Narcissism: The New Face of Evil

The last thing I expected logging in to Social Media today was a bunch of headlines about an “Easter Massacre.” What a mess. This site has the video the shooter livestreamed on Facebook, and it’s agonizing to watch. A poor 74 year-old man was just walking home, minding his own business, and a piece of human garbage randomly selected him to be shot in the head for no reason whatsoever.

Fortunately for the nonce, it would appear the shooter’s brag about killing thirteen others is probably bogus. Hopefully they find this guy and put him down.

This idea of livestreaming your criminal activities is just sick and intensely narcissistic. A few years ago, an IRS scammer who bilked millions bragged on Facebook that she could never be caught, being that she was so clever and all. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how that ended up.

We have a peculiar brand of evil, here. It isn’t the intensely sociopathic, cold-blooded evil which we traditionally associate with acts like this. That kind of evil tends to want to hide itself. The sociopath often pretends to be a normal human being. No, these individuals are narcissists. They crave attention and recognition. Indeed, they crave it so badly, it overrides their empathy toward their fellow man. At that point, killing, stealing, assaulting — whatever — all becomes part of some grand effort to become popular even if that popularity is effectively negative.

These people would rather be hated by many, than loved by a few.

The disease is not limited to casual murderers killing old men on the streets, or tax scammers bilking people out of their tax return money. It can also be seen at a meta level in the recent Antifa protests and attacks at Berkeley. This is attention-seeking behavior, a desire to be seen in the headlines, to be famous, or infamous even. They will pepper spray women in the face for daring to have the temerity to wear a Trump hat.

But, like the child throwing a temper tantrum, it’s not merely about being angry that a candidate lost, or a particular political effort failed, it’s about wanting attention, it’s about everyone in the grocery store seeing the child throwing his arms around and screaming.

In other words, it is narcissism. It’s media coverage they crave, it’s even blog posts like this one, talking about how evil these people are. Some of my readers might be thinking something along the lines of: “well, if you believe this, Dystopic, why are you writing about it? Why not starve them of the attention they seek?”

Therein lies a conundrum. If I don’t discuss the issue, the media still will. They will sensationalize him, either as a monster, or maybe the product of the Capitalist White Supremacist CisHeteroPatriarchy, or something else equally inane. Whatever the angle, they will give him the attention he wants regardless of what I do. But at the same time, we must understand why people act this way and what they presume to get out of it.

I’m not sure what we can do about this attention-seeking brand of evil, save to be armed and ready every moment of the day. How much better, after all, would it have been to see this would-be murderer get shot by a concealed-carry holder on his own livestream? What if the old man simply blew him away and went on about his business? Maybe that’s all one can do about this.

Nonetheless, in the coming days, it is possible the media may try to make excuses for this man. Don’t forget the shocked and confused face of a 78 year old man, just walking home, in the moments before he was shot in the street. Narcissism or not, this was pure evil.

#2A: Die Trying.

Dystopic: KodeTen is back, folks. And his piece below is very important – the Second Amendment is the cornerstone of this country.

It’s not often I weigh in on the gun debate. Trying to engage in thoughtful conversation with someone vomiting “common sense gun control” is an exercise in… well;

brick wall

But after California, and now a strike too close to home for Dystopic in Orlando, I’ve been able to put my entire gun control argument into four simple words:

“I will die trying.”

There’s a mentality we developed in Afghanistan, fighting the Al Quaeda and the Taliban. You see, we watched the news, we combed through YouTube, and LiveLeak, we watched al-Jazeera. We had our Intelligence officers brief us on what was going on. We planned for the worst.

We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if we ever found ourselves overran, cut off, and alone, we had two options. Allow ourselves to be captured, where we’d be put in front of a camera and butchered, or die trying.

We made up our minds, each of us individually, that if we were met with that situation, we would do everything in our power to take out as many of those bastards as possible. We would force them to kill us in battle, because if we didn’t, the alternative was torture and our families potentially subjected to the horror of watching our murder broadcast around the world.

And so, we come to the simple conclusion of my gun control argument.

