Tidbits and Errata

As we come up on Independence day, I have a few pearls of wisdom, errata, and other tidbits.

First, the esteemed Col. Kratman has written a number of articles on the character and nature of those who serve. They are worth reading.

Great Enlisted Men – Ferocity

Great Enlisted Men – Determination

My readers are probably aware that I have not served, though my esteemed colleague here at The Declination, KodeTen, has. For me, not serving has been a bitter regret. My father and brother served, as did both grandfathers. Military service has long been a sort of family tradition. On my wall, there is a picture of my grandfather, my father, and my brother, each in uniform on graduation day. And it remains a regret that I have none for myself to join them.

Samuel Johnson said it best: “Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea.

Fortunately, Tom Kratman pointed out that the reservist age has been increased of late, and so it may be possible for me to do that, at the very least. Still, I will extol my younger readers to consider very carefully if they wish to serve. If there is ever a nagging doubt that the day may come when they want to, best to do so while still young.

Of course, if Hillary is elected, I’m not sure that would be wise… but that’s a very different kettle of fish.

On another matter, note that the political elites have decided, of late, that democracy isn’t such a good thing. As their plans to replace their constituency with third-worlders begin to fail, and the will of the citizenry reasserts itself, they become less enamored with democracy. This correction issued from the Washington Post is instructive:


Like that spin?

Of late, there is a tendency to portray the populace as stupid, and not entirely without justification, mind you. But the plan of the politicians has been to import idiots from other countries, thus to increase the pool of idiot voters. They do not want the best and brightest from Mexico (or Syrian refugees in the case of Britain), for example. They prefer a selection of random people from a country with a much lower average IQ, because they can be easily tricked into voting for bigger government.

However, as resistance increases and it becomes clear that the existing citizenry doesn’t want to go along with this plan, suddenly the elites are saying things like they say of Brexit now: ‘well, the will of the people is stupid, so it shouldn’t count.’ The Washington Post accidentally revealed this, but quickly corrected themselves.

Still, the spin should be obvious for anyone to see.

Lastly, the ISIS attack in Istanbul is interesting. Until now, Turkey has been tacitly supporting ISIS (even The Guardian suggests this), or at least running some level of political interference for them. So what changed? Or is there something else going on here?

This is damned odd… with the European Union coming apart at the seams, while Turkey simultaneously bids for admittance into it, there seems to be some kind of political funny business going on behind the scenes.

If any of my readers have insight into this, I’m all ears.

Trump Needs to Read This

Yes, I’m late to this particular party. But Tom Kratman’s post to Donald Trump is something that he should definitely pay attention to. I’ve been in a strange position, personally, both disliking Donald Trump on a very deep level, and grudgingly accepting that I’d rather have him and a three-day old taco fart running the country than Hillary or Bernie. I have no horse in this election, to be honest with my readers here. Cruz? Maybe (he’s not so terrible). Rubio? No way. Kasich? Over my dead body. Trump? Well, I guess if I MUST. I’m very disappointed in the GOP, and that’s no great secret.

But leave all that aside for a moment. Tom Kratman brings up a very important point:

My first bit of totally unsolicited advice, in any event, is don’t ever again say anything even remotely like your alleged belief that your five years of military high school gave you more military training than someone who actually served.1 The sound you hear in the background whenever this comes up is the yawning of a million veterans, who just might have voted for you, deciding to sit this election out. It is preposterous nonsense, insulting to men and women who actually did serve, and, far worse, if you actually believe it, which I hope you do not, it is a very strong indicator that you’re completely unfit to be commander in chief because you will not know, and will refuse to admit, what you do not know.

Let me be perfectly clear on this. I come from a family in which I am the first male Railey to not serve in the military in our family’s known history. Even my mother was in the Air Force (yes, I know, there are heads shaking and face palming going on, but bear with me please). One grandfather was in Korea, the other was at Pearl Harbor and Midway. My father, my brother, my uncles… all military. Different branches all, mind you — we weren’t strict on that — but all military nonetheless.

