Islam: The Eternal War

S.M. Stirling and David Drake wrote an excellent series of books known as the the Raj Whitehall Series or, alternatively, as The General series. These were excellent books set in the far off future, but during a time in which humanity had largely reverted to barbarism, and was teetering on the edge of losing civilization altogether.

However, one of the fascinating things I remember when I first read the series is that in the first chapters of the book, Muslim raiders are stirring up trouble along the border of the protagonist’s own Civil Government. Yes, thousands of years in the future, on a completely different planet, as civilization teeters on the edge of extinction, Islam is still a problem. What was worse, however, was how very plausible this scenario was.

Islam is the eternal enemy of the West. The Jihad will never end until all humans are Muslims, and even then it is likely to continue with the persecution of the insufficiently Muslim, or the even the insufficiently pious. Did you forget that fifth prayer yesterday? Death to the infidel! Islam is an ideology based on conquest, and we shouldn’t be surprised by this.

Christianity originates from Jesus Christ, a man of peace (even if not quite the pacifist everyone makes him out to be). Hinduism originates from a collection of indigenous religions, with a history dating back to the original beliefs of the Indo-Europeans. Buddhism likewise lacks violent origins, and if Judaism has some violence in its past, such violence as it offers is restricted to an absurdly small geographical region.

But Mohammed was a warlord, a conqueror, as much as he was a priest or a would-be prophet. His goal was power. His successors took this philosophy and conquered half of the old Roman world and all of Persia with it. The spirit of this man continues on in modern Islam, it is woven into the Quran and the Hadith. Ben Carson was condemned for having the temerity to suggest that Sharia Law was incompatible with the United States Constitution and thus any man who espoused it was unqualified to be President.

Ben Carson is, of course, entirely correct in this assessment.

It is worse than that, however. Islam has bloody borders with everybody. From Bosnia to Pakistan, if you have a Muslim country for a neighbor, you will have fighting, and it will not cease until you are Muslim also. Even then it may not stop, just look at how the rest of the Muslim world treats the Kurds.

The recent affair with Ahmed and his clock shows that taqiyya, a sort of weaponized deceit aimed at non-believers, is in full effect. They intend for us to feel sorry about this boy, when all he did was throw the guts of a clock into a case designed to look as much like a bomb as possible. Now, that situation was handled poorly, but understand that his father, a Muslim activist, had some idea that we would handle it badly. That’s why he did it.


Taqqiya: Weaponized Empathy

Now Obama can appear on national TV, using this boy’s lies as a weapon, and triumphantly declare that us racist Americans need to be more open to the Muslim community. So, here we are, discussing whether or not 65,000 Muslims coming to America is a good idea or not. Here’s a hint: are you fucking stupid?

ISIS and other terrorists outfits would have to be absolutely dense beyond reasonable expectation not to sneak hundreds or thousands of operatives into Western countries this way. Remember my discussion on weaponized empathy? Ahmed’s clock just bought Islam 65,000 more invaders. You might tell me that “not all Muslims” are bad. Sure. I agree with you. But it just so happens there is a Pew study that gives us a rough percentage of how many are bad. Take a look for yourself. Most Muslim countries feature double-digit percentages in favor of terrorism against civilian targets.

Does anybody think that Americans would support civilian terrorism in such numbers? If we average that study’s figures, one can see that roughly 20% of Muslims are in favor of terrorism. Now, to be fair, that does not mean they are terrorists, only that they support terrorism politically, financially, etc… 65,000 Syrian refugees would give us an estimate of 13,000 potential terrorist supporters, if Syria is reflective of the rest of the Muslim world. Now, you figure that ISIS will seed some actual terrorists in with number, and you’ve just built yourself a homemade American terrorist network for ISIS, complete with 13,000 passive supporters who could be tapped for aid, succor, and political support.

Congratulations you fucking idiots. You’re asking for a new terrorist network in America.

Islam is not a peaceful religion. It is not the religion of peace. Just ask my ancestors, exiled from Armenia. They had three options granted to them. They could die, they could flee, or they could convert to Islam. So now my family is here, in America. Exile was the most preferable option of the three. But now Islam has followed us here. It is everywhere in the West. And our political leaders seem to have a veritable fetish for importing as many Muslims as possible.


Does this look like a religion of peace to you? If it had been, the Caliphs would have stayed in Arabia.

Are they stupid, or are they deliberately destroying their own nations, their own people and worse, their entire civilization?

Perhaps the Raj Whitehall series is correct, and in thousands of years we’ll be right back where we started, in a death battle with Islam, having to fight our own corrupt politicians as much as the Islamic enemy in an effort to preserve some modicum of civilization.

Either way, as I said on Twitter earlier, I wish the Catholic Church could invent a time travel device so as to replace Pope Francis with Pope Urban II. He’d know what to do in the present circumstances, I think.

