We Are At the End of the Old World

…and we are starting the new.

What has changed?

  • Many of those who previously lived a relatively stable life, have lost it – forever.
    • That includes the many small business owners, wiped out of cash, deeply in debt, too old to start over.
    • Some of them had, optimistically and reasonably, taken on car/home/life debt, as they had stable jobs, and some savings. Gone. Not only unlikely to return in the near future, but they are less able to move, thanks to the anchor of a home.
    • Over 65, retired, and depending on that investment account to supplement Social Security, and possibly a pension (most workers don’t have them). Some may have few alternatives but to move in with relatives. Others, to work for the rest of their lives – IF they can find a job.
    • Those graduating – you are well and truly screwed. You won’t get much of a job for a long time, unless you are fortunate enough to have some experience in one of those fields that is still booming. Can’t think of too many at this time. Plus, you have debt – a LOT of debt. Unlike car loans, house loans, credit card debt, and the like, student loans are NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy. May you should have put all that debt on the VISA, eh?

Well that’s the bad news.

There are some bright spots. Many have learned to get along with what they have coming in as income. Some have taken up those old-time homey crafts – sewing, knitting, canning, home repair, gardening. All of which might stretch out what money does head their way.

Many families found extended time with family rewarding. Time to play with the kids, teach them some useful skills, assist with learning academic subjects, and just have family fun – card games, puzzles, Nerf gun fights, home theatrical play, taking up musical instruments.

Many stepped to community needs, volunteering at food banks, running errand for elderly/ill neighbors, finding ways to cheer up others, and making masks – a LOT of masks. All of which they shared, prompting others to do likewise. Sometimes, peer pressure is a GOOD thing.

Many learned to appreciate the average guys and girls – the nurses, cleaners, truckers, store clerks – all of those people who weren’t sitting around while the shutdown was on. Whether or not that appreciation lasts, it was nice – and long overdue.

Many, seeing their available cash dwindle, vowed to climb out of the Pit of Debt. If you have an interest in that, try the Dave Ramsey site – I have friends who swear by his ideas.

But, the rest of the world is in much worse circumstances. They are even deeper in debt, with less chance of getting out. And, for some (Yes, China, I’m TALKING about YOU!), the great efforts they made to hide their problems have led them to be widely distrusted. The speed at which countries are moving to detach them from dependency on supplies from China may well bring down Red China.

The main bright spot? Both that Trump is still hanging in there, despite the valiant efforts of the Anti- and Never-Trumps to bring him down. I’ve no doubt that the Failing Left (trademark pending) will whip their Media-boys into another frenzy – well, as soon as they can drum up another Fake Scandal to bring the Bad Orange Man down. It’s just that the Left is both obvious, and so damned bad at that conspiracy thingy. Their lies are beginning to surface, and they haven’t a clue how to bury them again, other than the willful blindness of the determinedly Anti-Trump.

Keep in mind, I’m not a Trump-bot, who can’t see his many flaws. It’s just that I don’t have infinite choices – I have to go with someone who, though carrying some baggage, is still heading to the station, and willing to board the train, to the right destination.

I’ve been connecting with several people on social media, who are good-hearted people who oppose Trump because he isn’t hitting their soft spot – they like to think of themselves as caring and selfless. They operate on an emotional level, and cannot be reached by reason or hard sense.

So, I’ve been working on a new approach for communications. I’m trying to introduce topics from an emotional standpoint.

It’s tough. I’m not generally a touchy-feely kind of person. I have to go against my preferred method of relying on logical reasons to support my views. Ultimately, I’m getting better response to what I write/post than if I used all the Spockian logic in the universe.

Just a thought – others will likely be better suited for that approach than I. I’d love to hear about your experiences with that mode.


One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

OK, that’s not QUITE right. Some of these things are not like the others.

I’m referring to the death rate in different countries. It varies widely, which would indicate that we really can’t use statistics from one country to predict what will happen in others.

In other words, using them to set up computer models of predicted outcomes will not be reliable.

See the map (from a Daily Mail story):

France shows 7, 574 deaths for a caseload of 90,843 – that’s a 8.3% death rate.

The UK shows 4,120 deaths for 42,449 cases – an almost 10% death rate.

