From the last post, Common SJW Phrases Translated into English, here are the best responses and suggestions in no particular order:

“Diversity.” Ross Newton explains this for us. Discrimination and bigotry which SJW’s approve of. Dystopic: Diversity is one of those catchphrases spewed by SJWs that doesn’t really have a concrete meaning, except that SJWs approve of it. For instance, adding a Conservative to a panel of Liberals would, in theory, be adding diversity to the panel. SJWs would oppose this in the name of diversity. The definition of the word thus rests solely upon the judgment of the SJW.


Pretty much…

“Good Ally.” Marcus tells us definition of this one. Someone who is low [on] the hierarchy of perceived oppression and who may only contribute to any conversation with self abasement. A good ally should expect to be spit on and demeaned because he deserves it. Dystopic: This definition is pretty much perfect as is.

“You are selfish/greedy.” Adam Weisshaupt explains: said by an SJW to anyone who has just asserted that they deserve to keep what they have produced, to justify (to themselves) their greedy desire to use the [government] to steal the fruits of others people’s labor that they neither deserve, earned or have any legitimate claim to. A more loose translation would be ” It is greedy of you not to give me stuff I didn’t earn!”

“White Privilege.” Adam Weisshaupt adds another definition. [This is] a phrase meaning that you adhere to a long established tried and tested cultural norm concerning personal behavior that generally lead to one being successful in life. Dystopic: This definition is fascinating because it betrays the notion that non-whites who adhere to Western cultural norms are also considered as having some kind of privilege. Since saying they are beneficiaries of “white” privilege makes no sense, they retreat to labeling those individuals as race traitors, Uncle Toms, etc…

“Check your White Privilege.” Semper Why provided this one. What they mean is “You are a bad person due to blood debt.” The claim is that your parents gave you a leg up in society by oppressing the brown people and converting their blood into economic success, a life free from hardship and a get-out-of-jail-free card good at any local police station. It was not your parents giving you a work ethic.

“Micro-Aggression.” Provided by Adam Weisshaupt, again. Any small, petty, unintentional action or word that “Triggers” a SJW. (Defined above) Rough Translation is “Teacher, Jimmy isn’t playing nice with me” – meaning what any 5 year old would mean by that – “Jimmy isn’t playing exactly the way I want him to!”

“You’re a gun nut.” Model_1066 gives us this one. You don’t disapprove of the second amendment, regardless if you own a gun or not. Dystopic: This is fascinating because my father-in-law doesn’t own any firearms, but respects the second amendment. I wonder if an SJW would think he’s a gun nut? Probably…

“Mansplaining.” Suggested by Drew Abernathy. Dystopic: this one was suggested to me, so I will cover it. This is anything uttered by a man which contradicts the statement of a feminist, or any explanation giving further detail of a stated position to a feminist. If a feminist says the sky is pink, and you suggest that it might be blue (and give reasons why), this is mansplaining. If a feminist says “I think you are a rapist” and you suggest that you are innocent of the charge, this is also mansplaining.

Tom Kratman provides us with some useful material, as well:

With regard to Number Three, there’s a lot more to it, really:

We have our rules as well, of course:

Points to NickiNicki as well, for the addition of “Hater” as a general purpose (and usually empty) insult employed by SJWs. A hater is anyone who identifies as one of two genders and fails to genuflect in front of the genderfluid, otherkin, otter sexuals and their ilk.

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