Leftist Denial: On Islam and Socialism

Islam has been the darling child of the Left since I was a child. I would see adults on television clamoring to excuse Islam for this or that atrocity. There were good Muslims, we were told, and somehow Christians had wronged them all throughout history. It was always Christians doing the wrong, you see. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is conveniently forgotten by the Left. The centuries of conflict between Hindus and Muslims is more or less whitewashed and, somehow, probably the fault of Christians anyway.

Can you imagine how confusing this might be to a child? My Armenian grandfather would tell me one thing, and the television would spout off something entirely different. I knew my Grandfather, he was a good, honest, and righteous man. He was also nobody’s fool. Despite the protestations of the media, the actions of the Muslim world lined up squarely with the worldview of my Grandfather.

In simple terms, reality was with my Grandfather, and the mutterings of the media were either a form of willful blindness and ignorance, or an outright lie. Even at the age of ten, I was able to see this and decide which was more likely to be the truth. If a ten year old could do it, why not fully grown, educated adults? The old saying “actions speak louder than words” applies.

If actions speak louder than words, what do you think radical Muslims are telling us here?

If actions speak louder than words, what do you think radical Muslims are telling us here?

Of course, it goes further. Socialism has been tried in many forms, from the Authoritarian, International model of the Soviets, to the Nationalistic, Xenophobic form of the Nazis. In each case, it has failed, and the death toll from this philosophy has reached the millions. Yet, again and again, we are told that Socialism is morally superior, that more equality is needed, and that it must come from the State, from taxation and redistribution.

More modern interpretations of it are softer, for we must at least give the Socialists credit for trying something slightly different with the Nordic idea. But, that too, appears to suffer a critical weakness: demography. The Nordic peoples are slowly giving way to their Islamic immigrants. It appears that the velvet glove variant of Socialism requires an ever-greater number of immigrants to sustain it, and at the same time, has had the effect of numbing the native population and dropping birth rates precipitously.

Children are difficult and expensive in any era, but it used to be that your hope for retirement and care of the family lay with your children. Before the days of Social Security, for instance, your son was probably your retirement plan. When you got too old to work, you would stay with him and, perhaps, help to look after the grand kids. Socialism destroyed one of the primary motivations to have a family. And also, the subsidy of birth control in many of these countries has contributed to this problem as well. Add to this the new strain of militant feminism and its hostility toward men, and you begin to see how Socialism can destroy the family and, in turn, destroy the nation’s ability to propagate itself.

In any event, children are seen as a major burden in the West, but not among the Islamic immigrants. Crime rates in Muslim-settled areas have gone up significantly as they import more people from violent parts of the world. As the native birthrates drop, the Muslim immigrant birthrates are far higher. Yet the Left doesn’t even seem concerned about this. This is repeated across Europe, as opposing mass immigration has become linked to racism, Nazism, etc… Debate on this subject gets shut down quickly and effectively by screaming rhetoric as loudly and obnoxiously as possible.

Mark Steyn makes the argument far more effectively than I can.

At this rate, in a century there will still be a place called Sweden, or even a country called Britain. But they will be Muslim countries, by and large, and the civilization which we know as the West will be gone. The alternative possibility, of course, is that native Westerners wake up to this phenomenon and turn violent and genocidal themselves. After all, Europe has some seriously dark history in this regard.

The Left assures us that this isn’t true. But, again, their actions speak louder than words. They import as many people as possible from the Third World, and especially from Muslim countries. At the same time, they push a narrative of White guilt to prevent any outcry. In effect, the Left desires to replace its native populations (whatever they are) with Muslims. Islam, of course, is a religion utterly incompatible with the Leftist notions of LBGT rights, freedom from religion, sexual liberation, feminism, etc…

They are, in effect, destroying themselves, but ensuring that we on the Right will be defeated first. Like the suicide bombers in the Muslim world, they are annihilating themselves in the effort to take their ancient enemy with them.

Again, I’m ignoring what the Left says they are doing, and instead noting the actions. Donald Trump’s surge in popularity is partly explained by a backlash against this. And what is he really saying he wants to do? Build a wall and deport illegals. That’s it. And yet this is viewed as controversy, as racism, as outright Nazism, by some. Those who ask for peaceful solutions to this problem, like myself, may very well be replaced with people who demand violent solutions. Yet this possibility, too, is ignored by the Left. If they cared at all for the Mexicans and the Muslims, they would consider their actions very carefully. This tells you that the Left doesn’t want America to control immigration. It wants the maximum amount of Third World immigration humanly possible at absolutely any cost, including war and genocide.

It wants to replace you, the existing Americans, with new and different Third World Americans. Mexico is closer, and so they concentrate on them, but don’t mistake the desire to import as many Muslims as they can, as well. Obama’s administration is telling us that 10,000 new Muslim immigrants is not enough. We need more.

Consider this in incredibly simple terms: Muslims come to America and blow up a bunch of buildings, killing thousands of people, and the Left’s reaction is to import as many of them as they possibly can. Ignore what they say, watch what they DO. They WANT more terrorist attacks, people. 