Italy: 15,362 deaths, 124,632 cases – over 12%!

Clearly, these are NOT the numbers we are seeing in the USA. For us, as of yesterday:

9,620 deaths, 336,851 cases – death rate slightly under 3%

NY is almost 1/2 that total number of cases – 123,018. Deaths in NY – 4,159. That brings NY’s death rate to just under 3.4%

Not great, but not at the levels of many European countries.

What does that all mean?

What needs to be addressed is WHY death rates differ so widely among the states. States with similar number of cases have widely differing death rates:

IL – 274 deaths, 11,256 cases – 2.4% death rate

PA – 150 deaths, 11,510 cases – 1.3% death rate

Both states contain urban and rural parts, both have impoverished people/old people/ill people. And, yet, dramatically different outcomes. Go check out the stats yourself, and come to your own conclusions.

This epidemic will be the focus of many epidemiological studies for many centuries (should civilization survive – which, I think likely). But, for now, using the models to make policy for our country would be foolish, as long as the models are based on the extremely high death rates of some countries.

One major way America does planning for public health needs to change – I address it here.

Huh. I Thought the Left Believed That Some Lives Weren’t Worth It

Apparently, in emergencies (such as the precious opportunity to disparage a Republican), ALL Lives become worthwhile.

At least, that’s what the Left is saying now.

I mean, whatever happened to “just a clump of cells” or Obama’s famous response about how his infamous health insurance would affect unimportant people.

“Look, the first thing for all of us to understand is that we actually have some — some choices to make about how we want to deal with our own end-of-life care…we as a culture and as a society [can start] to make better decisions…at least we can let doctors know and your mom know that, you know what? Maybe this isn’t going to help. Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller.”

Funny. You might almost think that it wasn’t all about the principles, but about the potential for political advantage.

LBO of the Democratic Party?

Steve Bannon makes a persuasive case for the notion that Mike Bloomberg is doing a Leverage Buyout (LBO) of the Democratic Party.

There is NO reason that he is being permitted to be on the Democratic debate stage, other than he has PAID for it.

And, I do agree about Little Mike’s motivation – he is attempting to wrest the reins of the party from the hands of the Seriously Socialist.

As opposed to the Socialist-Lite crowd that has held it in the last 50 or so years.

Now, the Socialist-Lite crowd should not be confused from those Socialists that actually want a revolution. The Socialist-Lite (SL, for short) only preach socialism up to a point. That would be the point at which the Taken-by-Force money passes through their hands – with a hefty surcharge being exacted for the process.

AOC and the other kinda-sorta Serious Socialists do want a revolution. Cue the old Beatles song.

But, in their minds, the revolution will end up with THEM in charge.

Foolish children. They don’t realize that the Original Revolutionaries (ORs) always get tossed out by the ruthless people who follow them. We call them the Kleptocrats, as their only passion is to acquire money – LOTS of money. See list below for a few:

  • Fidel Castro – he was a piker – ONLY $900 million
  • Hugo Chavez – $1 billion
  • Vladmir Putin – $70 billion
  • Michael Bloomberg – $56 billion
  • Yassar Arafat – at his death, more than $1 billion
  • Xi Jinping – personally, not known – his siblings have over $1 billion
  • Justin Trudeau – $10 million
  • Joe Biden – $1.5 billion. However, as VP, he steered a whole lot in the direction of his family members – see Profiles in Corruption, if you want an overview of just how that is done.
  • AOC – although she is just a newbie to the politics game, she’s apparently on track for greater wealth – $100,000, so far
  • The Clinton Clan – more than $300 million, so far.
  • The Obama Family – lowest estimate, $40 million.
  • The Pelosi Family – $140 million.

Hmmm. Maybe we SHOULD turn socialist – it seems that it pays off, quite well.

How to Handle the Cancel Culture Complaints

The always prescient Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, gives us directions, in a simple-to-follow template. Go to this link to view it.

Simply follow the accusation with that easy step, and – Voilà! You have photo-bombed the accuser, and can walk away, safe in the fact that you are armored against further threats.

BTW, that à? It turns out, that on a Mac keyboard, you just hold the letter you want to accent, and a little pop-up will show you the alternatives, Just click on the one you want with the mouse/trackpad/touchscreen.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve needed to know that.

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