I’m tired of this crap. Look at Bruce Jenner… a man who wishes he was a woman. And why not? There’s no glass ceiling anymore. It’s a glass elevator. Most college grads are women. Younger women are making more than younger men. They make more money, but still make the man pay for dinner.

I joined a Mustang Car club not too long ago, and every time a woman posts a picture of herself next to her Mustang, it gets 1000+ likes, even if the car is a wheezing rust bucket. A guy poses next to his car, and it gets maybe 20, and that’s only if it’s a really nice car.

There was a woman who had amazing boobs and posted pictures of them all over the internet, as many women are wont to do. She caused a major car accident later, enough that the damage exhausted her insurance coverage, and men from around the world who had never met her pledged money to pay for her mistake. Because she has breasts. Somehow, I doubt the fact that I possess a set of functional testicles will entitle me to such largess.

A woman demands that publishers should only publish women, and she is praised as a visionary. A man doing the same thing would be reviled and despised. Men are portrayed as buffoons and fools on the television. They cry, and call their strong, independent, female insurance agents, begging for help. They can’t do anything right without the help of their wives.

The Patriarchy? Male privilege? What a load of crap. The Western World is so completely feminized that men might as well just take their wife’s last name like Zoe’s husband. Hell, they might as well slap on a collar and lick the mud off her boots, because according to the Social Justice crowd, they aren’t good for anything else.

I’d never do what Bruce Jenner did, but in a way, I understand why he did it. In an irrational, emotionally driven, feminist world, chopping off your balls and saying “I’m an Oscar Meyer hot dog” on the cover of a major magazine actually starts to make some messed up kind of sense. Now he’s not some evil patriarchal, athletically privileged monster.

He’s a wonderful, brave visionary.

I wish I lived either 100 years ago, or a 100 years in the future. Because at least 100 years from now, maybe I could buy a ticket off this lunatic-filled ball of dirt.

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