This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s truth. Consider the motivations of prominent SJW, Arthur Chu.

His fantasy is to wipe out his own gender.

His fantasy is to wipe out his own gender.

Note the confessions of a self-declared white woman who wishes to destroy her own race. Now look at this, people. They want to destroy an entire race. I don’t want to destroy any races (least of all my own). I don’t want to annihilate either gender. And for believing this, they call us the Nazis.

Some Leftists overtly cry out for genocide but we are the bad guys. Yes, I know these are their extremists, the worst of the worst on the Left. At the same time, for every one of these people who admits their genocidal inclinations, there are many more who lie about them and say “but all we want is equality.” Right. I’m the f*cking Easter Bunny, too.

The #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, the uptick in police officer assassinations are all symptoms of a nation in deep ethnic turmoil. President Obama has done nothing but pour fuel on this fire, attempting to spark violent revolution. Attempts to unify people with hashtags like #AllLivesMatter are spurned, because to the Left, if you’re a Right winger, your life categorically does not matter.

Again, ignore what Obama says, and watch what he does. I.e., nothing. Ferguson and Baltimore burn, and all he can manage is to spout off some platitudes about his theoretical, non-existent son looking like Mike Brown. Again, two conclusions are possible. One, he is such an idiot, so incredibly stupid, that he doesn’t see the danger in these riots and assassinations or two, he is fully aware and intends for them to happen.

Fortunately, nothing has snowballed into an avalanche yet, but the Left stirs this pot as much as they can, undoubtedly hoping for the day that some kind of insane ethnic violence is sparked. I cannot attribute this lunacy of throwing hundreds of thousands, even millions of Islamic immigrants into places where Islamic terror has struck many times in recent memory to anything but outright malice.

It’s time to face the truth: the Left wants terrorism. The Left wants ethnic and religious violence. The Left wants to replace the populations in Western nations because they believe the West is evil and must be destroyed at all costs — even their own survival. The immigrants will vote Left wing, at least for now, because they know where their gravy train comes from. So the Left can use them to win their war on the Right.

Think I’m wrong? Ask yourself this question. Take a prominent Leftist and give that person the power to let in as many immigrants as they wish to any country in the world that they wish. How many would they let in?

They would let in all of them, or at least every single one that wanted to go or could possibly be convinced to go. They foisted 800,000 Muslims on Germany only because they realized they could not foist 2 million on them. They don’t want border security in America because as far as they are concerned, it is a travesty that the entire population of Mexico cannot freely immigrate to the United States whenever they want to, as it is. If there is a problem with illegals in America, they will tell you, it is that there are not enough of them. “The Jobs Americans Won’t Do.” That’s the war cry, demanding more illegals. Ironically, they are half-right. There are 100 million able-bodied Americans who don’t work. So the only reason Americans won’t do those jobs, it seems, is because they don’t want to do anything.

Sometimes I wonder if they realized, deep down, that Socialism was never going to work, that it ultimately led either to mass murder and tyranny, or to the slow (but relatively comfortable) death of Europe today. But they figured if their time in history had come, they sure as well weren’t going to let us survive either. But, yeah, I’m reaching there.

What I do know, by careful application of Occam’s Razor and by watching the actions of the Left and those of the Islamic world, is that they are both deliberately attempting to destroy the West. This is not speculation, this is not conspiracy theory, this is truth.

I just hate that it’s come to this, you know? My own family escapes Islam, and here it is again, still promoting violence, only this time they demand entrance into the place my family has fled to. And the Left continually enables them, acting as their very own fifth column.

I can’t turn my eyes from it anymore. The Left and militant Islam wants the West destroyed, and I don’t give a flying fuck what names they call me any more. I oppose this. There is no compromise to be had with those who do not concede your right to EXIST.

And as a head’s up, Francis at Bastion of Liberty tells us what each us should be doing in this new world. Read it. Learn it. Live it.

9/11: Surreal Cowardice

September 11th is a thing I don’t really comment on very often. Other individuals, like Sarah Hoyt, can give you a summation of the event, of the losses of that dark day, and what we learned from it. And, furthermore, they can do a better job of it than I can. Nonetheless, I will tell my little story, and how it relates to my own writings here. For 9/11 was a strange time, it was quasi-dreamlike to me. There was an element of denial in it that persists to this day, despite the pictures and meme graphics plastered all over my Facebook wall this morning.

Yes. I, too, remember the moment the first tower fell, and then the second. I was merely 21 at the time, living in California near China Lake Naval Weapons Center, rolling out of bed to go work the minimum wage job I managed back in those days. My apartment was a hellhole, a dingy studio with stained carpet that looked like it came out of the 70s. Perhaps it actually did, for certainly the landlords were not prone to maintaining the place to any great degree. But it was mine, something to be proud of when you’re working for peanuts. I had no TV, and precious little of anything else. Cell phones existed in those days, of course, but a barely-solvent minimum wager had no cash for such extravagance.

