Earlier on Fecalbook, I encountered this little Buzzfeed turd:

Texas LGBT Students Say They Don’t Feel Safe Now That People Can Carry Guns On Campus

After shaking my head about it, I had to respond in some fashion. These people are stupid and cowardly, but in a bizarrely self-destructive way. They invert all priorities. If you were to say “who is a greater threat to LGBT folks on campus” and ask them to compare random Americans who may or may not carry next to pro-Sharia refugees from Syria they would surely select the first group as the greater threat. Why, even speaking about the second would be terribly wrong and bigoted.

And you sit there, and ponder it awhile, wondering what sort of mental disease could be responsible for this peculiar brand of doublethink. I’m starting to call it “Anti-Think”. It’s like thinking, except in the exact opposing direction. It contains all the mechanisms of thinking, but reaches a destination in equal magnitude away from sense. If zero were to be not-Think, and 1 were to be Think, then Anti-Think would be -1. Anti-Think results in an objectively worse conclusion than not thinking at all.

Anti-Think hijacks ordinary thought processes and twists them in the opposing direction. Let us say a good and proper French Feminist is walking home late at night and she suddenly realizes her course has taken her a little too close to an Islamic ghetto. Think would cause her to change course away from the potential danger. Not-Think would cause her to ignore the thought and proceed on her present course, heedless of the consequences. Anti-Think would whisper in her ear and tell her that her fear is bigotry. So to prove to herself and the world what a good Feminist she is, she intentionally steers into the ghetto. Then, if raped or mugged, she might act as one woman raped in Haiti did and blame white people for it.

Anti-Think convinces these people that the greatest threat to, say, women’s rights is white males living in the United States. While, of course, bastions of Islamic fundamentalism are excused, and even celebrated as ‘liberating’ for women. Because wearing a massive black bag in the middle of the scorching heat is what freedom looks like. Whatever a sensible conclusion is, the Anti-Thinker will reliably choose the opposite view. “It can’t be the fault of the person who raped me,” says the Anti-Thinker, “the patriarchal conspiracy in a completely different country made this man to attack me.”

To return to the original article… where are LGBT people more likely to live out happy and productive lives? The United States of America, or Somalia? Take the eeeeevil NRA. So far as I can tell, no NRA member has ever been involved in the sort of actions the students supposedly fear. I remember when Milo said that Gays for Palestinians might be the dumbest group on the planet, and he’s probably right, but these students are fast approaching that level of Anti-Think:

“School stresses us out enough without us having to worry about the people who already yell at us for being ‘sinners,’” added Michael Allen, 29, an arts major with green hair.

I DJ in the club district of my hometown, and invariably every Saturday night there is a guy with a megaphone and a sign saying something about how music is evil, and we’re all going to burn in Hell. He and his ilk have been camping that street corner for well over a decade, so much so that they have become quasi-famous locally. When he shouts at me, being a DJ, carting around my evil music gear, what do I do?

Do I crawl into a hole somewhere and demand a Safe Space? Do I post a screed about how fearful this guy with his sign makes me? No, that’s the Anti-Think conclusion. The proper conclusion is to ignore him and go on about your business.

Hell, someone once tried to mug me on that same street with a dinky little pocket knife. I pulled out a Bowie knife from my bag (this was before I carried) and threatened to open him up with it. Problem solved. I had more reason to be worried after that than these green-haired cowards rambling on about how somebody, somewhere, might call them a sinner.

Some students said that the fact that the guns can’t be seen makes it even more intimidating. “Anyone you get into a philosophical argument with in class might have his hand on his gun while you’re talking,” one student, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, told BuzzFeed News. “I already feel it affecting my education.”

One of my closest friends carries at all times. I mean all times. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a piece. And we talk philosophy and politics all the time, and we don’t always agree either. That doesn’t mean he’s going to shoot me. A Thinker knows this and might think having an armed friendly nearby may actually be positive. The Not-Thinker doesn’t give a rats ass because his mind is somewhere between pizza and Keystone Light. An Anti-Thinker sees a gun and thinks a rabid coke-fueled Koolaid jug is going to break down the wall and blow everyone away with an AK.

Does the Anti-Thinker worry every time he crosses a street that some lunatic drunk is going to mow him down with a semi-truck? Because that’s a lot more likely.

When an Anti-Thinker is confronted with criticism, he will immediately label it harassment. Then he will intentionally harass someone and try to get them fired from their job. Again, Anti-Think. Whenever you see an SJW, you are seeing one of two types of people: either a conscious deceiver, or an Anti-Thinker, programmed to dismiss any potential instances of Think, and reflexively embrace the opposite thereof.

Thus Christianity is the Great Oppressor, and Islam is the Religion of Peace. Thus all men are rapists, unless they live in Haiti, in which case no men are rapists, even if they rape. And thus these students fear armed Texans, but take trips with Greenpeace to every warlord-infested third-world toilet imaginable, or argue for those toilets to be imported en masse into the United States, so that they can make little Syrias next door.

The armed Texans are a problem, you see, but we should bring a million Somalis and let them have guns, and if (God forbid) a cop shoots one of them committing a crime, Black Lives Matter will come in and accuse them of racism.

Someday, historians will look back at our age and wonder what kind of magical propaganda was created that an entire generation of people could be educated in how to make decisions in direct opposition of all sense, evidence, and reason. It will be seen as the greatest historical coup of all time.


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