Trump: All Your Base Are Belong to Us

Trump: All Your Base Are Belong to Us

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This was certainly a fun project for me, even if a lot of work to remix and remaster the song. I had some help in the form of Jim S., the “Basilisk”, the Dread Ilk, Marina F. and, of course, Tom Kratman himself.

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Common SJW Phrases Translated into English

Have you ever looked at an SJW and wondered “just what is this idiot trying to tell me?” Or, have you perhaps contemplated the intellectual musings of a Tumblrista and wondered “what in the everlasting fuck is this person actually saying?”

Well, wonder no more. Your friendly neighborhood Lord High Inquisitor of Capitalism has provided these translations from Communese into modern American English. For my friends of British persuasion, just add an occasional pointless “u” into words like color, in order to translate into the Queen’s.

1. “Let’s have a Conversation.” The direct translation for this is “your opinion hurts my feelings and you need to change it.” But this fails to capture the essence of the phrase. When an SJW says this, what they really mean is that you have departed from the traditional narrative, and you are being warned that your non-conforming opinion needs to be changed immediately. Failure to do so will result in denunciation and accusations of racism, sexism, etc… Having a conversation means agreeing with the SJW on all particulars.

2. “Educate yourself!” Directly translated, this is “I can’t understand why you don’t agree with the accepted narrative.” But again, there are nuances here. This can be considered a final warning before denunciation and attempts to attack your character. The SJW is warning you that there will be consequences if you don’t agree with the politically correct narrative. Perhaps they will try to get you fired, or dox you,  or some other form of unpleasantness. The subtle translation is “obey the dictates of Social Justice or else!”


Educate Yourself = Listen & Believe = Turn off your brain so that we can fill it with as much Taco Bell-derived intellectual sewage as humanly possible.

3. You are a Racist!” You’re white. And probably male, cis-gendered, and straight. Remember, all white men are racists, and any accusation of racism is prima facie evidence of guilt. Progressive white men can be exempted by proclamation by the SocJus community. But this exemption can be revoked at any time, in which case you revert to being a racist.

4. “You’re a Misogynist!” You’re white. And probably male, cis-gendered, and straight. Remember, all white men are sexists, and any accusation of sexism is prima facie evidence of guilt. Progressive white men can be exempted by proclamation by the SocJus community. But this exemption can be revoked at any time, in which case you revert to being a sexist.

5. “You’re an Islamophobe!” You have common sense, which is, of course, a violation of accepted SocJus norms. The only sense you are allowed to have is fed to you by the media. When the media tells you Islam is good and Christianity is evil, you must accept this with no further discussion or demands for evidence.

6. “I can’t be a racist because racism equals privilege plus discrimination.” This means the SJW is a racist and hates white people. Bahar Mustafa, a woman of Turkish ethnicity famously proclaimed that her Turkish heritage meant that she could never be a racist. My Armenian ancestors would disagree, of course. But college feminists are far more oppressed than people thrown into rail cars, shot, beaten to death, and/or crucified.


Totally doesn’t count. Why, look at those Armenians oppressing the poor Turks.

7. “That’s Triggering!” Directly translated, this statement means roughly: “waaaaaaaah waaah waaaaaaaaaah!” A more nuanced translation would be “this made me cry, and I will throw a temper tantrum unless you make it go away.”

8. “We need a Safe Space!” The SJW wishes to re-institute segregation along racial and ethnic lines. Members of the KKK are currently kicking themselves for not thinking of this idea first. “Damnit,” says the Grand Wizard Dragon of Podunk, “if only we called Jim Crow ‘Safe Spaces for People of Color’ we could have pulled it off…”


Don’t worry, I’m sure the guys with torches, crosses, and pointy hats will be happy to provide them for you.

9. “Sexuality is Sacred!” When the dog humps the couch and manages to get himself off, you are required to give thanks to the environmentally-friendly, non-judgmental, transsexual, ethnic Goddess of Fedora-wearing neckbeards. Femen protesters, of course, can run around buck naked, touching themselves, and this is no big deal. The SJW is really saying that if you are not an SJW, all sex is rape and therefore you are a rapist. Of course, male SJWs never have sex with women anyway, so de facto, the SJW is saying that all heterosexual activity is rape.

10. “This is an example of Rape Culture!” It’s something that normal human beings have been doing since the dawn of time, or creation, or whatever. This may mean having sex, reproducing, looking at attractive members of the opposite sex, etc… Usually, however, this is a specific reference to anything which depicts a beautiful or attractive woman in any way that would interest men. Wearing a bikini on a magazine cover, for instance. A direct translation would be “I saw a woman more attractive than my lard-filled, unshaven rear-end, and this hurts my feelings.”

11. “I am oppressed.” Generally uttered by upper-middle class white SJWs, but can occasionally be spoken by wealthy members of other ethnicities. What it really means is “I feel threatened by the peasantry.” It is a variant of the famous phrase attributed to Marie Antoinette: “let them eat cake.”


