More on Weaponized Empathy

Weaponized Empathy is a device employed constantly by the Left, because, in the past, it has effectively nuked the Right wing positions on almost everything. Art Sartrus explains in a comment on the previous post:

I only wish more people could see that US leftists use these situations to increase their own power – racism, poverty, environmentalism – they scream so loud about inequality while building giant mansions for themselves.

This is why they constantly bleat out accusations of racism, sexism, etc… because the Left knows that Conservatives, Libertarians and other non-Progressives are generally pretty decent people and don’t want to feel as if they hurting people or doing a moral wrong. In simple terms, they propose to use our better natures against us.

In the recent Planned Parenthood scandal, Rebecca Watson released a video practically pleading her viewers to believe the entire thing was a lie. Take a look at this screencap.

This pose is carefully calculated.

This pose is carefully calculated.

You can see her pleading expression, the raised eyebrows, her almost innocent look, the locket, etc… Everything is designed to make you believe this woman is in earnest, and how could you possibly disagree with her? Why, you must be some kind of monster if you don’t believe her! This is a classic example of Weaponized Empathy. White Knights, eager to defend the downtrodden woman, eat this sort of thing up. Of course, where the empathy was on her side when babies (one still living) were cut up for parts, nobody seems to know.

It is the same for environmentalism. Support our position, or you are evil Earth destroyers. Nobody wants to be seen this way, and so the argument is suitably framed for the Leftists before the debate even starts. Even if they are losing the debate, they can escape by deploying this weapon again. “Oh, you just don’t care about the Earth.”

When I lived in California, ostensibly a longtime Left-leaning state with a healthy environmentalist movement, I noticed more garbage, more litterbugs, more smog, sludge and environmental disasters than any other state in which I have ever lived, including my current “moderate” state of Florida. And it was only getting worse when I left. Rolling blackouts were the norm. You would hear of sewage contamination on the beaches and smog reports, each consistently worse than the last. Leftism wasn’t fixing the problem, indeed, it seemed to be exacerbating it. And now, in the midst of terrible drought, California largely votes against securing its own borders. So a state with a clear population problem won’t even take measures to prevent large migrations of non-citizens into its territory.

But, remember, pointing out the problem is racism, dontcha know.

The Trayvon Martin affair was another great case in point. Media outlets ran story after story, showing pictures of a sweet and innocent little boy, while omitting the facts that he had been involved in Mixed Martial Arts and choosing to ignore more recent photos that were somewhat less innocent. Regardless of where you stand on Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt, this is a clear attempt by the media to deploy Weaponized Empathy in the service of their chosen narrative.

A rather blatant case of Weaponized Empathy.

A rather blatant case of Weaponized Empathy.

The good news is that many non-Progressives have started to see through this thin disguise. Gamers in #Gamergate were some of the most non-sexist people you would ever meet. In fact, if you were a female gamer, you were more likely to be worshiped than denigrated by the gaming community. A woman who plays Starcraft? Throngs of gamers would bow to your every whim.

But the media portrayed them as woman haters, wannabe-rapists, pedophiles and the like. The irony being, of course, that a recent anti-Gamergater was outed as a wannabe incestual rapist and pedophile itself. I use “it” because the gender of this person is indeterminate, a common problem for them. No, I’m not going to “learn your pronouns” either. That’s just ridiculous.

The Leftist defense? This:

Outing pedophiles is worse, says Phil Sandifer, than the offense itself.

Outing pedophiles is worse, says Phil Sandifer, than the offense itself.

They are trying to deploy Weaponized Empathy again, but it’s falling on deaf ears. Donald Trump’s famous takedowns of the politically correct, and the massive support this language has engendered from the Right, indicate that we may have at last found a workable defense against Weaponized Empathy: indifference.

When liars and pedophile apologists make a claim to your empathy, the proper response is dismissal. They have already demonstrated that they lack the very morality and empathy they are appealing to. Like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, they’ve spouted “sexism” one too many times, while getting caught supporting such morally reprehensible hashtags as #KillAllMen. They have accused you of racism because you have light skin, itself a form a racism. They accuse you of being morally deficient because you take offense with the cutting up of fetuses and the selling of their parts.

And, as I explained in the previous post, they will claim that you must host hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of Muslim refugees and migrants, while not holding the Muslim countries responsible for their own moral deficiencies, for the failure to care for their own people, fellow Muslims, as their own religion commands.

The next time a Progressive attempts to make you feel bad, or appeals to your morality in order to win your support of a Leftist objective, or to silence your criticism of it, consider that they may be using this weapon against you. Hypocrisy is the greatest tell in this regard. Remember that California is a dirty, failing state, that Detroit was destroyed by half a century of Leftist mismanagement, that Islam has made a mess of its own countries and seeks to do the same to yours.

