If current rates continue, there will be 863,000 Illegal Aliens given residence in the USA until their claimed asylum is processed. If they have the same ratio of no-shows to those bothering to show up for their hearing, about 1/3 will disappear into America’s communities. Kristen Gillibrand is peachy-keen with this.

Neither I, nor most of America is OK with this. It’s past time to deal with this. Yes, I now that food, including that served in restaurants, will have their price increase. Yes, I do understand that the cost of construction, lawn service, and other businesses that use a lot of illegal alien labor will have their costs raise, which will lead to higher prices.

Tough. Suck it up, Buttercup.

It’s worth it to get rid of Illegal Aliens, and send them home.

Let’s work to get those RINOs out of office, and replace them with those that will reliably vote Pro-America. There is more than enough time to find such people – and VET THEM PROPERLY. No one whose background cannot stand SEVERE scrutiny should be supported in their race. We don’t need another Pretend Republican voting against all of the issues that we need to hold the line on.


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