She was a woman, therefore she was more oppressed than the white guy cleaning shit out of the sewer. Let him eat cake.

12. “I was raped.” Directly translated, this means “I had sex and later regretted it.” But sometimes having sex isn’t even necessarily a prerequisite for this statement. It may also mean “I want attention from the media” or ” somebody said hi to me when I was walking to my gender studies class.” Context is important when deciphering this phrase.

13. “Gamers are dead.” Gamers are very much alive and are an irritant in the eyes of the SJW who uttered this.

gamers are over

Dontcha know? Gamers are dead. I read it on a Progressive “gaming” site.

14. “Fat is beautiful.” Directly translated: “Every human being is equally attractive to every other human being, except white males, who are really, really ugly.” Usually uttered by the most vile, mammoth, sloth-like, vaguely-female “humans” ever to walk the Earth.


Thin Privilege… if you weigh less than 400lbs, you have it.

15. “Jesus was a Socialist.” Direct translation: “I’m a moron who thinks that a cursory understanding of religion fed to me by the media is more accurate than the beliefs of those who actually adhere to and study their faith.”

16. “Everybody should be equal.” Directly translated: “Give me money. Really. My Patreon is over there…”

17. “I was discriminated against.” Directly translated: “Somebody doesn’t like me. I’m a good gender-queer, hydrosexual, poopkin, trans-ethnic feminist, so I can’t imagine why.” Usually uttered by the dumbest, most unpleasant people imaginable. Most individuals would rather hang out with Jeffrey Dahmer than whoever said this.

18. “I think you’re a Nazi.” Directly translated: “Everything I don’t like is literally Hitler. The undercooked fries from McDonalds? Hitler. The fitness magazine depicting attractive men and women? Hitler. Republicans? Hitler. Straight people? Hitler. White people? Hitler.”

19. “You’re a Homophobe.” This one has a bit of nuance to it. This is really code for  being a cis-gendered heterosexual who failed to praise homosexuality with every second breath. However, any homosexual (Milo, basically) who departs from the narrative can be safely attacked. Indeed, failing to insult a conservative homosexual is grounds for immediate expulsion from SocJus and is, paradoxically, proof of homophobia.

20. “That’s Cultural Appropriation.” Translation: India’s culture dates back at least 4,000 years, but it is threatened whenever a white girl wears a bindi. Chinese civilization is ancient, and arguably the largest economy in the world at the present moment. But it is threatened by the presence of a white guy ordering take out. Cultural Appropriation is one of those nebulous terms that periodically pops up in SJW discourse. Since, according to them, white people have no culture, they must steal it from everyone else. And this stealing is racism. But, since they view everything as cultural appropriation of some kind, the only way to satisfy them would be to cease to exist. Or, perhaps, you could pull a Shaun King and declare yourself to be black. That, of course, is not Cultural Appropriation.

That about covers it. But, as always, your friendly neighborhood Lord High Inquisitor of Capitalism (and literally-Hitler) is always searching for more translations. Post in the comments and I’ll pick the best ones for a followup.

Amazing Stories: Run by an Amazing Asshole

As my readers probably know already, I consider myself somewhere on the Puppy spectrum of the Science Fiction community. There’s quite a bit of difference between the Sad Puppies, who one might call the reformists, and the Rabid Puppies who are mostly of the opinion that Worldcon and the Hugos should be burnt to the ground and set on fire by their own Left-wing, Social Justice proponents.

Either way, though, both camps agree that the existing community is hopelessly corrupt, cliquish, and prone to a particular animus against Conservatives and Libertarians. This prejudice is such that their works are repeatedly voted down from awards, publishers like Tor Books are run by individuals openly hostile to alternate political affiliations, and backroom deals are made to secure nominations for authors based on political backgrounds and special interests.

Steve Davidson of Amazing Stories confirms this for us in a ridiculous post, so loaded up with Strawmen that he might as well be the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Let’s allow him to hang himself with his own rope, shall we?

“Have you stopped beating your wife?”

It’s the classic heads I win, tails you lose question.  Especially if you are forced to answer it without being allowed to respond in a meaningful way.

This is a game that I largely associate with conservative discourse.  We’ve seen it on capital hill, we’ve seen it on O’Reilly.  And it always seems to come from conservative mouths.

Oh, that’s rich, Steve. This is from a Left wing full of SJWs, demonstrably prone to calling political opponents racist, sexist, homophobic, etc… for trivial reasons. Did you eat Chinese food today? Did you wear a Kimono to an art festival? Cultural Appropriation! Racism!

It has been adopted for two reasons, I think.  One, because conservatives are often more interested in grandstanding and scoring points than they are in getting to a real answer and because, as a group, they seem largely unable, or at least uninterested, in dealing with nuance.

