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Welcome to DecliNation. Yes, this is another political/sociological commentary, of which there are thousands on the Internet. So what makes it different, you might ask? Why is the author committing himself to spend vast amounts of time writing, designing and posting various topics on here?


If you’ve ever read Gibbon’s opus, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, you can get a sense for how colossal the fall of a powerful civilization truly is. It doesn’t happen in a day or even a century, it’s a truly massive event. In retrospect, it always has a certain momentum of inevitability. Gibbon was the first to truly tackle the monumental collapse of Rome, and he certainly made his share of mistakes, but he wouldn’t be the last. What will future historians say of the West, a millennium from now?

It is hard to see the fall for the average person today. Technology continues to move forward. Despite the poor economic performance of late, the quality of life continues to improve. Flip on HGTV and you’ll see middle class women lamenting that they can’t find a house with that perfect color of granite counter top. The poor roam the streets with gold-plated 22 inch spinning rims. The wealth of today’s Western society is unparalleled in human history.

Nonetheless there is something wrong with the Western World. Other cultures see it, the uptick in Islamic extremist activity is one symptom of this. China continues its rise, and even leaders in the West are discussing what they will do in the new world to come, as if they’ve given up any hope of competition. The West is more concerned about the finer points of marriage law or regulations regarding health care insurance than they are on the most important thing of all: survival. Native birth rates in the West have dropped alarmingly. Americans, British, French and Germans… they are all being replaced with Arabs, Mexicans, Africans and Turks. Some people would find it racist that I would point this out, yet if it were the reverse that was happening, i.e. if the French were taking over Nigeria by immigration… would those same people not be crying “Imperialism!?” It’s only wrong when the West does it, in modern political thought. Self-loathing is an entrenched part of the Western cultural experience.

More importantly, the new immigrants are encouraged, by a hypocritical Leftist Establishment, to keep their existing identity and refuse to assimilate into the Western cultural framework. This is dangerous, and one of the strongest symptoms of the decline. Keep reading. Each post here is dedicated to one facet of the overall decline, trying to point out in aggregate what cannot be summed up in one post.


  1. Michel Maiorana

    Minor correction. Turkish birthrates are also in decline. It has been estimated that 25yrs from now Kurds will be the majority population in Turkey due to the much higher Kurdish birth rate.

  2. cajesus

    As are Mexican birthrates. Industrialization + higher status of women = plummeting fertility,

  3. Jerome Crumlish (winter storm warning)

    When women become successful the birth rate declines due to their growing sense of independence. Make sure there is social justice for all. Once that happens you will witness a declining birthrate of middle eastern people as well.

    • vladdy

      I realize I’m really late with this but 1. We cannot ensure economic or any other justice in another country, 2. We should not try, as every dollar we spend is borrowed, and 3. as long as islam or any other system says produce future jihadists, economics don’t matter. They’ll still have lots of kids.

      Rather than attempting to change other countries, how ’bout we change our own?

  4. lewy14

    Oh, to be a praetorian captain in Severin Rome…

  5. The Thinking WASP

    Take heart, my friend. Here’s a celebration of that part of the West in the ascendancy for 400 years and now. Enjoy! https://thethinkingwasp.wordpress.com/


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