I have studied military history for most of my life. It is, next to Byzantine history, the topic which most interests me. Mostly Western military history, mind you, stretching back to early antiquity. But I’ve been known to read other military texts, also. Most of my friends either are serving, or have served. My compatriot here at The Declination, who goes by KodeTen and is known to post a rant or two from time to time, is currently serving in the Army.

I grew up with this. I was as close to the military as a someone who did not serve could possibly be. I was a quintessential military brat. So when I say that there are times I just don’t understand military men, or military culture, or what it means to fight a war, understand my full meaning. And if I do not get it, I don’t imagine a few years of high school ROTC, or military school, or whatever the hell he actually did, is going to magically give Donald Trump a greater understanding of it either.

Honestly, this goes for any of the candidates, really. If you didn’t serve, that’s fine. There is no requirement for military service in our political offices (though whether there ought to be one is a different question). But, at the very least, find a man who really gets it, not some mushy political appointee, not a boot licker, but someone who has been in the shit. And get that man to advise you on military matters.

Tom Kratman explicitly tells us he doesn’t want to do it, unfortunately. But I’m sure someone can be found.

Trump would be wise to consider this for next time, before inserting his foot firmly in his mouth.

Terror in France

Anyone who says “all cultures are equally valid” is delusional. Some cultures cannot abide prosperity in others. They cannot countenance the existence of cultures other than their own.

Today, in Paris, 12 people have been murdered by Islamic terrorists. Why? Because their newspaper dared to make fun of the prophet Mohammed. In America, today, it is fashionable to make fun of Christianity and publish scare stories about how the separation of church and state is in danger from fundamentalist Christians. But say what you want about them, they didn’t kill anybody when someone dropped a crucifix in a jar of piss and called it “art.” Even the deplorable, universally loathed Westboro Baptists have at least avoided murder. But no, not Islam.

Pretty much.

Pretty much.

This isn’t an isolated incident either. In France, on New Years, 940 cars were torched and riots rocked the country, mostly from Muslim minorities. This was actually considered an improvement, because last year, they torched a lot more cars. These aren’t wine drinking, cheese eating French people burning cars. It’s all Muslims. And why? Because the French were kind enough to let them in their country? This isn’t just a French problem, either. In Sweden “youth” (the codeword for Muslim) riots are very common. Muslims are set to become 40% of the Swedish population within a decade and a half. At this rate, there won’t be a Sweden in few decades. It will be a colder version of Arabia.

European prisons are full of Muslims. People talk about ‘Rape Culture’ in America, but in Europe, there is a real Rape Culture: Islam. But it’s politically correct to regard Islam as a “religion of peace” and the terrorists as morally equivalent to the LDS guy annoying you with pamphlet literature about God.

Adam Carolla has something to say about that:

And now, Obama’s press secretary delivers this little gem about the attacks in France this morning:

If it does turn out to be an act of terrorism we will condemn that in the strongest possible terms, too.

Really? “If” it turns out to be a terrorist attack? Gunmen shouting Allahu Ackbar and declaring this attack to be revenge for the depiction of Mohammad in the newspaper shoot up the newspaper office in question, and you think it “may turn out to be” a terrorist attack?

Political correctness has gone mad. Western civilization cannot even speak the truth without fear.

I’m not a fan of the French, but in this… we stand together. Wherever there is terror in the world today, the odds are strongly in favor of finding Muslims behind it. This is common sense.

First law of battles: Know thy enemy.

Then kill him.

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The Forgotten Lesson

The Forgotten Lesson

9119-11 was a terrible moment in American history, everybody knows that. In many ways, America still reels from that attack. Fighting continues in the Middle East today. Distrust of Islam persists, and perhaps rightly so. It’s hard to take it on the chin from men screaming Allah Ackbar, and not see parallels in the Imam down the street. It’s a complicated situation. Certainly, I don’t wish the peaceful, decent Muslim any harm, but it’s hard to tell him apart from those that have lost their minds to fundamentalist insanity. The latter often masquerades as the former.