This is just another round of the Leftist holier than thou attitude regarding their political opponents. They like to prepare a position of authority and superiority. “Look at me,” says Steve, “I understand nuance and you don’t.” You can almost hear the tell-tale “neener-neener” at the end of that statement.

This too can be seen across the spectrum of political debate:  there must not be global warming because it was cold yesterday – nope, not interested in what scientists have to say, they’re all biased anyways.

Or, perhaps, we suggest that scientists subsisting on grant money provided by a government that benefits directly from the statements of the very same scientists is a clear conflict of interest. And, furthermore, actual scientists have also come out and suggested that the entire thing may be a fraud. Furthermore, climate scientists have been caught falsifying data in the interests of perpetuating their narrative.

Even then, the Conservative thought isn’t so much that Global Warming does not exist, but rather that the science must be falsifiable, or it is not science. In other words, we think it is possible that the climate scientists are wrong.

 The solution to gun violence is more guns – nope, not interested in your studies that suggest otherwise or your excuses that proper study has been hampered by politics.

Neither is Steve interested in the defensive uses of guns, the potential mass shootings stopped by guns, or the studies that suggest that firearms are an effective deterrent to criminal activity. He would say they are tainted by the NRA, or something, I’m sure.

Trickle-down economics works!  Anyone with facts to the contrary must be a shill for the Occupy Movement.

Or, perhaps, we simply don’t accept the Marxist narrative that all of economic history, all of economics in the present, and all of the future of economics can be explained by a 19th century crackpot on the basis of class distinctions alone. Fancy that.

Vaccines cause autism – having an answer is more comfy than not knowing.

With the prominent exception of Vox Day, I’ve seen more Leftists espousing this than Conservatives. And, though I’m sure it comes as a surprise to Leftists, Vox isn’t the entire Right wing.

The Hugo awards are fixed by a cabal.

Do you see what he did there? He just setup several strawman arguments, burnt them down with pure, undiluted snark, and then added a bit about the Hugos right at end of it, as if to say “see, the Sad Puppies are just as stupid as all the strawmen I just destroyed.”

If this man is representative of SJWs in Science Fiction, then somebody really ought to buy the Amazing Stories name back before this man buries it six feet under through terminal stupidity.

They want simple explanations – yes or no answers – for everything.  Why?  Not sure, but it may have something to do with the fact that facts frequently do not support their world views, nuance can’t be delivered in a sound bite, and, apparently, because people who actually know stuff tend to be more educated than otherwise and educated people are dangerous, largely because they tend to make up their own minds on the issues rather than parroting the sheep bleatings of pundits.

Translation from SocJus: I understand nuance, and you don’t. I am educated, and you are not educated. You are all sheep.

I’ve always found this argument hilarious because the Social Justice Warriors are obviously split as to what the Evil White Patriarchy really is. On the one hand, they claim that we are all stupid, uneducated and positively basic. At the same time, we are supposed to have oppressed women, minorities, the disabled, homosexuals, etc… for quite literally thousands of years.

If someone could manage that, it is uncharitable to call them stupid and uneducated. Evil might be applicable, but certainly not stupid.

I should hasten to point out a bit of nuance here:  the above may seem to be an indictment of all conservatives and all conservative thought.  1. I address the ideas, not individuals.  The things people say and write are different from the individual.  I’ve got plenty of friends who express idiotic ideas.  They’re still friends and that idea they expressed is still idiotic.  2. the above is directed at publicly disclosed expressions of conservative thought, which may very well be disproportionately biased towards those individuals who find some value, economic or otherwise,  in doing so.

Translation from SocJus: I have a couple Conservative friends. I think they are kind of stupid. They are idiots, actually, but I like them because it is convenient for my argument here.

This, mind you, is the full extent of Steve’s command of “nuance.”

Do I need to lay out a connection between puppy movements and conservative politics?  It’s there, it’s been expressed, if not admitted to, by puppy proponents.  The subjects addressed, the arguments advanced certainly align with conservative thought, so much so as to make little to no difference.  The fact that they’ve adopted the yes or no rhetoric is kind of the icing on the cake.

Of course there is a connection. Ever since I can remember, Conservative authors in Science Fiction, who were open about their Conservatism, were maligned. These people feel that they were wronged. I mean Steve, you just got done calling them all stupid, uneducated and unable to understand nuance. Do you really think that this sort of attitude, expressed consistently by others in various positions of power in the Science Fiction community, would not have some kind of effect?

You know, that maybe the Conservatives would feel unwelcome by a cabal of Leftists constantly calling them stupid, racist, homophobic and sexist? So of course there is a connection between the Puppies and Conservatism. These are all the people you insulted over the years. These are the people that Worldcon jeered at when they were No Awarded. These are the people the SFWA has repeatedly maligned, that Patrick Nielsen Hayden has publicly insulted.

