sex slavery, bribery schemes and the like. But, like all good things, John Bolton’s tenure did not last. Instead we get today’s fisking target, Michael Møller, Director General of United Nations Office at Geneva. His article on the Syrian refugee issue was so full of idiocy, wishful thinking, lies and blatant stupidity that it could only be written by UN Official. These people make Used Car Salesmen feel honest.

Let’s begin, shall we? What can the Director General of United Nations Office at Geneva tell us? The title of his article is instructive: “The Negative Narrative on Refugees Is Changing – But Not Swiftly Enough.” It is a tacit admission that, to the trolls at the UN, the Narrative is to be elevated above all other concerns. And he is impatient that the propaganda is not working swiftly enough.

As the refugee influx continues unabated, it is gratifying to see that our humanity is finally showing signs of life, thanks to generous German, Serbian, Austrian, Greek, Italian and other European citizens. They follow the proud example of Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt. Our leaders are at last heeding what their voters are telling them and starting to question the pandering to anti-immigration voices.

This is absolutely rich. First, he sets the stage by suggesting that it is inhuman to let the refugee influx abate.

[CORRECTION]Merkur pointed out that I incorrectly identified the states taking in zero refugees. Therefore, this item is withdrawn and conceded. However, it still stands Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and other wealthy gulf states have, indeed, taken in Zero refugees. Perhaps the UN should bark up their tree, no?

If Germany followed the example of those countries, there would be a sea of humans filling up the Mediterranean right now. Instead, they are tearing up Greek ports. Apparently it’s just fine for the Muslim world to be anti-immigration. If the West does the same it is “inhuman.”

The negative narrative on refugees and migrants is beginning to change, allowing the facts to prevail: there are clear economic and social benefits to those countries receiving migrants. And most European and other developed economies need immigration to meet present and future workforce requirements. This is a positive development, but it is not enough. All countries should contribute towards solving the problem.

What clear economic and social benefits? The rape rate goes up in Oslo? The welfare system, already a disaster in Europe, and little better in America, will suffer even greater strain? Nothing improves a nation’s economy like millions of Muslim freeloaders, right? But, get this. There is suspicion that 2 out of every 100 migrants is an ISIS operative looking to spread terrorism. 100,000 migrants would thus mean you have just brought in 2,000 terrorists. This is a positive development, according to the Mr. Møller. What’s next, you ignorant pile of rhinoceros dung, concentration camps as a fucking vacation destination?

In finding the necessary international solution, we can draw on our collective institutional memory. This is not the first time we have faced a refugee exodus of this magnitude. In the 1980s, thousands of Vietnamese boat people took to the seas to reach neighbouring countries and, from there, the US, Canada and other nations. Thousands died, human traffickers made fortunes and the countries of first asylum sealed their borders.

The Vietnamese were refugees from Communism and were not loaded with boats full of Muslims looking for handouts. They were also a mixture of women, children, elderly and every other sort from all walks of life. And when they arrived, they worked themselves half to death to support themselves. The Muslim refugees are 75% young men, and they have cell phones, brand name clothes, Ray Bans, etc… Interestingly enough, The Right Scoop proves that the UN knows this fact and is singing the praises of the refugees anyway.

This is Weaponized Empathy, certainly, but it is also profoundly insulting. How stupid does the United Nations think we are?

The problem seemed intractable – until enterprising staff at the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) devised a comprehensive plan of action, approved by an international conference in 1989. Bringing together the international community, it created an orderly process that distinguished between and established procedures for asylum seekers and economic migrants. This mechanism successfully resettled thousands of refugees, all of them now productive members of the societies that welcomed them. It is a good example of how things can be done when there is the will and the means to protect and assist in a humane and dignified manner.

So, let’s appoint an expensive Blue Ribbon commission to come up with a comprehensive plan of action, and have it approved by a conference, then adopted by the international community. Right. Blue Ribbon commissions exist to do one thing, and one thing only: nothing at all. Then he makes the absurd rhetorical claim that “all of them are productive.” Really? I remember reading a story some time ago about two Muslim thieves in France who ran away from the cops and hid in an electrical transfer station, then died by being shocked to death. Protip: don’t hide in a giant capacitor. How productive were they?

Take the Syrians sitting around at Greek ports right now, productively stripping the places bare:


Tear apart the country you flee to. Great idea. Also, notice what a sausage fest this is. I wouldn’t attend this party.

5. Fund these measures on a global level and assist with meeting the costs of primary receiving countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Greece, as well as funding more targeted development interventions in the countries of origin.

This asshat just got done explaining that the migrants were of great economic benefit, and then, in the same article, demands that we foot the bill and pay for all the migrants ourselves. Aren’t they a blessing and won’t they generate piles of positive income for their host nations? Then why would we have to pay anything at all? Furthermore, three of the four countries he lists aren’t taking in migrants at all. Just what the hell are we supposed to pay for in the first place? Why doesn’t he just come out and say it: pay Islam the Jizya. That’s what this is really about.