I will never stop battling against it. No worthless semantics like an “assault weapons” ban. No “hi-cap” magazine restrictions, absolutely no ban on concealed carry. Nothing. The laws we have in place are effective enough. I have a gun. If that makes you uncomfortable, fuck off!

Maybe I will be killed. Maybe, God forbid that moment comes and I’m face to face with a psychopath, maybe he’ll get the upper hand and slay me.

Maybe that will happen. I have to be realistic, I have a gun, not invincibility, but if that should happen, I will not die in a ball on the floor, begging for my life.

I will die trying.

Weep for those we lost in San Bernadino, in Orlando, in Paris. Weep for the children we lost in Sandy Hook. But do not presume to use their deaths as leverage to deny me the ability to try and put a stop to violence like this if I am ever met with it. You cannot legislate crazy, and I will not allow you to legislate my ability to level the playing field against crazy.

Because in the end, it’s not about having a military grade weapon as a civilian. It’s about having the chance to stand up and raise my weapons against evil, and actually have a fighting chance.

We have more important things to be focusing on than laws that ban ownership of inanimate objects, if only we threw so much effort at tackling the out-of-control medical costs in this country, maybe we’d start getting to the root of this problem, rather than slapping a band-aid over it.

You want to die curled up in a corner and begging for the police to show up, that’s fine, but do not presume to tell me I have to do the same. I’d rather stand up and die trying.

Individualism and the Worship of Statistics

Statistics are a problem for the Individualist trying to combat the creeping march of Collectivism. They have an air of authority about them in that they were conducted by professors, grad students and staffers at prestigious institutions. That the results are almost unilaterally in favor of Collectivist policy is just a side effect of understanding the Truth. Data will be gathered from a number of sources, most of which start with the government; which, of course, has no vested interest in the outcome whatsoever. Often times the architects of the study will claim to be surprised by the Truth. The Left will tell you that statistics prove the Truth, and denying it is only further proof of Individualist insanity.

Worship of Statistics is actually a giveaway of Left-wing outlook. Take a look at this piece.

The conclusion of the study (coincidentally released not long after the Zimmerman/Trayvon incident) was that Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine Laws increase crime in aggregate. It further postulates that more cases of lethal force in self-defense occur, which should just be common sense. There are many flaws with the methodology of the study, however.

1. Violent crime in America has been declining since the 90s.

2. The decline actually accelerated shortly after Castle and Stand Your Ground laws were passed in many states, during the 2005-2006 period.

The study claims to account for these facts, and they at least have the intellectual honesty to admit they exist. So in a period of accelerating decline of violent crimes, they claim to have the ability to separate what crimes are related to Stand Your Ground cases, and argue for an increase in crime (or, rather, a decrease in the decrease). That’s absolute lunacy. But the news media outlets take them seriously and cite the study for a variety of anti-gun and self-defense hit pieces.

US Violent Crime 86 - 11 Without Ban

There’s a deeper issue here, though. And that is the worship of statistics in the first place. Even if the study were perfectly correct, would an individual person be more likely to survive a violent attack if not paralyzed by thoughts of legal entanglements? Stand Your Ground is not a license to murder, it’s merely a legal device designed to remove the Duty to Retreat and put the burden of proof on the State, not the defendant. So the individual is liable to be better off AS an individual, even if society as a whole were to suffer more justifiable homocides, which would increase the overall homicide rate.

There is a further assertion that non-justified homicides were “increasing” (decreasing less than author thinks they ought to be).  However, they omitted who was being murdered more. Was it the defenders? Or was it the criminals themselves? The study doesn’t tell us.

But, clearly, we should all be using Chrome or Firefox now, because:


The worship of statistics is part of the Collectivist mindset. Despite heartwarming rhetorical tales about struggling mothers and sob stories about people who take too much Oxycodone and are shamed by it, it’s always about the aggregate, never what is best for the individual. The Altar of Studies is just another way they are telling you “you don’t really matter, all that matters is our graph, and if you die, take comfort knowing that we’re taking credit for lowering homocide rates.”


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