The only moral wrong here would be allowing these things to continue without resistance, just because a Leftist calls you a name or spins a nice propaganda piece, designed to make you feel bad.

Twilight in the West

From time-to-time, more moderate folks have accused me of being somewhat melodramatic. America is not falling, they will say, only changing, becoming more Progressive, or tolerant, or some other liberal buzzword. We aren’t living in a repeat of Gibbon’s great opus, The  History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Then I read things like this: Anti-GamerGate has a literal shiteater in their midst.

Note that the title is not embellished at all. This is the title of the article. And the most insane part is, it is true. 

The Social Justice Warriors of the Left, crusading against freedom of expression, do indeed have a person who recreationally consumes feces for sexual pleasure in their midst.

I know many of my readers are somewhat less prone to vulgarity and, shall we say, colorful language than I am. But in this instance, I think you will agree that the language is appropriate.

Read the article if you have a strong stomach. Or take my word for it that TheRalph proves that this particular Leftist does indeed do the things he is accused of. This is an individual taken seriously by the Social Justice Warriors of the Left.

Even the Romans, at the worst of their depravity in the form of Caligula, Nero and Commodus, could not think to match this. We are very far beyond Gibbon, now, and into uncharted waters. Sodom and Gomorrah are not even blips on the radar any longer. There are days that I wake up and wonder if God will tire of the whole shitshow (pun intended) and scour the Earth clean.

Perhaps that is what the apocalypse is supposed to be. God saying “to Hell with all of you and everything you are doing.” Open the pit and throw them all in.

Here is a short list of practices and behaviors for which the Left makes excuses, celebrates or merely tolerates:

1. Extreme Pedophilia (the SFWA members Vox has repeatedly pointed out)

2. Consumption of feces for sexual pleasure.

3. Dismemberment and sale of aborted babies, often fetuses which were viable, and at least one case where the heart was still beating.

4. Presidential candidates who receive bribes from foreign potentates of the worst sort.

5. Any manner of criminal activity from the Black community, simply because the offenders are Black.

6. The deaths of thousands of those same Blacks each year at the hands of their own racial compatriots.

7. Actual rape (as opposed to the imaginary “he looked at me funny” variety).

8. #KillAllMen, the hashtag. This one should explain itself.

9. The subjugation and/or extermination of people who are not transsexual: #DownWithCis

These are your enemies, good readers. This is why you fight. And the proliferation of these orcs is the strongest symptom of all that America and the West are both in terrible decline, for no healthy civilization would allow such foulness to survive, much less thrive in plain sight as these have.

More Social Justice Insanity

ISIS is evil, but if there is one thing that can be said for them, they are at least brave men, in so much as they are willing to die (and murder) for their chosen cause. Westerners have lost their taste for war, preferring the course of winning hearts by empathy, compassion and understanding. They have forgotten their Machiavelli, in that the first duty of a prince is to war. Cowardly rot extends deep into the fabric of the West. Long has the intellectual community suffered them, but now you will see that the business community has fallen to them also. Behold, the International Game Developers Association bending to the whims of cowards:


This presentation is old. It predates the current GamerGate controversy by many years and should give us some clue as to how long ago they began plotting to seize control of the medium. But recently it has come back into the fore, as gamers and SJWs have lobbed ideological grenades at one another. SocJus advocates love the term “self-censorship” but do not really believe in it. Social Justice Warriors have used terminology like “House Nigger” repeatedly, thinking that because their side is properly progressive, they have a license to use offensive terms they deem off limits to the hoi polloi. So when they say self censorship, they really mean censorship of those who disagree with them. Subversion of language is their first priority.


Issues relating to depictions of Mohammed are not limited to print media. Although in this case, the game merely depicts “chanted verses” from the Quran. Now, the game was not sold in Islamic markets, but was pirated there or imported there illegally. Thus, Muslims were offended and Social Justice advocates decreed that a “line had been crossed.” Consider that for a moment. Anything that anyone designs or produces that may offend someone, anywhere, even in places the product is not sold in, is enough for these people to lose their minds. The fact that the author adds a reference to the Danish cartoons is tragic, now, after the Charlie Hebdo affair in France. He seems to be insinuating that one should cave to the demands of the Islamists.


Hearts of Iron is a game made by one of my favorite studios, Paradox Interactive. Their games are so obsessively accurate that anyone who studies history is likely to enjoy them. They pride themselves on grand strategy games that, while not terribly innovate graphically, have some of the deepest gameplay and most glorious detail of any games yet produced. Try Crusader Kings 2 or Europa Universalis 4 sometime, as they are two of my favorites, set in Medieval and Renaissance time periods, respectively. In this case, Hearts of Iron is a game for a more modern time period and it accurately depicts the political situation year-by-year (you can start at any year from 1936 to 1964, depending on the expansion pack).