Did you really think there would be no reaction from decades of this behavior? And, when that reaction came, are you surprised that it was comprised largely of individuals of the political philosophy you were maligning?

Come now, I thought you were educated and “nuanced?”

Kevin attempts to demonstrate that traditional fandom has spent the past 40+ years doing nothing but turning away other would-be fans because they don’t do things the right way (pun maybe not intended).

Steve, that’s exactly what it has been doing. Your side publicly admits this, in fact. They are practically squeeing that the Evil Patriarchal White Men won’t win any more awards.

Excuse me, I was there.  I was a Trekkie before I was a Fan, and I left after two years of fanfic (mostly atrocious slash), two years of fan art (Spock in the shower), mostly throngs of autograph seekers mobbing actors who would later say to them “Get a life”.

But let me back up.  Who organized the first Trek conventions?  Fans.

Who flooded Paramount with letters begging the studio not to cancel Star Trek?  Fans (Trekkies did not exist until the show went into syndication).  Who wrote the best episodes of that show?  SF authors.  And what, pray tell, were those authors before they were authors?  Fans.

In fairness to Steve, this part is mostly true. In fact, early Trek was a very far cry from the sort of politically-correct garbage (see: Voyager) that it eventually became. And, in those days, the fans were, shall we say, very enthusiastic. I know because I was one of them (yes, I was a starry-eyed child at the time, but still). Although, at least I avoided the fanfiction. From what I’m told, some of that was absolutely shudder-inducing. But, again, as Kevin originally told us, this was a case of fans doing as they willed: “In short, fans doing fanac, but not in the Approved Manner or on the Approved Topics. And so Trek fandom and its conventions, for the most part, went its separate way from traditional literary SF fandom.”

If it’s not my shtick, I’ll ignore it and do my own thing. It’s not necessary for me to declare my superiority to it. Steve’s protestations are more like the old aristocrats firmly displaying their disdain for peasantry.

Why was there a disconnect between Trekdom and Fandom?  Because shortly after it began, Trekdom was co-opted by commercial interests that had a need to pack as many paying customers into a hotel over a weekend as possible.  This is not Fannish.  Because radio, television and film are one creative step (at least) removed from the literature.  Written SF is a direct conversation between the author and the reader, mediated by the imaginative capabilities of those two same people.  Other media forms are filtered through multiple imaginations before they get to the “reader” and, therefore, are not as pure an experience.  Fans value pure artistic expression.  They thought Arena was a pretty darned good Trek interpretation of Brown’s absolutely wonderful short story of the same name.  They accept the limitations of television show budgets and the substitution of a humanoid lizard for the tentacled red roller of the original story.  But they also made note of those limitations, usually to the detriment of the Trek episode.

Seriously Steve? You’ll notice that the Sad Puppies are strong proponents of Indie publishing, or smaller publishing outfits like Baen or Castalia House. The side that is co-opted by commercial interests is your side. Marvel is making sure that there should be a Black Captain America (and is he a Socialist now?), because SJWs demanded it so. The new Ghostbusters remake is supposed to have an all-female cast, to placate the Feminists. Tor Books is the 800lb Gorilla in the room of WorldCon…

…but our side is the one loaded with commercial interests, like the Trek world you decry here? Pull the other one.

As to Steve’s second point, about “pure” fiction, just what the hell is a “pure” story supposed to be, anyway? I don’t even understand the Puppy Kickers when they say things like that. A book is a book. A Science Fiction story is a Science Fiction story. When they mention purity, all I hear is “politically screened.” It’s as if they have decided that the unwashed masses may only read works approved by their betters. It’s a remarkably arrogant and self-serving perspective.

In short, if any real rejection of Trek fandom took place back in the late 70s and early 80s, is was because Fandom is about everything SFnal, while Trek was all about one single show – a mere 75 hours of television programming, stacked up against (at that time) nearly four decades of conventions, fanzines, magazines, small presses, anthologies, ground-breaking novels and thousands of conventions.

Funny how all of this gushing about small presses suddenly stops when the gatekeepers are toppled from their Ivory Tower thrones by indie publishing. But, in any event, Steve is supposing here that Trek fans were somehow separate and distinct from SciFi fans in general. Did this “nuanced” man understand that there is huge overlap between them? Consider a Venn Diagram. All of Star Trek would exist within “Science Fiction,” so campaigning against it is kind of silly.

What really happened when Trekkies found themselves “not welcome” at traditional conventions?  They discovered that traditional conventions were not all about Star Trek.  There might be a panel or two devoted to it, there might be a dealer or two selling memorabilia, there might be a costumer or two dressed as a Klingon or a mini-Horta or in Star Fleet uniform.  But the convention was decidedly oriented towards other things:  authors and their latest books, magazines and their latest issues, fanzines that didn’t gush endlessly over shirtless Sulu.

If you walk into a KFC, you can order a Big Mac, but you won’t get one.

