In my previous post, I said that historians will look back upon the American Empire and select a date – perhaps one as meaningless as the child puppet emperor toppling from a wobbly throne in 476 – and say “this is when America fell.” It is possible that date is already in the past.

It is possible that the date was mere days ago.

Afghanistan’s fall and our blundered exit are indicative of late stage decline. The Soviets left Afghanistan in 1989, and did long survive their exit. Will we long survive ours? Leaving Afghanistan was necessary, I think – though it should have been done long ago. America is not built to fight wars of occupation in the long run. But doing so in this chaotic manner shows that the ruling caste of America cannot do much of anything right anymore. Chronic inflation, totalitarian responses to a minor disease, poorly-managed withdraws from the outer periphery of the empire… These are not the signs of a healthy domain.

World War II broke the back of Western Europe, and the mantle of Western European Empire shifted to America, as the mantle of the East shifted to the Soviets. It’s a division that dates back all the way to Diocletian splitting the Roman Empire into East and West – only now that frontier of empire had shifted to the periphery.

The Soviets are gone, now. Will we soon follow? And with us, probably the predominance of the West.

Watching Biden play a Kabuki Dance on stage, trying to say that the bucks stops with him, yet shifting blame to his predecessors is just another moment in the rapidly-accelerating decline of the American Empire. China no doubt drools over the prospect of taking Taiwan – would Biden be able to stop them? Would he even try? And if he did try, would it be bungled as badly as Afghanistan? No doubt the Chinese are wondering these same things. Or perhaps they have already made the calculations, maybe they already know when and where they will prod the dying beast next.

At home, Leftists on Twitter lament that the poor women of Afghanistan will no longer be able to pursue gender studies degrees (I do not exaggerate), and that LGBT rights will be rolled back by the Taliban. These things are true, after a fashion, but the complaints demonstrate the true priorities of the modern American Empire: to export its state religion of Critical Race Theory and Open Sexuality to a world that does not appear to want any more of it.

Oh, you thought America was a Christian country? No. Like the late Roman Empire, the state religion is changing. Social Justice is the belief endorsed by the ruling caste, not Christianity. Where the two conflict, expect protests, Cancel Culture mob justice, regulations, and the like. The White Man’s Burden of yesteryear has been replaced with the rainbow flag and Black Lives Matter. Where once the British protested the burning of widows in India, now does America protest not providing gender confirmation surgery to the trans folks of Afghanistan. NGOs in Africa are just missionary organizations bereft of God, and infused with a dose of Marxism.

The State Religion of the American Empire may outlast the empire itself, as Christianity outlasted the Roman state.

Then again, perhaps Islam will extinguish it, as the Taliban have done in Afghanistan. The two great tyrannical quasi-religions compete for domination of the Earth. As the quote goes in the Highlander movies, there can be only one. Or perhaps China will be the final beneficiary of all of this, and stamp them both out – to replace them with their own brand of technocratic tyranny, now more akin to Nazism than to its previous Maoism. Imagine the Gestapo of yesteryear drooling over the Social Credit system, the limitless surveillance and facial recognition.

The wet dream of every tyrant: limitless micromanagement until the pawns in your game aren’t even human anymore. They are just meat robots with homo sapiens DNA acting in accordance with your social program.

Whatever the case, the three great brands of modern tyranny, Islam, Chinese “Communism”, and American Social Justice are all cruel and evil in their own unique ways – and all infused with religious or quasi-religious reverence and loyalties. Frank Herbert told us to beware of times when religion and politics ride in the same cart. In the days of the American Empire’s decline, there appears to be little choice in the matter.

Will the Biden Administration fall soon? Will Kamala replace it? Or will the intelligence agencies run it all from behind the scenes? Will the next elections contain even a smattering of legitimacy, or will the whole thing be as fake as a Socialist election in Venezuela? I have no way of knowing. But I no longer suffer the illusion that our votes mean anything at all, or that the ruling caste contains any remnant of competence. The fools are at the helm of the Titanic, and there is no removing them before the iceberg comes.

God Help Us All.

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