Naturally, China took offense to this, for it depicts an independent Taiwan and an independent Tibet during the appropriate periods. But what is a studio known for obsessing over the most minute details of history supposed to do? Release a game with false history? If Social Justice Warriors are to be assuaged, history itself must be “self-censored” according to the whims of oppressive foreign governments. Never mind that Hearts of Iron is not intended for Chinese audiences, and their targeted demographics, gamers who are also historians would be seriously ticked off by deliberate historical censorship. Paradox Studios would sooner slit their own throats than write a game with wrong history. Indeed, as I understand it, historical inaccuracies are taken very seriously by their staff and addressed as bugfixes.


Whenever a Leftist tells you that something is not about this or that, you can be assured it is about exactly that. The author claims this is not about pandering to local governments, when that is precisely what he recommends with respect to China. When Islamic governments complain about a game, even though most of them are not gamers, SJWs wish us to take their complaints seriously. So they are very much about appeasing non-gamers who legislate against them.

And to tie this back to the beginning, the fact that people like this are taken seriously by a supposedly professional organization representing Game Developers is proof of the level of intellectual cowardice and subservience infecting the West. Folks, this disease is a cancer, and like that sickness, it is utterly fatal if not corrected. China, Russia and the Islamic world all smell the scent of weakness and death about the West. We must show a willingness to not only destroy the arguments of SocJus, for that is exceptionally easy to do, but to humiliate them, mock them, tease them and demonstrate to the world that these people do not represent the dominant strain of thinking in our society. They should be laughed out of polite society, not invited to major professional organization conferences.

Failing in this task will, inevitably, result in our fall. For if we cannot even defend video games how can we be expected to resist properly in more serious matters, such as taxation, military affairs, government regulation and culture?

The Moving Goal Post

Some time ago, my compatriot here at The Declination, KodeTen, wondered why I bothered with the #GamerGate issue. I didn’t have a good answer for him then, but as I read this article at Breitbart, it clicked into place. Leftism has been fracturing for some time now due to the nature of its moving goal posts. Now that the ideology has embraced censorship, it is in the process of creating a new breed of Right-winger out of abandoned former Leftists. Reagan famously explained the situation:

I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left me.

GamerGate is part of a larger phenomenon, wherein extreme-Left Social Justice ideologues are expelling their moderate counterparts from the movement. It is a kinder, gentler form of the Stalinist Purge. Increasingly, GamerGate supporters are finding that fair treatment is not coming from bastions of the Left-wing media, but from the Right. This is despite the fact that many GamerGate supporters are still self-identified Leftists.


The Purged don’t know where to go. Some, like Jonathan Chait, are adrift in a sea of confused, self-identified Progressives. They embrace freedom of speech, freedom of religion and other similar principles. They are economic Leftists but still socially similar to classical Liberals. They didn’t move with the goal posts because their erroneous beliefs are nonetheless sincerely held. SocJus advocates have no principles, they are Ray Bradbury’s Autumn People, moving with the breeze, drifting along the political winds, neither truly living nor safely dead.


So this is why I involve myself in GamerGate and other similar matters. This is a critical moment in the battle to save Western Civilization, it’s a moment when all the cherished notions of the principled Leftists have been shattered, when they have been viciously betrayed by their supposed friends and allies. They are adrift and don’t know where to go.

Yes, they are a rag tag bunch of political refugees, and their view of economics is terribly dim. But if there is ever a moment when they might be reasoned with, when they are sincerely open to our point of view, that time is now. For the first time, these Progressive exiles trust us more than they trust the Far-Left, for at least we have kept our word and respected their right to disagree.

SocJus can abide no disagreement nor principle. It has no goal, no end. It is Orwell’s boot, stomping on a human face, given flesh and blood. Games may not be that important in the grand scheme of things, but this war has already been lost in other mediums. A toehold must be maintained in mass media, and for the first time we have a genuine revolt from within that has given us allies behind the lines.



Some Hope for the Future

Most of my musings have a decidedly negative tone. We live in a civilization in decline, so that cannot be helped. Nonetheless, there are bright spots on occasion.

Oliver Campbell is a gamer of some stature. He runs a website called Top Game Review. He has been one of the leading figures of #GamerGate, at the front of the charge against the Social Justice phenomenon.

He’s also a Black Man. Normally this would be of trivial importance, because, despite all my posts on crime statistics, etc… a person is not his skin color. But here, it is important because he tells the world what a White Man can longer say.