What a load of bullshit. They weren’t walking into a KFC, Steve. The Science Fiction fans were walking into a Science Fiction convention, and wondering why they were suddenly not welcome. After all, they were fans of a massively popular Science Fiction show.

It’s like walking into a KFC and saying “I’ll have the chicken” and getting shut down. “We don’t have any chicken for you, pleb.”

And guess what?  I’m perfectly fine with the fact that a lot of my fannish friends still enjoy going to Trek conventions.  Or Star Wars conventions.  Or Firefly conventions.  Or Doctor Who conventions.  Or gaming conventions.  My Little Pony conventions for that matter.  And I’d be happy to hear about something interesting that happened at any of them.

Here is where I come back around to the lack of handling nuance.  Mr. Trainor wants us to believe that there is something wrong with Fandom because, back in the 1970s, Worldcon wasn’t renamed World Trek Con, the Hugo Awards didn’t all go to Trek stuff and WSFS didn’t allow itself to get diluted by tens of thousands of Trek fans “who seemingly had no other interest in SF outside the series“.

Steve is really a fan of the Strawman. Kevin said nothing of the sort. He merely dared to compare the Ivory Tower, holier than thou attitude present in WorldCon today with the sort of unwelcome the plebeian Star Trek fans encountered before.

Steve is actually proving Kevin’s point admirably. He’s declaring himself more nuanced, more educated, more enlightened than the unwashed Conservative masses present in Sad Puppies. He’s looking down upon them from his Ivory Tower and declaring himself and his kind superior. This is exactly the same thing that happened to Star Trek fans once upon a time, just as Kevin Trainor tells us.

Nuance.  I know it may be difficult to keep track of the fact that different kinds of science fiction oriented conventions may focus on different things, but hey,  there it is.  Go to a Trek convention and you get Trek.  Go to a traditional con and you get traditional fandom.  The Trufan really only experiences a conflict when they are into Trek and have to choose between a traditional con and a Trek con that are both being held on the same weekend.  (Oh, the horror!)

There’s that word again, Steve. Perhaps nuance is actually understanding that Science Fiction doesn’t require (or desire) your rubber stamp of approval.

But none of that happened.  What did happen took place within the finest traditions of fandom:  some people with a special interest went off and did their own thing (relying on the tools, connections and experiences they’d gained from traditional fandom) and now we all happily co-exist in the greater world where everyone is allowed to make their own choices about what kind of conventions they’d like to attend.

Steve forgets that this originally started as a conversation about the Puppies and their place in the Science Fiction world. He clearly allows the Star Trek peasantry their little reservation, however grudgingly, but he declines to allow the Sad Puppies the same.

This is all part and parcel of the endless water torture drip of puppy fandom.  Ignore the actual history in favor of their simplified narrative.  Open up Trufandom to the thousands that have no other interest in SF because those thousands can be persuaded that their populist arguments are correct.

Has he even bothered to look at the Sad Puppies? He claims here that it is opening up Science Fiction to thousands who don’t care about Science Fiction, but I have not met even one single proponent of Sad Puppies who has not been a lifetime fan of Science Fiction. Not even one!

This is as blatant a lie as I can conceive of. The Populist arguments are coming from his side. The over-simplified “they are all racists, misogynists, etc…” narrative is a Social Justice invention. And they continue this narrative in the face of all available evidence to the contrary. When Brad Torgersen revealed that his wife was a Black woman, they still persisted with the racism narrative against him. That, they claimed, was insufficient evidence.

What is sufficient evidence, then? Why, being a Leftist. When you’re a Leftist, you can be excused of actual racism. You can be excused of pedophilia, of literal consumption of feces. None of it matters with them.

The simplified narrative is their narrative. They are the ones attempting to attract non-fans to Science Fiction, by pandering to political special interest groups and Social Justice narratives. And as much as Steve decries bad Star Trek fiction, is the sad, sorry tripe like If You Were a Dinosaur My Love, really an improvement?

I’d rather read a thousand Mary Sue stories than another line of that sort of drivel.

Somebody buy the rights to Amazing Stories so we can get back to, you know, reading stories that don’t completely suck wind. And Steve Davidson? Go shove a phaser up your ass and suck off a tribble. How’s that for nuance?

More on Weaponized Empathy

Weaponized Empathy is a device employed constantly by the Left, because, in the past, it has effectively nuked the Right wing positions on almost everything. Art Sartrus explains in a comment on the previous post:

I only wish more people could see that US leftists use these situations to increase their own power – racism, poverty, environmentalism – they scream so loud about inequality while building giant mansions for themselves.

This is why they constantly bleat out accusations of racism, sexism, etc… because the Left knows that Conservatives, Libertarians and other non-Progressives are generally pretty decent people and don’t want to feel as if they hurting people or doing a moral wrong. In simple terms, they propose to use our better natures against us.

