A Temporary Hiatus

For those who follow my writings, I ask your patience and indulgence. There is work to be done of an exceedingly personal nature. I will not go into detail, but suffice it to say that it is time for me to become a better man and a better Christian. To do that, there are personal matters I must attend to.

One such matter is to expunge, for a period of time, all the political and social from daily thought, at least as much as is possible. There has been a malady in my constitution. As I called it elsewhere, it is a soul sickness. I have long been remiss in addressing it. The general negativity and emotional nature of politics would not be helpful during this period.

Nonetheless, I wish to assure my readers that this is but a temporary hiatus, and I shall be back to my normal musings in a few weeks. In the meantime, I may continue to post some fictional work, as I find this to be helpful in the course of what I am trying to accomplish.

Thank you for reading, and for your understanding.

Equalism is Reductionism

Equalism is reductionism. Kurt Vonnegut knew that when he first penned Harrison Bergeron. Reductionism is the final elimination of standards, the degradation of entertainment, art and culture. These people aren’t rebels, because to rebel there must be an acknowledged authority, someone to rage against. Modernity has excised the Hitlers, the Pol Pots and the Stalins. It has brought down “The Man” and turned him into a joke. Racial slurs are humor in poorly written musical rhymes. Even our villains are like cardboard cutouts of their predecessors, too lazy for genocide, resorting to punching random people in the street. Dropping a crucifix in urine is art. Paintings from the Renaissance are boring. What is next? How can standards sink any lower?

There are no standards anymore. Nobody is fat. They are beautiful. Nobody is stupid or ignorant. They are valuable souls to be cherished, their opinions are sage-like. Nothing is too tasteless, even Larry¬†Flynt would blush at the results of Rule 34 writ large, but who cares about him? 50 is the new 20. What does that make 20? The new 10? Maybe that’s why people celebrate kids who live under their parents’ roof (and insurance) until their late 20s. Celebrity musicians twerk and strip, spewing simple-minded catchy ditties, subsidized by an army of lawyers and bureaucrats staffing the record labels. But don’t worry, they are just expressing themselves. Nobody is poor because of their own bad decisions, it’s always a vague class enemy cited as the reason. There are no bad decisions at all. In fact, there aren’t any decisions. Everybody is the same; it is fated to be so.

Equalism has replaced Communism, Capitalism, Consumerism and the like. And as the crowds line up for Black Friday, remember that they are all the same. The 700lb woman cruising the Wal Mart aisles in a slow moving cart, searching for her $100 TV to place on the mantle of her trailer, is your equal, is the same. But, maybe they have a point. After all, if you looked for the inner beauty in the average American today, you might see something very similar.

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