It’s a fact. When a White Man says this, he is decried as a racist, a privileged person, an oppressor or whatever Social Justice buzzword is currently in vogue. But when truth comes from the mouth of the “oppressed minority” they cannot so easily dismiss it. It contorts their worldview into knots.

But Mr. Campbell has more to give us.


The great lie of Social Justice advocates arguing against gamers is that gamers are racists, sexists, homophobes, etc… Nothing could be further from the truth. Again, nobody believes the White Man when he says it. But coming from Mr. Campbell they have no choice but to reexamine their mythos.

Mr. Campbell’s righteous anger is still not done.



God, I wish this man was leading the Black community instead of Jesse Jackson. And that was not an instance of taking the Lord’s name in vain. I really mean it. I don’t even know his political persuasion, but it doesn’t matter to me at this point because he has sense, he can be reasoned with. Race baiting Social Justice Warriors can’t be reasoned with.

Mr. Campbell is still not done.


And the reaction from everyone has been positive.


I do not personally know Mr. Campbell, but I can almost imagine him standing on the pulpit, delivering righteous wrath upon the sinners. And it gives me hope. We’re still doomed, but we’re also not alone in our fight. Others fight with us for our civilization and our values. And, as Mr. Campbell tells us… he came from the ‘hood. If you can come out of that and deliver the truth to 9,000 twitter followers in #GamerGate, then nobody has an excuse anymore.

Update: Mr. Campbell is STILL not done. Check this out.

Utter Insanity

It never ceases to amaze me just how utterly insane the Social Justice crowd is. It is almost as if they exist in a completely different reality, a dimension where feelings are logic, and logic is hatred. A place where peace is war, and war is peace. Even Orwell couldn’t imagine the level of willing lunacy. Nothing makes sense, everything they spew is directly at odds with reality.

Look at this article. Seriously.

You see, Law & Order SVU, another bit of terrible television that somehow garners good ratings from somebody (I don’t know anyone who watches this show regularly), did an episode on #GamerGate. Full disclosure: I couldn’t watch the whole thing. It was that bad. I suffered through The Notebook, but this was too much.

It wasn’t because I was offended. I knew TV and the media were going to butcher the whole affair terribly. That’s what they do, after all. I was simply unprepared for the level of insanity in the thing.

Ralph helpfully pointed out that Real Gamergate has never sexually assaulted a woman at a gaming convention or, you know, kidnapped and gang-raped anybody. Which is true! That’s great. Great job.

Look at the snark jumping out at the reader. “Great Job for not gang-raping people.” You get the sense that they almost wish the gang rapes, attempted murders and kidnappings present in the show actually happened so they could pin it on their opponents and score moral points from it.

Not everyone Gamergater was so amused, though, seeing a full-scale, SJW-backed media smear campaign:

That’s the interesting part. While it had elements of a smear campaign, it was so horribly executed that it was more funny than scary. The idea that gamer dorks would band together, start a terrorist group, kidnap and gang-rape female developers is utterly insane. These are people who piss their pants just thinking of asking a girl out on a date. As Ralph tells us, it’s utterly laughable.

Gamers are unable to ask women out on dates, but they can do this?

Gamers are unable to ask women out on dates, but they can do this?

But many Gamergaters also seemed, frankly, just tickled by all the attention. Midway through, someone merrily created a “Raina Punjabi” Twitter account, as well as a Redchannit one, adorned with Ice-T’s face.

That’s because gamers were tickled by this. The episode is the functional equivalent of a nuclear apocalypse originating from the Oompa Loompas of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Is that the next SVU episode? Tracking down the genocidal Lollipopkin?

Law & Order SVU: Oompa Loompa Terrors

Law & Order SVU: Oompa Loompa Terrors

Great work, NBC. You exploited an ongoing crisis that threatens the lives of real people for entertainment, made law enforcement the “heroes” in a situation where they’ve done virtually nothing, made women the broken, passive victims in a situation where they’ve actually showed remarkable strength and courage, and managed to piss off, well, everyone. That takes real skill. Level up, or whatever.

You can’t please SJWs either, apparently. Unless you write it precisely how they want, it doesn’t matter to them. Gamers were portrayed as sex terrorists and you want more?! I just don’t understand how these people function. Do they see sexism in the phallic nature of a soda straw? Is it misogynist that Kate Upton wore a bikini yesterday? Is it racist that yellow rice and black beans, a staple Cuban dish, is called Frijoles Negros y Arroz Amarillo?

What suffering? What strength? I’ve been called worse things than the people trolling Anita Sarkeesian’s twitter by my own friends. Does she really think the eeeeevil gamer terrorists are going to break down her door and rape her?

Well, maybe NBC does. But then again, nobody ever accused these people of being particularly intelligent.

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