In the recent Planned Parenthood scandal, Rebecca Watson released a video practically pleading her viewers to believe the entire thing was a lie. Take a look at this screencap.

This pose is carefully calculated.

This pose is carefully calculated.

You can see her pleading expression, the raised eyebrows, her almost innocent look, the locket, etc… Everything is designed to make you believe this woman is in earnest, and how could you possibly disagree with her? Why, you must be some kind of monster if you don’t believe her! This is a classic example of Weaponized Empathy. White Knights, eager to defend the downtrodden woman, eat this sort of thing up. Of course, where the empathy was on her side when babies (one still living) were cut up for parts, nobody seems to know.

It is the same for environmentalism. Support our position, or you are evil Earth destroyers. Nobody wants to be seen this way, and so the argument is suitably framed for the Leftists before the debate even starts. Even if they are losing the debate, they can escape by deploying this weapon again. “Oh, you just don’t care about the Earth.”

When I lived in California, ostensibly a longtime Left-leaning state with a healthy environmentalist movement, I noticed more garbage, more litterbugs, more smog, sludge and environmental disasters than any other state in which I have ever lived, including my current “moderate” state of Florida. And it was only getting worse when I left. Rolling blackouts were the norm. You would hear of sewage contamination on the beaches and smog reports, each consistently worse than the last. Leftism wasn’t fixing the problem, indeed, it seemed to be exacerbating it. And now, in the midst of terrible drought, California largely votes against securing its own borders. So a state with a clear population problem won’t even take measures to prevent large migrations of non-citizens into its territory.

But, remember, pointing out the problem is racism, dontcha know.

The Trayvon Martin affair was another great case in point. Media outlets ran story after story, showing pictures of a sweet and innocent little boy, while omitting the facts that he had been involved in Mixed Martial Arts and choosing to ignore more recent photos that were somewhat less innocent. Regardless of where you stand on Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt, this is a clear attempt by the media to deploy Weaponized Empathy in the service of their chosen narrative.

A rather blatant case of Weaponized Empathy.

A rather blatant case of Weaponized Empathy.

The good news is that many non-Progressives have started to see through this thin disguise. Gamers in #Gamergate were some of the most non-sexist people you would ever meet. In fact, if you were a female gamer, you were more likely to be worshiped than denigrated by the gaming community. A woman who plays Starcraft? Throngs of gamers would bow to your every whim.

But the media portrayed them as woman haters, wannabe-rapists, pedophiles and the like. The irony being, of course, that a recent anti-Gamergater was outed as a wannabe incestual rapist and pedophile itself. I use “it” because the gender of this person is indeterminate, a common problem for them. No, I’m not going to “learn your pronouns” either. That’s just ridiculous.

The Leftist defense? This:

Outing pedophiles is worse, says Phil Sandifer, than the offense itself.

Outing pedophiles is worse, says Phil Sandifer, than the offense itself.

They are trying to deploy Weaponized Empathy again, but it’s falling on deaf ears. Donald Trump’s famous takedowns of the politically correct, and the massive support this language has engendered from the Right, indicate that we may have at last found a workable defense against Weaponized Empathy: indifference.

When liars and pedophile apologists make a claim to your empathy, the proper response is dismissal. They have already demonstrated that they lack the very morality and empathy they are appealing to. Like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, they’ve spouted “sexism” one too many times, while getting caught supporting such morally reprehensible hashtags as #KillAllMen. They have accused you of racism because you have light skin, itself a form a racism. They accuse you of being morally deficient because you take offense with the cutting up of fetuses and the selling of their parts.

And, as I explained in the previous post, they will claim that you must host hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of Muslim refugees and migrants, while not holding the Muslim countries responsible for their own moral deficiencies, for the failure to care for their own people, fellow Muslims, as their own religion commands.

The next time a Progressive attempts to make you feel bad, or appeals to your morality in order to win your support of a Leftist objective, or to silence your criticism of it, consider that they may be using this weapon against you. Hypocrisy is the greatest tell in this regard. Remember that California is a dirty, failing state, that Detroit was destroyed by half a century of Leftist mismanagement, that Islam has made a mess of its own countries and seeks to do the same to yours.

The only moral wrong here would be allowing these things to continue without resistance, just because a Leftist calls you a name or spins a nice propaganda piece, designed to make you feel bad.

Genocide, Islam and Weaponized Empathy

As some of my readers know, I am part Armenian by ancestry. It used to be a thing that didn’t enter into my daily thought process, for I am also partially of English descent and am fully American, in culture, language and appearance. Armenians can generally tell that I am of Armenian ancestry, but few others can. But as militant Islam made its presence felt, increasingly in recent years, that identity has resurfaced because of the connection my own family has to the affair.

Then I saw this photo of a drowned Syrian boy:


This photo was intended to provoke a reaction, and it did.