What I can say with certainty, however, is that the government and the people overreacted in many ways. I don’t think those that died on 9-11 really wanted TSA agents patting down old ladies to be their legacy. Spying on Americans to save Americans from Middle Eastern terrorists is a special form of lunacy. Consider that they claim to protect freedom by depriving you of it. The NSA and its spying is not the right reaction to a problem that is rather like a Black Swan: unpredictable and almost random.

Make no mistake, that’s what this was. Terrorism is, by its very nature, unpredictable and random. We can look in hindsight and see a pattern, but nobody can know for certain where all terrorists are, or what they may do. We will catch some of them with some common sense measures, but common sense is precisely what people seem to avoid. Major Hasan should have been investigated early, when his inflammatory statements about Jihad were first uttered. But we don’t do these things, because of perceived racism, or because of supposed religious discrimination. Instead we spy on everybody equally, and pat down old ladies while letting the Middle Easterner pass through unmolested. There is no sense in it.

For a short while, 9-11 proved that America could still unify itself, that Americans still cared about their fellows and were a force to be reckoned with. But we’ve lost that message in the time since. The first-responders from that day suffer their injuries in silence, the TSA agents continue their lunatic, Gestapo-like behavior, and the Middle East is, perhaps, worse than it was when all this insanity started.

Someday we will pay the price. And it will be another 9-11, or worse.

Please, America… wake up. You said to ‘never forget’ but that seems to be exactly what you are doing. You remember the event, but you’ve forgotten the lesson.

Beancounters and Bullets: Ignorance at its Finest

In November of 2009, Major Hasan gunned down 13 men, and wounded many more while shouting “Allahu Ackbar.” Obviously this was a case of terrorism, but it seems the government doesn’t want to admit that fact. Sergeant Lunsford, a man who was shot multiple times, was denied treatment to remove one of the bullets and actually had his pay docked while seeking treatment options. Major Hasan, on the other hand, has collected almost $300,000 in salary since the shooting. The Rottweiler has some rather juicy things to say about this.

Because, well, this wasn’t an act of terrorism, this was just “workplace violence”, so thank you for your service and fuck you very much, SGT Lunsford. Makes one really proud to be an American, doesn’t it?

It’s a pity we can’t execute every single last one of the worthless scumbags who are complicit in that goat-bothering, howling animal’s act of mass murder by looking the other way, as well as every single last one of the worthless sacks of human waste licking the taint of mo-ham-head while pissing on our servicemen and -women by calling “terrorism” “workplace violence”, lest we offend some hypersensitive subhuman barbarian in a cave in Kandahar.

As usual, my favorite people over at the Rott have delivered their scathing opinion on the subject. I really don’t think I can add much more to that vitriol, actually. It’s perfect, like a flawless gemstone constructed of compressed cow dung and hurled firmly at the bumbling beancounters in Washington. There’s money for Obamacare, I suppose, but none for troops actually shot by maniacal Muslim terrorists.

This is a classic case of why our government is so far gone that it cannot be salvaged. Could you even communicate with someone who would defend the government’s position on the matter? In essence, the government is a fifth column, deliberately screwing over the troops that defend it, deliberately defrauding the producers and savers of their money and intentionally diluting American culture with wagon-loads of illegal immigrants. They hate America. Their sympathies lie with the terrorists, not the terrified.

Seriously. I’m going to repeat it just in case you didn’t read it right the first time. The government hates America. They hate freedom. And they definitely despise anyone who would fight for either concept. But worse than that, many people outside of government do as well. The safety net is more important to them than the freedom to make their own way in the world. People will make excuses for Nidal Malik Hasan, and the government will continue its line about how it was just a man going crazy — the pressures of war, maybe — and not a terrorist attack.

I wonder if that’s what our ambassador in Benghazi was thinking right before his (easily preventable) death. Our government put a bullet in his back too, just as surely as they refused to take one out of Sergeant Lunsford.


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