For today I don’t have a whole lot for you, except to suggest that Sarah Hoyt’s latest screed is a fascinating read, and has a (sort-of) optimistic view of the future.

In particular, the following excerpt caught my attention:

Like publishers with the “paper books are coming back” fetish, most of the rest of the gatekeepers everywhere from publishing, to education, to politics are stuck in that place where they control all the means of communication, all the media, all the education and of course all government.  Because politics comes from culture.

They are so focused on the traditional way they don’t see that things have changed.

And so they miss one important thing.  We no longer feel alone.  We’re as disorganized as cats.  We’re as fractured as shattered glass, but we know we’re not alone.  And we know that the facade they have built — probably not as a big conspiracy; probably just because they all want to advance the “progressive” future-that’s-supposed-to-be so badly — is broken.

And that’s enough.  It’s enough for us to start talking about alternate solutions, to start building alternate structures, to network, to create, to keep our jobs even when we speak out.

Read the rest of it. It’s enough to consider the possibility that we may have reached peak Leftism, and that a nascent culture shift is in the works. It isn’t a reversal of the decline, per se, but it’s possible that we are seeing the first inklings that Western Civilization is hitting the brakes.

I just hope it’s in time to avoid the proverbial cliff.

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