Leftists would have you believe that us on the Right have no empathy. We wish to deny the endless migrations away from crisis areas in the Islamic world and that, they would tell us, is incompatible with human rights, dignity, empathy and so on.

My grandfather told me stories of Armenia (Armenians, then, lived throughout Anatolia), which he remembered only dimly. Mostly, he remembered it through the stories told in the Armenian exile community.

Entire villages were erased, all the inhabitants slaughtered, the buildings burnt to the ground, the movable wealth stolen and melted down. Nothing of them remained. In the days before the genocide, two dialects of the Armenian language existed, colloquially referred to as the Western, or Anatolian, dialect and the Eastern dialect. The Western dialect has mostly gone extinct, spoken only by a few elders in the diaspora. My grandfather could speak it, but my mother knew only a few words. Only the Eastern dialect survives. Half of Armenia ceased to exist.

These were hardy Christians who had survived on the edge of the Byzantine and Islamic worlds for centuries. They had fought alongside Greeks and Crusaders. They were among the earliest — perhaps the very first — nations to convert to Christianity. They spoke an ancient language, a variant of the Indo-European language set that appears distantly related to Greek, and unrelated to any other.

Islam nearly erased them.

Now that Christians in the Middle-East are approaching extinction, the new target is the insufficiently Muslim. The Yazidis with their syncretic half-Muslim religion, or the Kurds who elevate their own nationalism over their religion (a rarity in the Muslim world).

I feel for them. I really do. In fact, I cannot tell you how much it pains me to see these things. On my grandfather’s knee, I heard the stories of Armenian survivors. In particular, one woman stands out. She was a child when the Turks came for her family, but she was comely and pretty. Her parents and brothers were killed and she was sold as a slave for a wealthy Turk’s harem. Her story of survival and escape was terrifying to me as a child, and it instilled a sense of resolve where Islam was concerned that has not abated to this day.

Can you imagine this? Seeing your family slaughtered, and only surviving to be used as a sex slave by those who did the deed? Blacks in America lecture me about my White privilege, saying that their ancestors were slaves. Mine were slaves much more recently than theirs. Mine were slaughtered wholesale.

But back to the central point, why, then, if America sheltered my family, must the West turn back the refugees of Syria, of Somalia, of Libya?

Because they bring the source of infection with them. Armenians had managed, through some strength I sometimes find difficult to fully grasp, to hang on to their European culture and Christian religion through millenia of conflict with Islam. They had stubbornly resisted assimilation into Islam and its ideals. These refugees, for all that my heart yearns to give them sanctuary and a place to escape to, nonetheless carry Islam with them.

There are good Muslims in the world, and I want to make this clear. My own family lived only because an Ottoman official warned my great-grandfather that genocide was coming. This man, whose name I cannot remember — something that genuinely pains me, for my grandfather died when I was young and his stories are almost dream-like to me, now — paid for the ticket to America for my family, for English language lessons, and everything else needed to escape before it was too late.

I hope that I will meet this good and righteous man in the life to come. I hope God saw fit to accept him into His kingdom.

But Islam nonetheless is a contagion, even if some maintain a stubborn moral immunity to the infection. Where Islam goes, this violence will follow. You will never save all the little boys, you will never stop the slaughter. All you will do is bring it to your own shores.

And if there is something I know for certain, it is that my ancestors did not escape Islam only to see their descendants fight it again, once more in their own homes.

There were tears in my grandfather’s eyes, at times, as he recounted the things he knew. And I know what his reaction would be to this boy’s death. He would feel empathy and sadness, far more acutely than the moral busybodies of Progressive Leftism. But then he would turn off the TV and tell me the truth: that we could not help them without also dooming ourselves to the same.

So, Leftists, take your Weaponized Empathy elsewhere. We understand that the world is full of terrible things, of children dying, of women enslaved. But we have to find our resolve and protect our own.

For if we do not, it could be my son laying on that distant beach, and that I will not allow.

I’m Mad as Hell…

Good people, fellow philosophers and ponderers of weighty matters, this blog is long overdue for a proper rant. It’s been building for a long time. And if you’re made of stern stuff, bear with it. The rest should clear the room, because it’s going to be bad. Earlier today I posted on the matter of modern discourse and its decay into ignorant narcissism, a mere method for gaining self esteem. But it is the entire culture that suffers this phenomenon. Adam Carolla once called it “participation trophy culture.” And, I suppose, that has some validity to it. What, then, can anyone do about it?

Not much. But this clip from the 70s movie The Network illustrates the level of frustration this engenders.

The degradation of our culture has gone too far, and I’ve fucking had it. Brianna Wu’s crappy game, Revolution 60, a mishmash of bad texture mapping, horrible scripting and plagiarized gameplay gives us a vision for the future, and it sucks worse than a Shop Vac stuck permanently up an Elephant’s ass and set to maximum power.