To say I am not a morning person is to suggest that Donald Trump is not a Rosie O’Donnell fan, and I had just finished a late shift the night before, so it was especially bad. Going through the rituals that day was a monumental task. My zombie-self managed to dress, somehow, and get out to the rusting Blazer parked out front. A few whacks of the hammer, and the motor turned over, coughing to life and belching a cloud of smoke that probably meant a failed emissions test was in my future. And, naturally, the radio didn’t even work, so I was still ignorant of what was happening. Looking back, I remember how empty everything was. The roads were clear, the usual folks walking up and down China Lake Blvd. were nowhere to be seen.

Then I saw my first tank. Yes, a tank was driving down the median turn lane of China Lake Blvd. You must understand that, living as close as I did to a military base, I had some idea of what was normal and what wasn’t. There were armored vehicles of some sort in the base, but they categorically never left it. Certainly you didn’t see them cruising down the roads of the civilian part of town. The entire thing was like some kind of Twilight Zone episode. I had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. A bustling town was empty, military vehicles were the only thing in sight, soldiers the only people around, each staring at me as if evaluating if I were a potential threat.

That was my first clue something was terribly wrong. Jets broke the sound barrier overhead, which happened on occasion (this was a weapons testing facility for the Navy), but coinciding with the appearance of tanks on the roadway, it was clear something had gone down. By the time I reached the parking lot of my workplace, I noticed that it was entirely empty. I was part of the opening shift that morning, but there were always managers who got there before me.

I wound up stopping off at my mother’s house, which was just down the road, to see what the hell was going on. I arrived just in time to see the first tower fall.

Obviously not what my zombie-brain was expecting to see.

Obviously not what my zombie-brain was expecting to see.

As exhausted and zombie-like as I was, the whole thing remains surreal to me in my memory. Tanks driving down an otherwise empty road, formations of fighters over head scrambling off to who-knows-where for who-knows-why. Empty parking lots and an entire town basically shut down, because everyone was glued to their televisions and radios. Towers falling, the Pentagon burning, and the screams of shock and pain on the television, and from those watching it.

It didn’t really hit me for awhile. I went through the motions at work (for we finally did open, but almost nobody came to buy anything). The magnitude of what I had seen didn’t reach me until the next day. That’s when I understood the essential truth my zombie-self had missed: a World War had flamed up. Life was never going to be the same.

Oh, don’t be so melodramatic, you might say. What really changed? My job was there, same as before, and the tanks soon went back to wherever it is they normally lurk. The fighter jet formations went back to their usual routines: bombing the distant desert with whatever new toys the Navy had thought up for them. New York lost some buildings, and few thousand people died, but that was it, right?

I’ll tell you what changed. The entire perception of Islam. Not a week after the towers fell, my coworkers were discussing the prejudice Muslims faced because of the attacks, and how it would be wrong to blame them for the actions of their religious compatriots. Before, I don’t think a single one of them thought of Islam more than as some distant corner of the Earth, where pigs were safe from the marauders of the bacon industry and women were covered in strange dress. Here there be dragons, and what have you.

After 9/11, it was on everyone’s minds. And, in a sense, it has never ceased to be on everyone’s minds since then. The terror worked, for it made Islam seem powerful. Daily conversations were exchanged about Islam, terror, and reprisal. Wars were launched, first against Afghanistan and then Iraq. People marched out to do battle with them in their homelands. Reprisal attacks and attempted attacks were commonplace. Sure, Islam had always had a terrorist streak to it in the modern era, this wasn’t their first rodeo, but now the paradigm had shifted. They weren’t a nuisance, to be ignored when the news cycle ended. They were a hot item.

Soon after the events of 9/11 retreated from the 24/7 news cycle, the victimhood narrative began. Muslims were victims, you see, of various forms of oppression and prejudice from Americans (especially White Americans). And don’t forget those pesky Crusades. Suddenly, we needed to apologize by building mosques near the site of the attack, by accepting refugees, by not bombing enemy positions in Iraq and Afghanistan if they were, for instance, near some sacred site. Note, that in the Middle East, you could throw a rock and hit half a dozen sacred sites. America was simultaneously grovelling and trying to fight a two-front war with one hand tied behind its back. That, too, was surreal.

It was as if we couldn’t decide whether to surrender or fight, so we went ahead and did both.

Since 9/11, Islam has been the 800lb Gorilla in the room, the people nobody wants to offend, the people celebrated as innocent victims, the faces of religious political correctness. All they had to do to achieve this victory was crash a few planes into buildings. It is as if the Japanese had launched the Pearl Harbor attack, and our response was to worry about the prejudice Americans held of Japanese people. Then, of course, we would offer to build a Shinto shrine on the site of the attack and bring in as many Japanese immigrants was we could manage, regardless of whether or not they wished to become American.