Because you know that as the Director General of United Nations Office at Geneva, he’ll get his cut of the inevitable bribery. Give the UN money, he says, and we’ll be responsible with it! We promise to not give it all to sex traffickers this time around. Cross our hearts and hope to… well, not that, of course. Dying is for other people. Like the victims of future terrorist activity from thousands of ISIS fighters we made you pay to import.

Here’s my proposal Mr. Møller: we’ll take in a Muslim migrant for every UN official that promises to leave America and never come back.

7. Change the negative narrative in receiving countries based on social and economic facts.

Translation: propaganda time. The social facts are these: the Islamic world is a shithole, and its economy is, despite the general malaise of late, far worse off than anything in Europe. Greece looks like a paragon of financial responsibility next to, say, Afghanistan. That’s why we call it the Third World.

At the operational level, the agencies that manage asylum and migration issues are overwhelmed and underfunded. At the policy level, apart from the loosely organised Global Forum on Migration and Development, there is no formal international structure to provide options for future flows of the victims of man-made or natural (read climate-related) disasters, both of which will define our daily lives far into the future.

Underfunded is the key word here, Mr. Møller. You’re just crying out for more money which the United Nations will promptly flush down the toilet in corrupt carbon credit schemes, or just use to buy sex slaves from Africa. But look at this, he’s framing the argument around man-made “climate change” disasters, as if that is why Syria is a clusterfuck. No, of course it doesn’t have to do with a genocidal apocalyptic death cult fighting a life-or-death battle with an insane dictator with a proclivity for chemical weapons.

Why, like the State department spokeswoman, Marie Harf, told us, they just need a jobs program and everything will turn out great!

These actions may prove that enlightened self-interest, humanity and international solidarity can produce a win-win outcome. But this will only address the current temporary spike in refugee numbers. We need to deal with the much broader, long-term migratory trend.

Any one of us may one day need refuge

Yeah, we might one day need refuge ourselves, because we imported millions of Muslims and thousands of terrorists. But then where will we go, if you destroy Europe and America? Anyway, anytime some idiot blathers on about international solidarity it can only mean that he is a Marxist. Do you think ISIS gives a fig for your solidarity? Or maybe the Taliban? I’m sure the Ayatollah is just waiting for the right time to express unity, love, peace and understanding with the world. That’s why they want nuclear weapons, right?

But he goes on to tell us about the long-term migratory trends. That’s right, it’s not enough that we are taking all of the migrants today, Mr. Møller tells us. He wants us to make provisions so that we can take in as many people as humanly possible. 1.5 million migrants to Germany is not enough.

In the absence of such a body, we need to give Sir Peter Sutherland, the UN secretary-general’s special representative for migration and development, the mandate and wherewithal to catalyse action. One way to start the process may be to decide on greater integration of the work of UNHCR and IOM, and allowing them to propose new long-term global policies. The humanitarian summit in Istanbul next year, the meeting called by the UN secretary-general in New York in September and the November meeting in Valletta between the heads of state of Europe and Africa are opportunities to move this forward.

Let me interrupt this fisking for a moment to laugh my fucking ass off at this phrase: “The humanitarian summit in Istanbul…” What next, Mr. Møller, are you going to host the Women’s Rights convention in Saudi Arabia? Or, perhaps, you would like to conduct a gay parade in a Muslim neighborhood. Oh wait, sorry about the last, I forgot, that might offend Muslims. Yeah, because Turkey has such a great record on Human rights, right?

But, admittedly they are better than the current human rights chair, Saudi Arabia. What’s next, Mr. Møller, will your ilk appoint Lucifer as the chair on the righteousness council?

Finally, we need to capitalise on the policy frameworks the world is adopting this year: the sustainable development goals (SDGs), a climate agreement and the disaster risk reduction agreement. If we successfully implement the 17 SDGs we will stand an immeasurably better chance of dealing with future migratory flows.

This idiot interrupts his tirade about migrants to tell us about Global Warming. Because sitting around talking about carbon credit taxation schemes is obviously better than doing anything important or intelligent, right? I am sure that if we just make the Earth cooler, all the Muslim terrorists will just give up and go home, right? Bankrupt welfare systems will recover all on their own. Unicorns will fly, and pigs… fuck, they’ll go to outer space.

Any one of us may one day need refuge. Empathy, generosity and sound policies today will greatly improve the chances of the same being applied to our calamities tomorrow.

Translation: I’ve deployed my Weaponized Empathy. Obey us in all things or be called mean names.

In the tradition of John Bolton, a man of few words, I have a diplomatic and reasoned reply to the Director General of United Nations Office at Geneva: eat a bucket full of cocks.

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