In November of 2009, Major Hasan gunned down 13 men, and wounded many more while shouting “Allahu Ackbar.” Obviously this was a case of terrorism, but it seems the government doesn’t want to admit that fact. Sergeant Lunsford, a man who was shot multiple times, was denied treatment to remove one of the bullets and actually had his pay docked while seeking treatment options. Major Hasan, on the other hand, has collected almost $300,000 in salary since the shooting. The Rottweiler has some rather juicy things to say about this.

Because, well, this wasn’t an act of terrorism, this was just “workplace violence”, so thank you for your service and fuck you very much, SGT Lunsford. Makes one really proud to be an American, doesn’t it?

It’s a pity we can’t execute every single last one of the worthless scumbags who are complicit in that goat-bothering, howling animal’s act of mass murder by looking the other way, as well as every single last one of the worthless sacks of human waste licking the taint of mo-ham-head while pissing on our servicemen and -women by calling “terrorism” “workplace violence”, lest we offend some hypersensitive subhuman barbarian in a cave in Kandahar.

As usual, my favorite people over at the Rott have delivered their scathing opinion on the subject. I really don’t think I can add much more to that vitriol, actually. It’s perfect, like a flawless gemstone constructed of compressed cow dung and hurled firmly at the bumbling beancounters in Washington. There’s money for Obamacare, I suppose, but none for troops actually shot by maniacal Muslim terrorists.

This is a classic case of why our government is so far gone that it cannot be salvaged. Could you even communicate with someone who would defend the government’s position on the matter? In essence, the government is a fifth column, deliberately screwing over the troops that defend it, deliberately defrauding the producers and savers of their money and intentionally diluting American culture with wagon-loads of illegal immigrants. They hate America. Their sympathies lie with the terrorists, not the terrified.

Seriously. I’m going to repeat it just in case you didn’t read it right the first time. The government hates America. They hate freedom. And they definitely despise anyone who would fight for either concept. But worse than that, many people outside of government do as well. The safety net is more important to them than the freedom to make their own way in the world. People will make excuses for Nidal Malik Hasan, and the government will continue its line about how it was just a man going crazy — the pressures of war, maybe — and not a terrorist attack.

I wonder if that’s what our ambassador in Benghazi was thinking right before his (easily preventable) death. Our government put a bullet in his back too, just as surely as they refused to take one out of Sergeant Lunsford.


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