In the Middle East, tanks driving down the boulevard are an everyday occurrence. Jets fly overhead, and bombs fall from the skies. I guess that’s why my memory of 9/11 is so surreal. Given that China Lake is out in the Mojave Desert, for a moment it almost felt like I was living in the Middle East myself. Commerce stopped, the troops were out, looking for a fight. The jets were overhead, the sonic booms deafening.


Is it fear that motivates this thinking? Cowardice? Or is it something more sinister?


As we bring in more and more Muslims to the West, out of some sense of misplaced guilt or weaponized empathy, we get closer to that strange dream. We cede more of our civilization to them. We do not demand that newcomers become like us, but rather that we move aside to accommodate them. They are our superiors, and we must defer to them. We must surrender our treasure, our culture and our way of life for them. Do not draw the Prophet, for that is inflammatory. Oh, and give us more of your tax money to pay for them to come over, 10,000 are on their way now. The dead of 9/11 must be looking on us now as the greatest of fools, our place in the annals of political stupidity assured.

9/11 turned out to be a false alarm for the tank drivers roaming the streets of Ridgecrest, California. The next time, we may not be so fortunate.

Genocide, Islam and Weaponized Empathy

As some of my readers know, I am part Armenian by ancestry. It used to be a thing that didn’t enter into my daily thought process, for I am also partially of English descent and am fully American, in culture, language and appearance. Armenians can generally tell that I am of Armenian ancestry, but few others can. But as militant Islam made its presence felt, increasingly in recent years, that identity has resurfaced because of the connection my own family has to the affair.

Then I saw this photo of a drowned Syrian boy:


This photo was intended to provoke a reaction, and it did.


Leftists would have you believe that us on the Right have no empathy. We wish to deny the endless migrations away from crisis areas in the Islamic world and that, they would tell us, is incompatible with human rights, dignity, empathy and so on.

My grandfather told me stories of Armenia (Armenians, then, lived throughout Anatolia), which he remembered only dimly. Mostly, he remembered it through the stories told in the Armenian exile community.

Entire villages were erased, all the inhabitants slaughtered, the buildings burnt to the ground, the movable wealth stolen and melted down. Nothing of them remained. In the days before the genocide, two dialects of the Armenian language existed, colloquially referred to as the Western, or Anatolian, dialect and the Eastern dialect. The Western dialect has mostly gone extinct, spoken only by a few elders in the diaspora. My grandfather could speak it, but my mother knew only a few words. Only the Eastern dialect survives. Half of Armenia ceased to exist.

These were hardy Christians who had survived on the edge of the Byzantine and Islamic worlds for centuries. They had fought alongside Greeks and Crusaders. They were among the earliest — perhaps the very first — nations to convert to Christianity. They spoke an ancient language, a variant of the Indo-European language set that appears distantly related to Greek, and unrelated to any other.

Islam nearly erased them.

Now that Christians in the Middle-East are approaching extinction, the new target is the insufficiently Muslim. The Yazidis with their syncretic half-Muslim religion, or the Kurds who elevate their own nationalism over their religion (a rarity in the Muslim world).

I feel for them. I really do. In fact, I cannot tell you how much it pains me to see these things. On my grandfather’s knee, I heard the stories of Armenian survivors. In particular, one woman stands out. She was a child when the Turks came for her family, but she was comely and pretty. Her parents and brothers were killed and she was sold as a slave for a wealthy Turk’s harem. Her story of survival and escape was terrifying to me as a child, and it instilled a sense of resolve where Islam was concerned that has not abated to this day.

Can you imagine this? Seeing your family slaughtered, and only surviving to be used as a sex slave by those who did the deed? Blacks in America lecture me about my White privilege, saying that their ancestors were slaves. Mine were slaves much more recently than theirs. Mine were slaughtered wholesale.

But back to the central point, why, then, if America sheltered my family, must the West turn back the refugees of Syria, of Somalia, of Libya?

Because they bring the source of infection with them. Armenians had managed, through some strength I sometimes find difficult to fully grasp, to hang on to their European culture and Christian religion through millenia of conflict with Islam. They had stubbornly resisted assimilation into Islam and its ideals. These refugees, for all that my heart yearns to give them sanctuary and a place to escape to, nonetheless carry Islam with them.

There are good Muslims in the world, and I want to make this clear. My own family lived only because an Ottoman official warned my great-grandfather that genocide was coming. This man, whose name I cannot remember — something that genuinely pains me, for my grandfather died when I was young and his stories are almost dream-like to me, now — paid for the ticket to America for my family, for English language lessons, and everything else needed to escape before it was too late.

I hope that I will meet this good and righteous man in the life to come. I hope God saw fit to accept him into His kingdom.

But Islam nonetheless is a contagion, even if some maintain a stubborn moral immunity to the infection. Where Islam goes, this violence will follow. You will never save all the little boys, you will never stop the slaughter. All you will do is bring it to your own shores.

