Vox Day has little regard for Angela Merkel. I can’t say I blame him, as accepting potentially millions of Islamic immigrants is not a recipe for improving Germany or Europe, and contains within it the risk of bringing in ISIS terrorists and other Islamic extremists.

To top it all off, the Merkel crisis is going to drive Germany into the red this year. She is, without question, the worst leader that Germany, East, West, or United, has had since Hitler.

That’s an interesting claim. I cannot say that I am as familiar with the rulers of East Germany, but with regard to West Germany he is almost certainly correct. Germany has been, previously, one of the more fiscally responsible European countries. This has earned them the ire of the Greeks who were, shall we say, somewhat less responsible. But this may be ending with Angela Merkel’s spending on the immigrants and the subsequent expansion of the welfare state necessary to sustain them.

More importantly, however, if this immigration wave erupts into ethnic violence, as I suspect it will, she will, indeed, be the worst leader of Germany since Hitler. Especially since all she would have needed to do in order to avoid the violence would have been to defend her own borders.

In simple terms, if we see ethnic violence and destruction in Germany, it is, categorically, her fault.


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