This is the Progressive vision for the future, where fat and unhygienic is beautiful. This is a world in which John Scalzi is the pinnacle of writing talent, where Michael Moore is your script writer and Ben Kuchera is your journalist. Your State Department official is a moron who claims the unemployment numbers in Syria are largely responsible for global terrorism. Your own President cannot name who the terrorists are.

Utopia for Progressives is Hell on Earth, possibly worse than any the Bright One who Fell could think up. Your live entertainment will be based on vaginas. Your art is a Crucifix in a jar of piss, or period blood on canvas. Paul Krugman will be your personal banker, with every Western government worth mentioning so far in debt that the entire population could work for well over a year doing nothing but paying it, without coming close to discharging it.

Theologically, I have tended to doubt the concept of the Rapture and premillenialism. But this cesspit of degenerate culture is almost enough to convince me that the Great Tribulation is upon us. It’s THAT bad. I wager if a time machine could be built, and a man from the Victorian era brought to this future, he would slit his own throat in despair.

I’m going to say two things in rapid succession, because, again, I’ve had it. My patience has been exceeded. The tank for tolerance is empty, it’s been running on fumes for years now.

I’m a Christian. Okay? And this is a remarkably unChristian thing for me to say, but if you don’t like it… to hell with you (I just realized this is a good pun). I’m tired of being Peter to the rest of the world and skirting the issue, denying it because it’s the fashionable, popular thing to do in a degenerate age, because it might mollify a gatekeeper lording over his own personal pile of waste. I encourage other Christians to do likewise. Proclaim it, loudly and proudly, and say “now what?” Yes, I DJ Industrial-Goth dance clubs, and I am a Christian. We’re everywhere, you know. And there are more of us than there are of them, even today.

Second, and I want to make this as abundantly clear as I possibly can with words, I’ve had enough of the destruction of Western Culture. Progressives have ruined all that is good and Holy on this planet. Wherever there is ugliness, you can be sure to find one of their ilk behind it. Not only do they loathe standards of conduct, beauty and comparison, they actively promote anti-standards. They deconstruct so far, they’ve tunneled straight through civilization and into barbarism, they are the men digging in the ground all the way to China.

They elevate diarrhea to fine wine, while pouring the good vintage down the drain. A beautiful woman in a bikini is an ugly demonstration of sexism, to them, instead of a wonderful example of femininity. A strong man is a patriarchal, heteronormative oppressor. The intellectual is a “mansplainer.”

When you next make use of the bathroom, know that your excrement, your bodily waste, is of higher value than anything they can produce. For at least that waste can become fertilizer for something greater. They are the snake, the worm, the voice of unreason. They are the Autumn People, the product of a century of spoiled children, rotten parenting and failing families. They are reared on garbage, educated by propagandists and coddled by elitist fucks living so far up the Ivory Tower they haven’t seen Terra Firma in their entire lives. Yet, as high up as they are, Dante knew their ilk well enough in the bottom rungs of Hell.

The garden is full of weeds, more wheels are squeaking for the greasing. Civilization is oinkin’ for the boinkin’ while politicians discuss the proper regulations for tree removal in my front yard.

I’m 34 years old and I feel positively ancient because the only connection I have with our shared culture is a historical one. I felt it once while walking through the Aachen Cathedral. I remember it well touring ancient Roman ruins in Cologne. Even in America, I held it in my hands in the form of artifacts from Civil War battlefields. There, I found culture. There, I found something worth admiring. Modern pop culture has just degenerated so far. I fear for the world I have brought my son into.

Miley Cyrus can twerk all she wants and people cheer. Pop culture can spit out clickbait all over Facebook (the 10 best things about X — who gives a shit?) all day long, and folks go for it. People can go goo-goo for Lady Gaga and start a firestorm over Team Jacob and Team Edward. The SFWA can give out awards to cherished Leftists in a misguided attempt to change the culture, and some idiot can write a novel about Dinosaur Sex and it sells. Lena Dunham, a rich white woman, can sit there droning on about how she’s oppressed and people buy it. Rosie O’Donnell can stuff her face with donuts, talking about fat-shaming while some dude wanders down public streets twirling his genitals like a helicopter saying “accept me, for I am the future.”

To me it’s all noise, it’s a toilet full of shit that just won’t flush, it’s the scent downwind of the sewage treatment plant, the fungus stuck permanently underneath your toenails. It is the sludge at the bottom of the beer bottle, warm and stale, it is the shut-in, sickly pale. It is the furtive glance in a bad part of town, the checker counting coins with a frown. It is the storm cloud gathering on a beachy day, the slow driver blocking your way. It is that nagging sinful thought when you sit down to pray. It is the toilet paper that tears, the stench that won’t wash away. And when you wake up, it’s another day knowing that these fucks are here to stay.

Like the man says, someday when you’re feeling it, stick your head out the window and say it with me: “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” Well, metaphorically speaking, of course.

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