And if there is something I know for certain, it is that my ancestors did not escape Islam only to see their descendants fight it again, once more in their own homes.

There were tears in my grandfather’s eyes, at times, as he recounted the things he knew. And I know what his reaction would be to this boy’s death. He would feel empathy and sadness, far more acutely than the moral busybodies of Progressive Leftism. But then he would turn off the TV and tell me the truth: that we could not help them without also dooming ourselves to the same.

So, Leftists, take your Weaponized Empathy elsewhere. We understand that the world is full of terrible things, of children dying, of women enslaved. But we have to find our resolve and protect our own.

For if we do not, it could be my son laying on that distant beach, and that I will not allow.

Byzantium, Social Justice, and the New Dark Age

Henri Pirenne was one of the first to tackle an interesting problem in the history of the Dark Ages and Late Antiquity, one that bears relevance to the proliferation of Anti-Christian hate today, to the rise of militant Islam and the creation of the Social Justice Movement.

His book Mohammed & Charlemagne posits something that those who aren’t familiar with my writings will find shocking: Islam is responsible for the Dark Ages. Emmet Scott follows up on this theory in a modern archaeological context, and goes one step further: Islam is responsible for the intolerance of Medieval Christianity. And I go a step beyond even that: Islam is responsible for the rise of intolerance in Western Civilization as a whole.

To understand this, we must go way back to the turn of the seventh century, on the eve of the Persian and Arab wars. We find ourselves a healthy, if somewhat reduced Roman Empire and a few relatively powerful Germanic successor states, all partially Romanized themselves to varying degrees. The economy was beginning to recover from the nadir of the 6th century, populations were beginning to expand again, and urbanization was increasing for the first time since the crisis of the third century. Archaeological evidence confirms this.

Then the Arabs come. They devastate Byzantium, conquer two-thirds of it, and wreck the Visigothic kingdom. The Frankish kingdom is cutoff from the sea, now a nest of Arab pirates, and the Byzantines are left to fend for themselves. Literacy drops precipitously as supplies of papyrus dry up. Economies languish as trade stops. Building stops, and the surviving states of Francia and Byzantium are forced onto a permanent war footing.

For three hundred years, the archaeological record is empty.

Very few writings date from this period. Even less exists in terms of building activity. Coinage is predominantly silver, and not much of that remains, either.

It is important to note that, prior to this activity, Christianity knew nothing of Holy War, or Inquisitions, or Heresy as we understand the term. Oh, sectarian violence was common enough that it was seen as something of a sport in Justinian’s Empire, especially in Egypt. But even the worst of heretics were generally suffered to live. Even when they were not, the Church condemned such killings, it certainly didn’t order them. Arian Christians ruled over Catholics in the West, and there was surprisingly little acrimony. Even the Jews, whom Europe would later try to exterminate, were tolerated without pogroms and inquisitorial activity.

Rome had always been a syncretic state, tolerant of many religions and Gods. It persecuted Christianity at first, it is true, but even as it did so, Christianity spread rapidly. Indeed, the primary reason for this was that Christians were seen as a danger to the state, not, as it so happens, because they were seen as a danger to Roman religion, which most Romans were lukewarm about anyway. High Paganism was a remarkably blase affair. In any event, something of this syncretic spirit was passed on to Christianity which was, due to Christ’s pacifistic nature, rather tolerant to begin with.

Conflicts within Christianity, and with paganism in the Roman Empire were, after Constantine’s day, exceptionally minor when compared to the Medieval times to follow.

Then Islam came, and history just stops for three hundred years. When the historical record resurfaces, you see heretics burned at the stake, Holy Crusades launched across the sea, and the Inquisition formed. It is worth noting that the Inquisition was strongest where Muslim influence was strongest (i.e. in Spain), and the prototype for the Crusades was also found in the Spanish Reconquista and in the border wars of Byzantium.

Christians learned of Holy War from the Islamic notions of Jihad. They learned of what would become the Inquisition from the ruthless ferreting out of Jews and Christians in Muslim lands, either for extermination, forced conversion, enslavement or the payment of the Jizya. In essence, the Christian world had to embrace these things to compete with Islam, and to retake the lands that had been lost to them, else the Muslim fifth column would give the enemy too great an advantage. Jews, who had before been tolerated to great degree, were now seen with the same suspicion and hatred that Muslims saw in them.

From the terrors of the Inquisition, we were to see the same activity in the secular world, from the French Revolution on up to the Gestapo and the KGB. Nothing, and I mean nothing like this existed in the Classical world. It wasn’t even a vague concept. Then Islam came and introduced the Christian world to the practice, and from the Christians, the Atheist Communists learned of it, and improved upon it.

Communism, like Islam, is a totalitarian ideology with which there can never be peace. You can never rest. Its eyes are everywhere. It will use every weapon at its disposal, no matter how evil or sinister, because the end justifies the means. And the end is the conquest of all of humanity. It will tolerate no less. Any peace with it is temporary, and only accepted if it is greatly to their advantage, so peace is generally a poor idea in the first place. Capitalism is like Islam’s House of War, with which war is always justified.

It is no wonder that the Progressives and the Muslims make common cause with one another. They come from the same place. Their goal is the same: complete domination of the world. Hitler once lamented that he found Christianity to be weak, and would have preferred if Nazi Germany had practiced a religion like Islam. He was unintentionally referencing a key point in Western history: Islam exterminated Classical civilization and greatly damaged the Christian civilization to follow.

What grew out of the remains of Classical civilization was contaminated with a great evil, one with which Western civilization has contended with ever since. It is as if the West has multiple personalities. Buried underneath is Greek philosophy, Roman notions of civilization and engineering spirit, and Christian religion. But interlaced with all of that is an intolerance, a hatred for man, a worship of death and a ruthless certainty of rightness. These are the gifts of Islam to the West. Leftists often bemoan the Imperialism and ruthless conquest of the Spanish conquistadors, yet where did they learn of this? They had just completed the Reconquista, 700 years of brutal warfare with Islam.

The kingdoms of the New World didn’t stand a chance.

Francis has commented on how the surety of rightness is a great evil. But where did it come from? Christianity expressly tells us that we are flawed, that we are sinners, and that the end does not justify the means. These things are anathema to Christianity. And, indeed, Christianity’s response to Jihad, the Crusades, simply could not be sustained, because it was so hard to justify death in the name of the Prince of Peace. Islam contains no such quibbles.

Three centuries of a thin historical record were spent fighting a life-or-death battle to the end with Islam. The West grew hard, abandoned much of its history, culture, tolerance and advanced civilization in order to survive. It had no choice.

What would things look like today if the burgeoning renaissance of the early seventh century were allowed to continue? Even the Germans were settling down, integrating into the old Latin world. Ireland was converted, thence to become a beacon of the Latin world. The Anglo-Saxons were coming around, places that Roman legions had never conquered were coming into the civilized fold. And Byzantium was the light of the Eastern world, the center of Christianity. It knew not of Holy Wars, or Inquisitions, or the burnings of witches.

But Islam did. And now so does the Progressive Left. Underneath it all, Christianity still tries to find the light of Christ’s words, his tolerance, his love. And even our enemies must couch their intolerant language in the same terms, lest they expose their totalitarian evil. But a virus still lurks in Western culture, one that has reared its ugly head time and time again.

And it must be expunged. Or else the terrors of the seventh century, as Islam wiped out the Classical world, will happen again. Whether it is the Muslims who do it, or the Socialists, it doesn’t matter. Because, in the end, both are the same.

Rome and Meta Culture

A few Twitter posts got me thinking, as I am wont to do, about the history of Western civilization and ethnic separation.

You see, around the birth of Christ, or not long after, China and Rome were mirror images of one another. Both were multi-ethnic Empires that were in the process of uniting into a single ethnic state. Indeed, China’s own historical records contain a dim awareness of what they called Da Qin, the opposite-China on the other side of the world. In typical Eastern philosophical tradition, they considered this quite natural, that the world would be balanced by two great civilized Empires on either side of it.

Rome brought together the previously disparate cultures of the Mediterranean under one banner, sending out colonia to gradually assimilate the native populations. It replaced the old Celtic traditions of Gaul and Iberia. It assimilated all of Italy. It was somewhat less successful in the East, where Greek continued to predominate. But, among the Romans, Greece was considered a sort of second Rome (more literally so later, in the form of Constantinople or New Rome), near enough to be considered a part of the same cultural stew. Most educated Romans also spoke Greek, and most educated Greeks also spoke Latin.

In history, Rome stands out as the only time the Mediterranean was unified under a single banner. It is a dream that has motivated many since, from Justinian to Charlemagne to Napoleon, all trying to bring together the feet of clay and iron once more. According to the Bible, this will never happen, though it may seem to almost happen, from time-to-time.

Whether or not you believe the prophecy, that has held true. Rome has not been reunited. But why?

There are many reasons, but in my own long research into the topic, a few notable items stand out.

1. Islam.
2. The Germanic notions of freedom.
3. Assimilation was incomplete.

For the first, we can see that in the Third Century, both China and Rome suffered depredations from barbarians, driven off the steppes. By the Fifth Century, both China and Rome had subsequently fragmented into multiple states, some ruled by the barbarians, others ruled by native dynasties.

What happened next was, again, a fascinating mirror image. China was reunified under native rule by the Sui dynasty, and Rome was reunified under native rule by Justinian the Great. For that one moment, the impossible was very nearly achieved.

China went on, under the Tang dynasty, to consolidate the gains and restore its Imperial hegemony. Rome, however, found itself facing a bolt from the blue that no one could have foreseen: Islam.

Rome before Islam: Recovering.

Rome before Islam: Recovering.

Rome after Islam: a vestigial Empire, a remnant.

Rome after Islam: a vestigial Empire, a remnant. A soon-to-be-split Frankish Empire, and the East Roman/Byzantine Empire centered around Constantinople.

Islam sundered the unity of the Mediterranean, leaving the successors of Rome in the West to fend for themselves. Even the distant Franks had considered themselves notionally “Roman” in some vague sense, before the advent of Islam. Afterward, everything changed. Trade halted because of Islamic piracy. Bastions of ancient civilization, like Syria, Egypt, Carthage, and Iberia vanished in the flood. Islam, for a brief moment, consumed those cultures and economies in what revisionist historians call “the Islamic Golden Age.”

And then they were gone forever, and the unity of the Mediterranean with it.

China never had to contend with something as civilization-destroying as Islam. Even the Mongols could not compare.

Nonetheless, a dim cultural memory remained. The monuments of Ancient Rome continued to fascinate the inhabitants of Europe. The Catholic Church remained, the last remaining Roman institution, planted on the grave of the old Empire. Latin and Greek continued as the languages of learning. France and Spain were at once the same, and yet different, such that one can speak of “Western” civilization, and yet know that the French are not the Germans, and neither are the Spanish or the Italians.

Da Qin never unified quite the way Qin did, but remained the opposite end of the civilized world even so.

The second reason can be attributed to the Germans. Contrary to today’s image of the Germans as an industrial people, engineering marvels fascinated with order (terribly so during the time of the Nazis), the Germanic ancestors of Scandinavia, Germany, etc… were actually obsessed with notions of freedom, so much so that the Romans found them more or less unconquerable. Various attempts to bring them into the Roman fold failed.

Germans loved their freedom too much.

When the German tribes were pushed into Rome by the marauding Huns, they brought their notions of democracy with them. These were not the “enlightened” notions of the Athenians, but rather a more rough-and-tough affair. German tribal Kings were not elected in any sort of fashion you or I would recognize as such, but any King which did not have the support of the warbands would not be King for long. They would simply assassinate him, or follow another King instead.

We speak of Goths, or Vandals, or Lombards, but ethnic boundaries among them were thin. A Gothic lord may switch to following a Vandal King, or a Lombard. They voted with their feet.

They had long lived on the borders of Rome, however, and had absorbed much influence from it. Contrary to the images presented by High School textbooks, these “barbarians” were Christian and reasonably civilized, in their own rough-and-tough sort of way. But they could not abide the Roman Imperial institutions, at least not without being forced to do so.

Combined with the guilds, price controls and manorial lifestyle already pioneered by Diocletian and Constantine, this set the stage for the Middle Ages, in which there was little in the way of clear boundaries between one nation and the next. Indeed, Kings were valued more for who followed them than for the territory nominally under their control. Feudalism was “voting with your feet” taken to an extreme.

Had Roman Imperial authority not been broken by the Muslims, it is possible the Germans would have been slowly integrated into Roman political life. Instead, they were cast off from the dying Empire, left to fend for themselves over the remnants of the old Roman system.

The combination produced an interesting contradiction in Western European culture. The earliest German successor states, like Ostrogothic Italy, Visigothic Spain and Frankish Gaul all shared a common trait. The Germans were ruled by one group of laws, the predecessor of the type of law we call common law, which is governed mostly by tradition: i.e. what was ruled on previously, and the Romans were ruled under the old Imperial system, created over time by the rulings and dictates of government (later codified by Justinian).

Westerners simultaneously worship the Germanic notions of freedom, almost in a tribal-like capacity, while still yearning for the next Caesar to come along and “make them great.” This produced bizarre class and cultural divisions that persist to this day. Even today it is possible to perceive the remnants of this division in any Western nation-state.

Where Roman culture was stronger, the Imperial law tended to become the dominant system (in France, for instance) and in areas where the German culture was stronger, Common Law or similar systems prevailed (Britain is a good example). But the divisions in the people remained.

To this day, there is a sort of “us vs. them” mentality in Western socio-economic classes. Indeed, the Slavic/Eastern-European world suffers the same, since they also shared a similar experience from the dying Byzantine Empire.

So the assimilation of the invaders never happened in the Roman world, like it did in the Chinese world, which absorbed Huns, Mongols and Manchus with impunity.

Rome partly assimilated Germans and Slavs, respectively, but never finished the job, leaving the old Roman world under a sort of meta-culture which persists to this day, but in a perpetually divided state.

The Iron and the Clay do not cleave.

And, ultimately, the blame for this lies at the feet of Islam. Both Western and Eastern European cultures ought to understand one thing: Islam is their enemy. It has been, and always will be. And furthermore, the importing of Third Worlders is diluting the old Roman world once more. All this will accomplish is further division, more war.

No Multi-Ethnic Empire has ever survived in the long run. Rome. Ottoman Turkey. Austria-Hungary… they all fall. Americans should take note.

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